First Look at Jang Hyuk in MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower Premiering November 11th

I’m ready for MBC new weekend drama Money Flower to dump a load of intensity and makjang on the time slot, and maybe with it do better in ratings that currently airing Bad Thief, Good Thief. The only drawback is a sense of deja vu with lead Jang Hyuk cast in this drama because it comes across as a redux of his Midas, with a smart man driven by greed to succeed in a world controlled by the rich and powerful. Jang Hyuk works so consistently I’m no longer compelled to watch a drama just because he’s in it but reassured that he’ll do a bang up performance no matter what, a ringer in the world of K-drama leading men who can wake up and deliver. This time his leading lady is Park Se Young and he’s surrounded by the usual coterie of talented veterans with Lee Soon Jae and Lee Mi Sook. The drama premieres next weekend and from the first teaser below will surely be bathed in visual intensity.

Money Flower first teaser:


First Look at Jang Hyuk in MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower Premiering November 11th — 6 Comments

  1. Omg Jang Hyuk is getting old which obviously mean I must getting old too. Loved him in Midas and loved him in everything after besides the historical drama with honey Lee. He is so smexy

    • Partly due to super short hair and yes he gained some weight too. But he was chubbier at the time of Beautiful Mind. He is the type of the person who gains weight on the face easily. But no need of worry because he is super fit and firm. Looks like he let himself age naturally without using botox or other such things.

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