Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin are Adorable at Script Reading for MBC Drama I am Not a Robot

My excitement for Yoo Seung Ho‘s next drama was tempered slightly by news of his leading lady choice, but now it’s back up again seeing how cute the leads are together. The script reading for upcoming MBC drama I am Not a Robot was released this week though the drama has been filming already for a scheduled November 8th premiere in the Wed-Thurs slot after Hospital Ship. Starring Yoo Seung Ho with Chae Soo Bin and Eom Ki Joon, the drama sounds straight out of a shoujo manga plot and straight up my type of rom-com alley. Yoo Seung Ho plays a chaebol heir with an allergy to people, hence a lack of romantic options in life, but falls for Chae Soo Bin as a girl who pretends to be a robot. Ahahaha, ok that sounds cute and in no way primed for an unhappy ending such as actually being a robot. The drama is written by the screenwriter for Shine or Go Crazy and directed by the PD of W: Two Worlds, She Was Pretty, and Cunning Single Lady.


Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin are Adorable at Script Reading for MBC Drama I am Not a Robot — 59 Comments

  1. If only Eunbin or Seeyoung were cast in this instead. So tired of seeing Soobin in dramas this year. She’s not even that good. MBC must have had a tough time casting for this drama. Seungho will have to hard carry this one. Poor oppa!

      • girl is too overexposed. csb fatigue has happened. please let her not do any dramas next year. she’s good for a rookie but so one note why do they keep casting her??? take a break girl. three dramas is too much.

      • Yeah I don’t see the problem. She did one sageuk and one modern drama with pretty different roles, rookie actresses (non idols) don’t get to public broadcast weekday lead role status by passing on major opportunities, she has to prove herself through her performances and not media play.

    • Eunbin has a legal drama coming up (ironically, her co-star is another actor that has appeared in 3 dramas this year). Seyoung is back in supporting roles in Hwayugi :/ Either of them would have been better I agree, because people are tired of seeing CSB which may affect the drama’s quality. Eunbin and Soobin should exchange roles.

  2. Ugh! Her again! Such a turn off. Why not cast kyj or ksr. They are so much better and prettier. This girl ain’t got nothing on them.

  3. I love seeing how much the casting of Chae Soo Bin is making some people whine, I don’t believe for one second that they even watched Rebel and Strongest Deliveryman. Too bad for you she got decent reviews from both.

    And unlike some useless idol-actresses who get blue chip projects with star writers and Hallyu costars falling in their laps while never doing even one acting audition in their lives, this girl is a rookie actress and has to hustle. As long as she fulfils all her commitments, I don’t see the problem.

    • Stop hating on Suzy. No upcoming rookie actress will ever be as beloved as Suzy for next decade. She’s a queen in south korea. Blame PDs and star writers for wanting her in every drama. They specifically stated that the role was written for Suzy and she was their first choice. It’s them who want her in lead roles in the first place.

      • A decade? I won’t give her that long lol. She can keep milking Architecture 101 as her recent projects flop or underwhelm but there are younger stars who are way more beloved as actresses (as opposed to cf stars) even now.

        And those writers and PDs want her for PPL, not for talent lol. They’ve tried really hard to write roles that make her look good but you can’t make a great dish with a subpar central ingredient.

    • What’s great about decent? Bona got decent reviews for her drama and Minah got rave reviews for Gongshim. Decent means nothing. It’s just an inch above average at best.

      • Decent reviews in a historical drama is pretty great, because Korean viewers knows those are more technically demanding in terms of skills (correct era-appropriate speech, emoting etc) and tougher on actors than modern dramas. That’s why actors like Moon Geun Young, Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are held in such high regard.

      • Historical dramas are owned by actors like Kim So Hyun, Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Gu, Ji Jin Hee, Park Eun Bin and Kim Yoo Jung because they have years of experience. That’s not a fair comparison. Instead a comparison to Go Bo Gyeol and Gong Seungyoon who are rookie actresses who recently did saeguk makes more sense. To be honest both of them had better reviews than Chae Soo Bin who did well in a drama and character that was written well. It’s just luck not talent.

    • Le Je Hoon wanting to act with Suzy in a romcom must be because he needs more CFs. The heights people go to bring Suzy down. Just like they used to with PSH. Suzy is a Wall and PSH is Hallyu Queen. Neither can be replaced by some rookie actress no matter their level of talent.

      • I remember the mess here when Doctors just premiered. The amount of downplay PSH get is insane. They can’t bash her on relying on oppas for ratings, so they bash her “weird expressions” and other nonsensical things instead.

        I’m not a fan of Suzy’s acting but you can’t deny that she is here to stay. Even after her movie and UF flopped, she still gets huge offers.

      • Fine with all the arguments for Suzy… In the end, the bottom line is $$$. I don’t see any overseas sales of Suzy’s dramas so far… Talking about Hallyu Queen? There is none…

      • @wlfkbj_fan, a wall of what? Bricks so that drama audiences can ban their heads on at how bad Suzy’s acting is? Or a wall to be broken and for other actresses to outshine her and demonstrate what is a proper actress???

      • So UF isn’t the most watched drama in Youko Todou? And WYWS hasn’t been sold to just about every Kdrama watching country. Yes sure. Keep your delusions going.

    • I totally agree. I think she is decent, maybe not that good but for me, i don’t have a problem seeing her in dramas. I really just don’t get why female actresses got more flak than the male actors…usually the male ones get a pass on their performance or number of projects in a year and female actresses always get the blame especially if a project flopped or is bad. I may be in the minority and may get attacked but personally I do not see yoo seung ho as a great actor, decent maybe but not good (this is my opinion ok) so him and soo bin is on equal footing for me. Eom Ki Joon for me is the good one in this line-up.

      • YSH is the best actor of his generation and even older generations. Don’t bring him to level of a wannabe like CSB.

    • Yeah that is my only concern about her taking three dramas in a year. I don’t want her to end up developing a serious health condition like Ji Soo last year.

  4. Nah, CSB isn’t overexposed. Her dramas’ are different genres and she just needs to find her break-through role. Rom-com sounds great!

  5. She’s so plain looking and has no charisma. She’ll be the worst part of this drama. Just give me the Ysh-Ukj bromance instead. Let her just be a supporting character in the back. Even knetz are sick of her. She’s too desperate for a breakout but she’ll never be as good as Kim Ji Won or Gong Seungyoon.

    • She’s going to compete against the 3 Kims in the future. She’ll never make it. Acting powerhouses vs a passable actress without goddess like visuals. Never going to happen.

      • The 3 Kims (in particular Yoo Jung) are going to render people like Suzy obsolete before they hit their mid twenties, not actresses with any measure of ability.

      • Chae soo bin can’t compete against the likes of Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. KSH has insane range and she’s still a teenager and KYJ has good saeguk skills. How can she ever measure up to them. She’s unfortunate to be born in their era. I don’t see Suzy as a competition to them because she’s far ahead of them in terms of character ages she plays. Suzy plays characters in their 30s while CSB plays 20 somethings. KSH is already taking on 20 something roles and KYJ will also in 1-2 years. Its going to be tough for CSB to make a mark if not impossible.

      • Why yoojung in particular? She’s the weakest actress of the three kims and with too many scandals to her name. The other too are super clean. If they make it it’ll be all of them or none at all.

      • However, South Korea are churning out approximately 10 dramas a week. Your dearest 3 Kim’s can’t do all of them. Give CSB a chance. Look at Go Ara, her drama Black is doing well. Female actors have it tough already in the acting world and she is working hard to prove herself.

      • How many of those 10 dramas are casting actresses in their 20s though? Maybe 3-4? It’s a reasonable argument that the three kims will be in every relevant drama while csb will go back to supporting roles like lsy. You can’t compare any actress to the three kims and whatever is left will be taken by njh, peb and other former child actresses. The new era is for child stars not rookie stars.

      • Also, ga & ssk continue to be loved and get jobs because of them being previous child actors. Competing rookie actors from that time are jba , hys(monstar) and lyb but look at where they are now. Still relative unknowns despite doing many dramas and being more talented. It’s south Korea. They love their child stars more than anything.

      • @bangtantv, I was not comparing CSB to the 3 Kim’s. I said give CSB a chance to do different genres to prove herself as a young actress. Also, there is nothing wrong with doing second lead roles. It is a good time to practice their acting and learn from others. Do you really think a ‘good drama’ is only based on two lead actors?

      • Why are people constantly comparing her to the 3 Kims? The Three Kim are 1999 and 2000 liners, a freaking 6 year gap between them and CSB. You don’t see people comparing Kim Ji-won (92) to Moon Chae-won (86).

        Chae Soo-bin’s competitors are Suzy, Jin Se-yeon, Kim Ji-won, Gong Seung-yeon, Lee Se-young etc. Besides, even if she doesn’t become A-list, it desn’t mean she’s gonna retire. Not everyone can be Jun Ji-hyun or Song Hye-kyo tier.

      • @abc Unless you get stuck in second lead roles like Jo Bo Ah and Yoo In Ah. Besides the only ones who gain if a drama does well are the leads. Its not like Ji Soo gained a lot form SWDBS success while the leads are swimming in CFs and Awards. Being a lead matters. Even the pay scale difference for leads and second leads is HUGE!

      • @Lilac Suzy is a wall, Jin Se Yeon is a former child actress so she’ll be fine and I heard for Flower of Prison she got a lot of praise and Kim Ji Won and Gong Seung Yoon are much better actresses than her. If we are talking about same age competition you are forgetting Nam Ji Hyun, Park Eun Bin, Lee See Young, Go Ah Sung, Jung Eun Ji and Girls Day Minah. How would you rank her acting skills amongst them?

      • @wlfkbj_fan, I agree with you a big chunk of $$$ goes to lead actors if the drama hits it big. However, there has been instances where second leads have outshone the leads. Anyway, CSB isn’t at that stage. She is at the beginning of her acting career. Let her grow as an actress and if she doesn’t make it big then she can always act in weekend or daily dramas. It’s not like these dramas don’t have viewers.

  6. I’ve never seen works from Chae Soo Bin but you go girl! Get those jobs. It’s hard for actresses to get lead works in prime time.

  7. i agree with Abc,please leave csb alone and how will we know if the producers offered it to the 3 kims and they refused.there are soo many negotiations that the public will never know about and also those of us that follows her career knows she is a good actress and has range.

    i simply cant understand people who think she should refuse this role when she hasnt reached that stage of her career yet.she has to consolidate her career unlike the 3 kims.

    • She’ll never make it! She will be side tracked to weekend dramas and Daily’s very soon. She doesn’t have the goddess aura. Three Kims and other former child actors will be the big winners or drama and movies. No competition.

  8. Haha @ people who are saying that Suzy is a wall. Yeah, as an idol, but not as an actress. And CSB getting a lead role isn’t an issue here. Or would you rather see an overpriced talentless idol unnie next to YSH? At least CSB is decent and her fee is relatively low so she gets offers. And y’all need to stob being embarrassing with that ’’queen of Korea’’ and ’’Hallyu Queen’’ shit. No one cares about that LOL

  9. @Lilac, i-fans were bitching about Doctors and PSH because it got higher ratings than their fave oppa Jang Hyuk. That was the only reason. And of course, popularity brings out all the jealous people who love to put others down at the smallest chance.
    I hope PSH doesn’t comeback in dramas even next year and instead stays in Chungmuro for a while. Or if she comes back in drama, it should be with an actor who doesn’t have stupid and delusional i-fans.
    And hopefully PSH’s delusional fans, who really don’t want her to develop as an actress (those who want her to act again with Jang Geun suk, Jung Yonghwa etc.) and then get mad if she acts with someone else and deviates from her usual ’’pure innocent girl’’ image and roles.

  10. Lol at people acting as if chae soobin is a genius actress. Her acting is maybe better than Suzy but no way can she compare to film actresss. That leaves her doing dramas but she isn’t pretty or popular enough to compete with huge stars like Suzy, park shin hye, Kim you jung etc.

    Suzy might get shit on many times but people like Lee kyung hee and park hye ryun would stil want to work with her. She will for sure get even better casting offers.

    And why isn’t hallyu popularity important? Pds will want to cast popular actresses to sell their dramas to as many countries as possible esp now China isn’t a viable market. Hallyu actresses like jun jihyun, song hyekyo and park shin hye also happen to be popular in their own country – that’s a win win for them.

    • No one is acting like CSB is an acting genius, everyone is saying she’s decent enough and much better than some of these idol actresses. If you’re suffering from CSB fatigue, then don’t watch this drama, no one is asking you to. CSB has got to think about her career and visibility and why not strike while iron is still hot? Hallyu popularity AND domestic popularity is a dream for PDs and there are not many actresses that have achieved that, especially from the young actresses. The Kim troika comes next in line and it’s unfortunate that CSB can’t compete with Kim Ji Won, Park Eun Bin, or Suzy and Yoona in terms of popularity or skills. Girl has got to find her niche.
      It’s true that people want to work with Suzy, because it’s lucrative, -her agency power and popularity will always ensure investors’ money so all production teams will want to have her in their dramas. And she is too big to be relegated as a second lead although her skills (or lack of them) are telling the viewers otherwise. I tried to watch WYWS but BOTH male and female lead are so bad that the I can’t help thinking that the drama could have been million times more interesting with more competent actors.

      • @pretty autumn, i agree with you. Actors must make a living too. Only a few of them have the luck to choose their projects. So the rest of them are just happy to have work and if it’s a lead role better for them. Entertainment world is not diferent from our working sphere . For this reason i don’t pity actors or idols when they talk about their hardships, it’s the same for us. Watch the movie ” La loi du marché ” with Vincent Lindon. So even if CSB is not my favourite i ‘m ok with it .

      • One have always the choice to Watch or not , to read or not,…. But personally i always give a try even when the cast is not my liking, sometimes it can surprise me in a good way.

  11. Hum… I hope it will be a great drama because since the army, I didn’t love any of his dramas. “Remember” was fine but not great, Imaginary Cat was meh, Ruler was very disapointing, not because of him but the script.

    For CSB, for me she lacks in charisma. She’s not bad neither great. It’s funny to think that she’s younger than YSH :p

    • Suzy, Krystal and Hyeri are also younger than him but could pass as his aunt or noona. YSH just has a very young feel but he’s so manly!

  12. How does CSB keep getting these lead roles when she’s only passable as an actress but SJH is stuck in second lead roles. Talent doesn’t matter clearly. The girl must have a sponsor who’s pushing her face into the tv. CSB doesn’t have the acting chops to be an A-lister. Feel bad for YSH and UKJ. They have to baby sit this mediocre actress.

  13. I love how Chae Soo Bin’s casting news has everyone in a hissy fit. She isn’t the only actress or actor doing 3 dramas per year is she? I bet the people who are complaining didn’t even watch Rebel or the SD. It’s honestly pathetic how everyone is comparing this girl to the 3 Kims and Suzy. Just because they’re popular and walls doesn’t mean that other actors should not be getting work and y’all not in any way obliged to watch this drama. Just stop with the petty insults. If so many mediocre actresses can get opportunities and for their delusional fans to claim that they do improve all the time, I believe a decent actress like CSB should be given these opportunities too. People were doubting KJW all the time and look how they’ve eaten their own words. I really really hope CSB succeeds so all these petty haters can shut their traps!

    • People just hate on any actress that is not in the book of their faves for unimaginable reasons. This one has got to be the most nonsensical -appearing in ’’too many’’ dramas a year. Yet these people are hush hush when their dearest oppar (mediocre at that) is in more than one drama a year

    • She’ll never succeed. She’s not even half of what kim ji won was in her early years. And kjw is almost 30 and still not half as popular as psh, pby or even ksr. Knets already are sick of csb. She has no future in prime time television anymore just like ywj. Nothing to lose will be his last primetime drama if it doesn’t get ratings.

      • Kim Ji Won is only 25 though. PSH and PBY are child actresses (or teen?) who got a big break early in their career so there’s no doubt that they are a huge star now. As a fan of KJW I am already happy that she’s finally recognized and getting so much love so I don’t think reaching the level of PSH, PBY is necessary as long as people of Korea acknowledges her talent and she’s getting offers.

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