First Filming Stills of Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri in MBC Drama Two Cops

Whenever I see the title for upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Two Cops I think it’s either a buddy movie or both leads are cops and they are going to partner to solve crime and then fall in love. The premise is actually Jo Jung Seok as both cops, he plays a detective who gets his body possessed by the soul of a conman and together they double the brain power to solve crime. Kim Sun Ho in the supporting role plays the conman in question and of course has the exact different temperament than the hard-nosed detective.

Leading lady Hyeri isn’t a cop but instead plays a reporter, but is the love interest of likely both the detective and conman. I don’t like Hyeri as an actress but this drama does interest me so I’ll check it out with the sliver of hope that the good production will fill the gaps in any acting weakness. The drama is penned by a newbie screenwriter who won a MBC open call script competition last year and directed by the PD of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.


First Filming Stills of Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri in MBC Drama Two Cops — 2 Comments

  1. Hyeri isn’t a same calibre actor with Jo Jung Seok.. You can already see from the stills that she’ll be just ’’Hyeri, the idol’’ and not the character she’s supposed to play.

  2. Honestly i don’t have prejudice agaisnt idols becoming actors. Some in the past have proven to be good. But why does every most popular girl of each group turn into acting ( Miss A Suzy, SNSD Yoona,Aoa Seolhyun, Fx Sulli…to name a few ones). They are a lot of students of theater, acting classes who are waiting for their chance too!.

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