SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping Wraps Up in Tidy Bow with Plenty of Could Have Been Betters Regrets

I’m not angry or upset that SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping didn’t end up meeting expectations. Unlike other K-dramas which vexed me so, this one was just placid enough I watched with increasingly detached interest and was even pleasantly surprised that the final two episodes managed to wring a tear out of me. But it was never about the two leads, their characters or chemistry, that elicited any connection for me. This drama’s sole winning ways were for the supporting cast, namely Jung Hae In and even more so Kim Won Hae‘s character.

The foretelling dreams lost its hook quickly and the OTP were so decent there wasn’t any angst, so in the end it was the side characters with their secrets, regrets, and unexpectedly losses that made me shed a tear when the central story left me clinically following along. Lee Jong Seok and Suzy were a flat line that didn’t blip up or down, and that’s really the summation of the entire drama except for the fantastic first episode. I don’t know what Park Hye Ryun could have done better because the narrative was cohesive, so maybe the dreams of the future conceit just doesn’t work any way you dream it.


SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping Wraps Up in Tidy Bow with Plenty of Could Have Been Betters Regrets — 41 Comments

  1. The drama was just average, that’s it. Nothing spectacular to hold your interest, therein lies the problem. Buam-Dong Revenge club fared far better, I am curious that there’s isn’t much posts about it.Lee Yo Won, Ra Mi-Ran and Myung Se-Bin, these ladies were the real winners of the slot being on cable.

    • Lee Yo Won, Myung Se Bin and Ra Mi Ran are doing a great job actually. Avengers Social Club is the only drama atm that is still holding my interest. That drama is way better than wyws, which is pretty sad considering how hyped this drama was and how it’s pre-produced with big names and everyone predicted this to hit big

      • Wasnt buamdong just as hyped? It was adapted from a well known webtoon, so perhaps it didnt need as much introduction.. however with such stellar casts, that shud prolly be enough for alluring audience in i guess 😀 the series was almost always trending after each episode aired too.
        Ofc its a significantly different situation for international, korean illiterate drama viewers ><

    • This one is a gem! K-viewers are loving it! trust the veterans to do a good job.
      I guess international fans are more into popular hallyu type stars/actors.

    • I notice most of the posts tend to have bigger stars and are bigger productions overall. There might not be as much buzz about Avengers Club because as best I can tell neither Viki or Dramafever got it so if it is on a legal site, let me know because I do want to watch but the other sites don’t play nice with my computer.

    • You don’t hear much about Revenge Club because international drama bloggers don’t bother to write about it, period. There is no dedicated post for it here, or in Dramabeans, or any other more popular sites. The reason? Simple, there is no young hot thing starring.

  2. I don’t understand how preproduced dramas can be so poor written. They have all the time to write a good story, to develop the characters, to disseminate some clues of the mystery in all the episodes.

    I thought the story would be about the 3 dragons resolving crimes by understanding their different dreams. The dreams lost their interest, Woo Tak became useless in the story, his secret was not interesting and they gave the link with the past to a side character who suddenly became very important… The big bad who was very cold but always smart just became a villain who kills without good plan and reason…

    I didn’t like the romance in this drama. I couldn’t feel their chemistry and the way they became a couple was too forceful for me. But I think people who like the couple can be happy with all the moments they had and with the happy end.

    • Yeah the internal logic of the drama just fell apart.

      Even Pinocchio had problems with maintaining its plot after the hyung’s arc was over (well deserved breakout for Yoon Kyun Sang there) but it didn’t devolve so far into illogical. And I actually bought the romance in that drama while here it’s just meh.

  3. I still really liked the drama and found the romance easy to watch but I also have to admit the overall drama was a bit forgettable. This drama suited Suzy very well though and her and LJS looked very beautiful together. Its sad the wedding happened off screen because I was actually looking forward to that.

    • When expectations were around 15-20% you can tell already. It’s not flop flop, they probably could return their money back, but SBS probably expect far more from Suzy/LJS/PHR as writer trio. And anyone who says it was big success online or overseas should check what big success was. It was well received drama, that was just extremely average in everything.

  4. the drama is forgettable and I don’t think the rating is that bad for today’s standard but it’s a failure if we compare it to the promotional stage

  5. This drama was the kdrama equivalent of lukewarm coffee – meh.

    All those big names and hype and the finale couldn’t even get 10 percent, I mean even Moon Lovers got 11 percent for its finale last year. I know LJS has never had a 20 percenter drama other than IHYV but Pinocchio, W, even Dr Stranger had ratings in the 12-13 percent range, this was not expected.

    • Lol moon lovers may have had its flaws.But at least it was addictive and memorable????.It .It was ONE of the dramas that had the highest international buzz last year.The ratings went up in its last four episodes as soon as its competitor had finished airing.This did not happen in WYWS.LJK and KHN shined equally and brought their A game to the table.There was no case where the third lead or cameos outshined the lead actors like this drama.I wont say this drama was a flop, since it was first in its slot, pretty much thoughout its run.Its done.Everyone can move on to new things.

      • @RubyRed – yeah, you certainly can’t say Moon Lovers didn’t have an impact lol. And like you said, it took an uptick in ratings once Moonlight was done airing, which WYWS wasn’t really able to do even with no competing drama in the MBC time slot.

        This drama won’t be considered a flop I guess, but like someone pointed out above, the ratings promises give some idea of its team’s expectations and it definitely came in below those, plus Hospital Ship even caught up with it a few times in later episodes. No one expected that. But yeah, it’s done and over, I don’t see anyone really remembering this drama in a couple of years’ time.

  6. Anyone remember article about what each cast will do as fan service if it gets a certain rating? If I remember correctly, Suzy mentioned 30%….I said, Oy vey! The drama is doomed! She probably thought a drama from a hit writer+ a director coming from Doctors that had a20+ rating , on top of 2 very popular main leads that conclusion will be in the scale of DOTs! Never ever compare your drama to one that already achieved that, not a good idea, just asking for comparison. It did have all the right ingredients… wonder what went wrong . I’ll have to watch the drama to see what did go wrong. I liked her in Dream High.

      • She probably thought everyone else is a problem in UF except her and she would do with LJS as her co-lead. Without strong script or better co-starts both far from rating attractors. Two also each-other’s the weakest acting partners.

  7. I know that classic dramas like in the early 2000s until about 4-5 yeard ago had so many cliches that would give us goosebumps for some scenes or even in many scenes. But,IMO, they had better storylines, acting, and of course better actors and actresses. They could act in the most earnest way that could bring us to their pure love story regardless of their real off relationship. I do not know why, but I already lost my interest in kdramas nowadays. The only drama that I am currently watching is Go Back Couple which has good actors and actresses.

    • True, Bec in those days, As cliche as they come, and recycle as it gets, they at least make drama with their heart. Look all those young actor nowadays, they lack passion and seems only care about their paycheck.

    • i agree, none of the kdrama thus far have interested me long enough to stick with it, i also love romance but nothing is hooking me, like that addictive feeling, butterflies in the stomach, just wanting them to kiss already. maybe im into a particular type of romance, but i do love angst and slow burn no matter how cliche or makjang, as those types really get your heart pumping, i mean i do like sweet,cute,realistic type romance but let’s face it, its more like an entree then a main meal for me.

    • Can we please talk more about this? Objectively, kdramas are generally somewhat better quality in terms of production, directing and in some cases, writing but they just don’t have that enchanting, addictive factor anymore. I was hoping it was just a slump but now, I think this is what kdramas are like now which is sad. I’m lucky to have 1 crack drama per year now.

      Honestly once Kpop loses it’s more niche appeal (especially for young women) around the world, Korea’s soft power will be nothing to write home about.

      • I think in general the K-drama writing has gone way downhill… production & directing may still be good with some even filmed overseas, but the storyline sucks… I see the same plots repeating over and over again. Acting skill has gone way downhill also, influx of idols with blank faces who cannot even emote… overuse of music to fill up the hour but there is no chemistry between the leads… very boring K-dramas… I have dropped so many recent ones after the first few episodes…

  8. was a bad idea to cut suzt hair. she dont look good with short hair. with her long hair gone. even her uncle fan didnt turn in to watch cuz they know her acting will sux.

      • She dreamt about the death of her mother and she had long hair, so she cut it hoping that it will change the futur. Something like that…

      • oh thank u, its like a superstition, seeing those stills with her hair short like that is miles different when she attends events, not ugly but huge different

      • But then she grew it long again for the finale? So does that mean her mom is safe if she has long hair now lol, you would think if the haircut is that big a deal she can keep it short or at least mid length.

    • i remember the writer being thankul to suzy coz she even cut her hair short for the drama, thinking about it now the cutting of the hair didnt help but just plenty of write ups abt it before the drama start

  9. What could have been done better was to not include some past characters at the end like Kim sohyun, the father of the brain dead guy, the girl with the murderous brother etc. That was cringe. It was like saying “and everyone lived happily ever after”. They should have been left alone for audience interpretation such as the characters are currently out there, healing with time, pursuing their dreams etc. This drama should have been just 20 episodes.

    • its 16 epi.they just cut it to 2parts per day so its 32, only kbs is not doing that, mbc and sbs already doing it to increase ads revenue.

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