Suzy Pretty in Green Performing at the 2017 Grand Mint Festival

It’s a drastic visual switch for me to go from watching actress Suzy with the short hair in While You Were Sleeping to idol Suzy in her full performing regala at this weekend’s Grand Mint Festival 2017. Her idol group Miss A is basically disbanded with one member leaving and the group not having any official activity for two years, not to mention agency JYP debuting hit new girl group TWICE. I think Suzy has a shot at a solo career and here she totally reminds of of the grown up version of her role in Dream High, having a solo singing career with a sophisticated bent. I love her performance green dress with thigh high boots, the color is so striking and the conservative style is a departure from the typical idol attire norm. She looks fantastic and I’m thrilled for her performance in WYWS getting postive reviews.

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Suzy Pretty in Green Performing at the 2017 Grand Mint Festival — 47 Comments

  1. Why can’t she just be an idol? Why must she be pushed to acting when she’s not good at it? Why is she/JYP so greedy and want to act as the female lead, why isn’t second lead or side character enough? She’s pretty, sweet and has a nice down to earth aura and she’d manage excellently just as an idol and in varieties. Why does she need to act when she initially didn’t even have a passion for it and even cried in the van because she had to act as a female lead in Dream High??

    • She has been coasting on the hallyu stars(kim woo bin,lee jong suk, kim soo hyun) to cover up her mediocre acting skills and have her “actress image” and writer park hye run is to be credited for two of her dramas.

      But all these young hallyu stars are being drafted to the army.This means she will be potentially paired up with the more senior actors if they intend to return to dramaland i.e the Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, Kim Rae Won etc…and if she continue half-assing her way through acting, the comments arent going to be so kind because not only her fans will be watching the dramas.

      • She obviously isn’t GY, JIS, SJK and KRW caliber… she definitely is following the Kim Tae Hee path

    • Just came here after listening ‘Here Come the Regrets’ by Epik High featuring Lee Hi. After listening to Lee Hi I doubt anybody will even consider Suzy a singer. IU is also good in EH’s album.
      She is best at being nice and pretty girl. Acting and dare I say even singing is not her forte.
      By constantly giving hollow praises to Suzy koala is loosing her credibility.

    • @prettyautumn one of the rare occasions I fully agree with what you say.
      Suzy should stick to her day job of singing, at least she is passable in that, instead of inflicting her ‘acting’ on everyone. She should make an effort to improve her acting. Is it because she can’t or simply don’t bother to as she can bank on her pretty visuals?

    • I dunno…personally I don’t think she’s that pretty. She has short eyebrows, her eyes are average, and she has an overbite also.

    • I don’t know, for me, charisma is definitely a selling point too to look someone as pretty, And on screen, she doesn’t has it. Her looks absolutely beautiful in picture. But there are other more beautiful actress I will look for physical wise and body language on screen, because they have so much charisma. And I don’t mean acting. For example, Go Seung Hee is definitely more beautiful to look at for me.

  2. Not only has her acting but her singing and dancing skills seemes to have improved a lot too. I was pleasantly surprised to see her performance in JYP’s Party People. She might lack a bit in natural skills but she makes it up purely by hard work and effort. Have to give her that….

    Also her hair mystery. She definitely cut it off in the drama, and it’s just been a few months since the drama wrapped up shooting. No way it grew so fast, must be extentions,her hairdresser did a good job because it looks natural.

      • Her long hair,it must be extensions because there was an article about how the scene in ‘While you were sleeping’ where she chops off her hair was real. And I don’t think her hair can grow so fast.

        Her extensions look really natural,don’t they?

  3. Her voice is really gorgeous. I love her song for the WYWS OST.

    As to the hair, lol, they sure have some great hairdressers in Korea. She really did chop her hair, and there’s no way it could have grown out that much since then. But whatever extensions she may have, it looks totally natural.

  4. @prettyautumn – short answer: because her main job now is endorsements, actors get paid more than idols for CFs and so that is why she will continue to inflict herself on dramas – to get CF $$$ by having an ‘actor image’.

    It should be noted it’s not impossible for idols to book CF money, IU is primarily a musician and still has a three-year running soju endorsement. But it’s certainly the easy way out for idols like Suzy, and why not if you can coast on your early success and have never had to audition for a role in your life, and get star writers like Lee Kyung Hee and Park Hye Ryun to write around the lack of acting skills.

    • Hmm.. actors’ careers are longer and they’re more visible to a wider audience rather than idol fans, unless we are talking about nation’s musicians like Big bang. G-dragon hasn’t taken up acting but his Shinsegae endorsement deal alone was a million dollar contract, same as Jun Ji Hyun’s

    • The other thing is, she is a “jack of many trades and master of none.She is mediocre in almost all of them.I do think JYP or maybe even Suzy herself knows that.Singing.If you put her against Taeyeon, Eunji(who are girls from girl groups as well) and even IU.She falls short if she were to push hard as a solo artist.CF/endorsements especially for females has no longetivity.Only takes one major scandal, marriage or simply being replaced by a new young artist(unfortunate but true) unless you are Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo and these have actual acting skills to back them up.

      Personally, I do find her personality to be quite on the bland side.Not bad but not unique either, but if she pushed to be in more variety.She would do well since all the ones she has guested in, usually have high ratings so she would be just fine.She is also a great editorial and beauty model.So if JYP really is looking out for her future, identify her strengths and focus on her developing a monopoly on them.Instead of just pasting her everywhere especially acting which is her weakest skill.

  5. No matter how koala, soompi or her fans gas up this girl as an actress.This girl’s talent is not in acting.She has been acting for 7 years already.All her fans, can say is that “she is improving”.””netizens complimented her acting”(which is more likely that the majority of those comments are also from her fans).

    She is like a young Kim Tae Hee…incredibly hyped up for their beauty, rich because of advertisements and modelling.Very very uncharismatic as actresses.They can have moments when they shine in dramas.But they cant contain that consistent acting throughout the drama.

    • Agreed. Her improvement is only a tiny one. WYWS is a pre-produced drama and PHR knows how to write around Suzy’s flaws. Her acting leaves so much to desire. At least WYWS visuals and scenery are pretty. I’m really at the verge of dropping it, but I’ll give it a chance for Jung Hae In. Honestly, even Temperature of Love is more interesting, but that’s maybe because I’m Kim Jae Wook bias..

    • I can’t watch anything with Suzy as the lead. She is HORRIBLE as an actress. Period. And until today, I blame her for me dropping UF when I adored Kim Woo Bin so much.

  6. I have nothing against Suzy, in fact, I find her very pretty with a sweet aura. Her acting is good at times but lacks emotional depth. There are far better actresses than Suzy in the industry who are being sidelined just because they are older and have less CF potential compared to younger actresses. It really sucks to be a 30+ actress in Korea.

  7. Just stick to or go back to where she comes from, no acting please. Feel pity for those real actress. Opportunity being ripe off by those so called singer actress?!

  8. Suzy cannot sing. Suzy cannot act. I wonder how long she can last with her limited visuals… I much prefer the 3 Kim’s who I find are much prettier & cuter. But looks are all subjective 😉

    • While I await for the goddess Kim to breakthrough, Kim Seolhyun. they say her last movie in SKorea is receiving good acting praises for her, cant wait to see her try actng in drama so International fans can have chance to watch her more on screen. tired of this overhyping mediocre, not so pretty Suzy.

      • @Llyanne it was poorly cast, poorly written, total bomb done years ago. now she matured, and serious taking lessons in acting. her last movie is with great actors in Korea, Sol Kyung Gun and Kim Nam Gil, seems her lessons are paying off, it must be intimidating acting with them but she pulled it off.

  9. Koala is so mature and lucid about everything. Can’t say the same about most of her commenters that are clearly vicious towards Suzy. Their hate is beyond me lol I don’t even think any other celebrity can pissed people off so much like her. That must be another of her talet’s I think.

    • Vicious how? No one said anything against her as a person, only that she has no talent in acting even after so many years.

      But then this is the mentality to be expected from idol fans, unable to take any criticism of even your fave’s abilities since it’s not like you can defend her on the basis of talent anyway.

      • People said she can’t sing, can’t act, her songs are boring, basically has no talent and isn’t even that pretty. If that isn’t simply petty hate than I don’t know what it is. If people can’t stand her why they keep on following everything she does? Just move on, it isn’t that hard to do.

      • People stated their opinions. None of the things listed by you is personal, they are all to do with her supposed professional skills and the thing she makes money off of.

        If you don’t like it, grow a thicker skin or hope she develops some actual talent, since you can only whine about ‘hate’ and can’t actually counter the points about her talent.

      • And incidentally, I would happily avoid her acting projects if it was not for the fact that she takes roles in dramas whose writers and costars I am a fan of because of their orevious work – it’s not that I follow her projects, it’s more that she is unfortunately inserted in projects I was interested in for other reasons.

    • Koala too has her likes and dislikes. Suzy is fortunate to be on Koala’s likes list or she would have been dragged for her poor acting.
      One suggestion to the Suzy-stans, instead of getting all defensive over the justifiable criticism of her acting, how about arguing by showcasing her other talents?

  10. I’m just here cackling reading all these koala commenters who clearly have a negative filter on suzy no matter what she does, it’s pathetic, you don’t like someone so much that you put effort in clicking the article, reading it, and posting a comment. while suzy is off getting dat money, being successful, and being pretty as fuck. stay pressed! lol. also, from the start of her career despite all yall bashing her endlessly, she’s been at the top and it’s 7 years now and she’s still at top, she’s not going anywhere huntys!!! 😀

    • It’s because her acting isn’t on par. She may be at the top, but it’s not because she’s some amazing actress. It’s her image and visuals and the fact that she’s down to earth. That attracts fans. But her acting really lacks depth

  11. In Suzy’s defense she is acting together with Lee Jong-Suk, who is, pretty much, the textbook definition of a mediocre actor.

  12. Not a fan of Suzy but I do like her in While You Were Sleeping..she gave justice to the role even her OST “I Love You Boy” is really good.

    I’m laughing on all the bitter comments here. Most of the comments here are obviously hating/bashing more than giving their opinions.

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