Ha Ji Won Attends Busan Film Festival Event in Edgy Awkward Suit

Suits are one clothing style that I steadfastly believe classic is the best, any person looks good in a classic style suit that is well tailored and sized. Anything deviating from the well tailored classic single breasted suit needs to be evaluated on a per outfit basis, as even a double breasted suit can run afoul if one doesn’t have the height for it. K-actress Ha Ji Won is wrapping up her currently airing Wed-Thurs MBC drama Hospital Ship but made time to take a quick trip to Busan to attend an event at the Busan International Film Festival. Her hair is a tad longer than the short bob she debuted for the drama and for the event she chose a wide shouldered suit with a single large button taper in the middle fanning into a flare at the waist paired with a bell bottom suit pants. It just does not look good on her, perhaps if the suit was split there would be a way to make either the top or bottom portion look cool paired with a contrasting and complementary item. Here she just looks too matchy matchy in an awkward way.


Ha Ji Won Attends Busan Film Festival Event in Edgy Awkward Suit — 13 Comments

  1. I love HJW as an actor cos of her natural look,very fresh face ,unlike the chiselled plastic look of most Korean actors. But I found she never has the fashion sense whether she is attending ceremony or parties. She desperately needs a fashion consultant.

  2. Not a fan of the pants but she looks younger with this outfit. Love the smile and hair. She is 4 years older than JJH can you believe it… I wonder when she is getting married

  3. She got great hair, good skin n good figure. I think a clean cut simple style suit or dress will compliment her better.Never the frilly fluffy dress or top please.

  4. This outfit looks outerly horrendous and her stylist seems more like an anti more than ever. How can you allow HJW to walk out of the house looking like this??!! And yet not a single person told her that the a classic suit or even a blazer and tailored shorts would’ve looked better. It’s sad that her fans over on the soompi thread is making up lame excuses like “she did the best with the right schedule that she had” lol that is why pl have a stylist lol

  5. So not only are they messing up with her projects, cast and script wise, now her fashion style is not getting any better.Shoulder Pad jacket and flared trousers combo!!!!No unnie No!It makes her look boxy.Also that hairstyle?..can someone please cancel this bob cut trend…Hye Bin, Krystal,her(HJW).This is not flattering their beauty..Why uglify these gorgeous women..just why..

  6. I wonder who the designer is??? Someone clever enough to combine bell bottoms from the 70’s, shoulder pads from the 80’s, giant buttons from the 90’s. She looks like she has two lamp shades dangling on her legs. Poor HJW!

  7. I have a feeling she’ll suddenly announce she’s getting married and maybe even expecting in the next few years.

    Apart from the aging hairstyle and the ridiculously flooded panyts, I think she looks nice. She has such a charming, genuine smile too.

  8. Way to take a very beautiful woman and make her look like she is a wreck! The style is a mess, and you can’t even decide what to focus on. The fabric looks good but all this is thrown together like they used a dart board for the design.

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