Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye Lead Script Reading for KBS Melodrama Black Knight

Recently I’m back to feeling like Shin Se Kyung cast in any drama is cause for consternation. If that’s too strong an opinion then it’s certainly a cause for concern, her last drama performance in Bride of the Water God was particularly blank and awful, the kind of performance that can erase goodwill and set herself back a couple of years in viewer opinion. With that said, she’s not the solo player in upcoming KBS drama Black Knight which stars Kim Rae Won as the male lead opposite her, with Seo Ji Hye taking on the juicer sounding role of the second female lead and antagonist who also happens to not have aged in the past two hundred years. This drama has been one of the more high profile offerings for 2017 and is arriving right as the year ends, reuniting the PD and screenwriter from Equator Man. I trust Kim Rae Won and Seo Ji Hye to hold down the fort, and if they do it well enough then Shin Se Kyung can tread water in between and still make it worth a watch with a good story.

KBS is currently in the ratings bottom in the Wed-Thurs slot but Black Knight will certainly have a chance to slay the competition when it airs after Mad Dog.


Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye Lead Script Reading for KBS Melodrama Black Knight — 7 Comments

  1. I like krw but one hand can’t make a clap and chemistry is between two leads. What can I say? Good luck krw. Makes me think of Doctors chemistry, really miss you hongx3 and YHJ.

  2. SSK sigh.Even if she was the greatest actress Korea has.There is this thing called overexposure.Her image has been consumed.I mean passion for work is admirable.But she should have taken a step back and reflect on her last project.Monitor and evaluate her acting weaknesses and working on them.

    She is fast becoming a Jin Se Yeon.Just hopping from one project to another with no improvement whatsoever.Her last drama, she was lucky to be paired with an equally bad actor as a male lead, so they sunk in andromeda together.This time if she will be just as bad, the drama netizens and Kim Rae Won fans wont be merciful to her.Whats the use of a good second female lead when the drama is a romance and the primary focus will be on the leads?

    At least in Gaksital for example..the female lead was atrocious but the bromance/frenemies was too good.I didnt care for her since tge drama was malecentric.

  3. Good luck to KRW… it’s going to be hard to create chemistry with SSK as it’s not her forte but I believe a seasoned actor like KRW will be more than capable of creating chemistry. SSK needs a strong co-actor in order to do well.. well now she gets to act with a strong actor instead of NJH.. talk about upgrade.

  4. shin se kyung acts well in black knight and has a good rapport with Kim Rae won. Overall their bantering are lively and cute. Keep up!

  5. The chemistry between KRW and SSK has been superb. Both act well and natural. They are match made in heaven. The rating has also been good even though they have to compete with the Return. I am hoping the end will be a happy end. Fighting Black Knight.

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