Rain Drops Teaser Stills for Upcoming December Comeback Album with Frequent Producer Kim Tae Wan

Actor-singer Rain is widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working entertainers in South Korea, with his career less overwhelming talent and more talent developed through hustle and grit. I like him because of his acting but it’s probably fair to say that he’s a better musical entertainer than actor on the technique scale. His presence and expressiveness can veer towards overacting on the small screen but on a stage he’s on fire with the same level of intensity. Music is his next comeback venue as he just released two teaser pictures of his December full album drop 3 years since his last disc Rain Effect. Rain will be writing all the lyrics and reuniting with his frequent R&B collaborating Kim Tae Wan for the music, with Kim Tae Won producing two of Rain’s biggest hits Rainism in 2008 and Back to Basic in 2010. The lead off single with be a hip-hop dance track and count me excited, and also in awe of Rain’s insane work ethic to be readying for an album comeback at the same time welcoming his first child with wife Kim Tae Hee.

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