K-ent Reports on the Similar Successful Career Trajectory of Engaged Star Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki

I can’t fault K-ent for the constant coverage of engaged top stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, it’s always fun to swoon overs happy ending star romances and conjure up some wedding excitement. Their wedding slated for the end of October is the biggest Korean celebrity wedding of 2017 in a year chock full of K-star weddings already, a nice capper to the wedding train kicked off by Rain and Kim Tae Hee in early February of this year. The latest news update shows the evolution of both Songs through the years of their entertainment careers, from dewy-eyed chubby-cheeked teen newbies all the way to their latest prominent career new high with Descendants of the Sun. Even though Song Hye Kyo got a decade head start on Song Joong Ki in entering the acting profession, I can confidently say that career wise they are equally well-matched in how they have navigated the tricky public perception requirements of picky K-netizens while picking successful projects in a consistent basis.


K-ent Reports on the Similar Successful Career Trajectory of Engaged Star Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki — 34 Comments

  1. no need for k ent. to compare either their careers or wealth,both are doing well for themselves and what matter most is they love and respect each other.

    they did the same with lee byun hun and lee min jung and how lee ming jung was going downhill in her career after marrying him.it really is unnecessary.

  2. Song Joongki has a really short filmography though, but he is extremely lucky. Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Innocent Man, Werewolf Boy and then Descendants of the Sun.

      • ^ Agreed. Calm down. I’m sure Lilac wasn’t going to name off every single project SJK participated in. She only listed the memorable ones. Besides, she’s completely right. He doesn’t have a long repertoire of films. He’s been very strategic and incredibly fortunate in the scripts that he’s chosen because many of them helped elevate him towards A-list status.

      • I don’t need your permission for anything. List out his other notable works then, since you seem like a big fan.

      • But you have the right to tell Lilac what to do? If I were a big fan of his, I would not be critiquing his body of work right now. In reality, you seem like his biggest fan with your defensive opinions (without proof or examples) and your readiness to attack commenters for their reasonable logic. Please learn to respectfully debate.

      • I am not his fan! ? I have no interest in any debate. I just disagree with the comment “extremely lucky”. Who are you to say anyone is lucky or not? I think one who needs to learn “Respect” is the person who called someone “extremely lucky”… duh!

      • @lilac @ann: lolz just ignore comments from candycane. she’s one of the two well-known bitches on this website apart from prettyautumn. these two are such “know it all”.

    • He’s also very lucky to be paired with actresses that can act e.g. (Park BoYoung & Moon ChaeWon) and not some idol turned actresses.

      • @ruth agreed.Also he has been doing melodramas and romance drama all along.I kinda feel for the next female co- star because she will inevitably be compared to Song Hye Kyo.Now that their relationship is so public with them shippers monitoring their every move, he will have to work two times harder to sell the chemistry, with a different actress and make it believable when we all know how so in love, he is with SHK.

        I kinda forsee a Shin SeKyung situation happening, where she was trashed to pieces because of NamLee shippers, happening to whichever female co-star he will be working with next, if it is romance project next year.Or maybe his next project will be thriller or action to sort of wean off the public euphoria over his marriage and get them to focus on his acting again.

    • Well in SKKS, he is not even a second lead. I remember i just so dissapoint he has very limit screen time. And his scene mostly fluff. It’s credit to him he can rise to stardom start from that drama and become a scene stealer. Werewolf boy is at first a role given to Kim Soo Hyun. A golden age of melodrama is not used to be back in 2012 too. So he take both melodrama werewolf boy and innocent man are not without a risk.

      • @sliverlining: Yoo Ah In was still got a decent amount of screen time due to his involvement with love triangle think and his character actually has real trajectory. Meanwhile Song Joong Ki, alot of his scene basically has nothing to do with the real plot. Always there just so save his beloved friend or where bromance is in the air. LOL

    • Both Rain and Song Jong ki are also lee kyung hee’s leading man. So between a 3 diva JJH, KTH and SHK, two between the three diva marrying LKH leading man. LKH must be proud.lol

    • Last week he was appointed as honorary ambassador for incheon airport for three years. I am surprised none of the media outlets like soompi or allkpop reported about that because this is huge thing, but they take no time to share his wedding details.

      • Its because his fanbase is now largely filled with song-song fans more than just fans of his projects.Just look at how dead his soompi thread is, compared to how lively, the song song thread is, or song hye kyo’s thread or his instagram tag and see the contents. The news when it has his name attached now, gains more attention when the material has his relationship is mentioned.Remember how, battleship island promo was totally eclipsed with his wedding news.The media observed and figured that out.So they put out what will bring more clicks to their articles.

      • @RubyRed Very True. His fanbase mainly consist of songsong shippers unlike Kim Soo Hyun for example, who has a huge loyal fanbase of his own.

      • I admit I’m not that dedicated as a fan. Outside of his acting project, I’m not noticing anything else. Rarely goes to soompi or article . Well, so is other actor i love. Might be what he need to do is choosing his upcoming drama or better movie haha… Than his real fans might be will be excite again.

  3. The most recent one bfore DOTS, both starring in a romance melodrama with having abit similar pattern plot lol. And with a star writer Lee Kyung Hee and Noh Hee Kyung. Song Joong ki is incredible lucky indeed. he is also get pair with leading lady who can act and give good performance opposite him. Maybe except han ye sul lol. From Moon Chae Won to Park Bo Yong. Wow…

    • Hopefully his next project will be a critically acclaimed one, gain popularity will be only a bonus for me. Is it too much to ask though? His best project so far is still Innocent Man.

  4. Wow the more i look at them the
    More i feel that they truly resemble each other, in a way or another. People here said if you are truly matched as a couple, you would resemble each other, your face or mannerism would became similar. I hope a great, happy and long lasting marriage for them!!

  5. @Ruth@Rubyred. it is because his core fanbase is angry with him for marrying.before the wedding announcement his soompi thread and his other media fan account was all lively.

    this is one of the reasons why korean actors refrain from marrying early and wait until they are old and lost their physical appeal to do so.this is also one of the reason why we have soo many unmarried actresses in korea.

    i understand these song joon ki fans to some extent but this occurs only when fans wants to own their bias rather than liking them for their works,character,beauty etc.

    personally i like and admire actors who are rather married because i found them responsible and dependant.

    • @alexghana.You raise a good point and I agree with most of what you have said.except the last bit but I understand its your ppreference.Thats ok.Although, il probably continue to type this, till my fingers turn blue.In my opinion, getting/being married doesnt make a person better than a person who chooses to be single or marries at an older age.Nor does someone who chooses career over love life mean the unmarried person is irresponsible. It only means they have different sets of priorities.I dont think that should be condemned.

      Marriage and love is a beautiful thing.If someone is blessed like SJK is, to find a woman who is compatible with him, ready amd willing to settle down, and a woman not too greedy for the spotlight, like SHK.Then by all means get married.Because inevitably, with these Korean actors/actress, thats what happens.They can both have careers but one will outshine the other.Also they will constantly be making decisions whether to prioritise personal over professional career or viceversa.If such a person cant be found who can make those decisions with them, then id also stay single.

      • RubyRed, I’m always delighted to read your comments. I agree with them most of the times, they are mature and well put. You have a refreshing insight.

  6. Song joong ki is not lucky like some claim to be. he is definitely strategic that is quite evident in all of his project he chose. His first notable leading role was werewolf boy. choosing a good script doesn’make him lucky, good performance is equally important. He knows what his capabilities is and he himself want to play different characters, though I won’t put any high expectations on his next project because expectations leads to disappointment.

    • Oh I agree. It will lead to dissapointment. But fans can hope right? I just don’t want him to turn his career like Kim Soo Hyun, an actor i actually loved before he become a star like he is now, countless throwaway roles and performances just because gaining popularity too fast in his career. A true fans of an actor will be feel dissapoint when his fav stop become atrue actor. Not angry but just dissapoint

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