Yoon Eun Hye Makes Variety Show Appearance with Puppy in Dear My Human

It’s fantastic to see K-actress Yoon Eun Hye back on television albeit in a variety show rather than my preferred K-drama return. She’s on a show called Dear My Human which showcases the daily home life of a celebrity and pet, and in this case we see Yoon Eun Hye’s spacious condo and her little puppy dog. She’s been gone from K-ent for going on four years since the unfortunate disaster of a drama Marry Him If You Can, a drama that’s one of my top 3 most scarring watch experiences in terms of seething frustration. I love her dearly and still do but she has proven terrible at picking dramas for the last decade since Coffee Prince, and one cannot rest on CP laurels forever just ask Gong Yoo. Her agency announced late last year that she was looking at drama scripts for 2017 but clearly that didn’t happen, but hopefully the right drama will arrive for her in 2018. Until then I can happily watch her lounger around her house playing with her puppy.

Dear My Human:


Yoon Eun Hye Makes Variety Show Appearance with Puppy in Dear My Human — 126 Comments

  1. She needs a better PR team though.They screwed her over again.Instead of just keeping quiet and letting her promote quietly and releasing nonsensical statements.They had to blabber about her controversy and remind the public, why she was cast out of Korean TV for the past two years.

    I think that if she really really is desperately wanting to act again or get more Korean gigs and revive her previous status.She needs to take that dive and move to a very good acting agency.Clearly her self-managed company is not really doing a good job at handling her career.Or she needs to hire a better PR team, and surround herself with better people who can be critical, about her project choices and advise her sincerely.Not Yes Men.

    • Her PR team had no choice but to respond because when she did this show, the journalists asked about her controversy again, so they had to address the issue, instead of avoiding it. Actually it’s a smart move, just get it done and over with once and for all.

      When she was asked how she accepted this gig, she replied that actually they asked her repeatedly to guest on the show but she declined multiple times because she was nervous to be in Variety Show again. The only way they were finally able to convince her to do the show was telling her that she won’t be the main focus but her pet. PD Kim Soo Hyun has been trying to persuade her since before the broadcast in July.

      She still gets offers for dramas and movies but said she wasn’t quite ready to return yet.

      I hope appearing on this show will slowly give her the confidence to comeback soon. The whole controversy fiasco must have traumatized her deeply.

      • I agree with @RubyRed

        It is actually tiring reading YEH’s fans comment being on defense mode all the time what with the “she actually gets a lot of acting offers but she choose not to do one”… Zzzzzzzzzz

        Come on, how famous was she? She is a non-factor now in Korea and let’s just face it. She HERSELF announced that she would make a come back in 2017 and nothing materialized? You think people still want to believe that it’s because she rejected so many offers?

        Let’s face it…she did tried making appearances to test the water but almost each time, she gotten a lot of hates in Korea. She may received some acting offers but truthfully, the choices are limited. Don’t try to fool us that producers would choose her instead of bigger and likeable stars like Ha Ji Won, Moon Chae Won, Park Shin Hye???

        Creeps like Park Shi Hoo or Lee Min Ki are different because there is the built-in bias and the public can get easy with actors and male specimens.

        I am not her fan but I don’t hate YEH but it is true that she needs a better PR Team or move to a new agency who could truly assist to rrestore her career. I am just pissed reading comments that she received tons of offers and it was her choice to stay out of the limelight when the truth is, those comments completely coming from fans living in the past who could not accept that YEH is no longer a big star in korea and continue fooling yourself that she does not want to comeback when in the first place, she was the one announcing her comeback.

      • @OMG PD of the show Kim Soo Hyun admitted that they’ve been rejected by Yoon Eun Hye many times and that they had to repeatedly persuade her until she said yes. So she is definitely not lying about that.

        She was also honest in admitting that the reason why she’s been rejecting offers is because she’s nervous about returning back to the limelight due the controversy.

        I do agree however that she needs to be in a powerful agency since her team is not working out for her.

      • @OMG, we’re NOT saying that YEH get tons of offers (comparing to other popular actresses), we’re saying that she STILL get acting offers since most of you said otherwise. If you also argued this you must be accused YEH of lying cause she said it herself.

        And why I mention YEH status, as I aware her position in Korean showbiz right now, just to show that she’s not some “nugu” who have to beg/audition to get a project.
        Yes, I admitted it still a long way to regain her old status but everything is possible, as long as she’s willing

  2. Her image is in tatters. I don’t know how she will get cast on dramas or let alone a CF knowing how hated she is in SK. Even her movie hasn’t been aired for more than a year.
    There are new rising stars like Jung Somin, Seo Hyun Jin etc who are the new TV darlings. Starting with a variety is a smart choice for the time being.

    • Lol, since when an actor/actress’s image stopping PD or director from offering a project. Park Shi Hoo is starring in daily drama right now, IU got “Moon Lovers” and even SHK got big project (DotS) right after her tax scandal. They all have something in common, they could bounced back. Now you tell me that they can do that but not YEH ??? If you’re afraid that your fav. actress will get a rival don’t be. Korean showbiz is wide enough to give job to all of them.

      • Do you think Producers are dumb enough to cast an actor who is hated generally by the public? Do you think casting a scandalous actress will bring in viewership?That’s why I am saying she is playing smart by starting with variety. Variety is safe haven for those who want to recover their image after scandals. Anyway SHK is a wall compared to YEH. She has steady CFs despite her scandal so she was never on hiatus.

      • @jessarie, I tried not to make comparison here (in negative way). But you’re the one who keep mentioning SHK as a “wall” for YEH. Do you old enough to know that YEH has been the highest payment drama actress in Korea once beating SHK and HJW ? She even rumored to be paid 70 M per epi for “Love Song”, a drama which is shelved because of the death of Park Yong Ha (her co-star)
        I like SHK as a person and also as an actress, so I don’t want to badmouthing her.
        But FYI, YEH still get acting offers
        As for why she chose variety show for her comeback I think you already read the other comments that the show crews keep persuade her.

      • Yes, YEH was once at the top because of her her back-to-back hits like Princess Hours and Coffee Prince. Ever since then, YEH’s dramas have flopped or only had a lukewarm reception. She’s no longer on the A-list, much less now due to her scandal.
        SHK is indeed a wall among 30s actresses along with TaeJi and Son Yejin, while YEH was merely a trend that has passed. Unless she comes back with a KES drama, she is likely to flop. She’d better comeback with a weekend drama like what Lee Dahae is doing just to be safe.

      • Honestly, actresses in general have it hard with regards to public opinion, especially so if they’ve been saddled with korean netz definition of “scandal”. I even think that no matter how “big” they were, bouncing back would be difficult. Maybe she is getting drama and/or movie offers, but I’m assuming the quantity and quality is not the same as before, and honestly she can’t really risk it. She needs a near full proof success project at this point. As for the other names who were able to bounce back, well Park Shi Hoo and Lee Byung hun are male actors. Unfair but…. As for IU, she is backed by a powerful agency who knows how to managed and market her (scandal-release good music-public forgets-Moon lover poor acting issue-release good music-public semi-forgets then new drama offer). SHK was unlucky that a powerful writer, KES, wanted her., so she was able to bounce back and public forgot the tax scandal. I honestly thought that YEH’s best bet for a comeback was Mr Sunshine, before LBH’s casting that is.

      • @Lal, my dear, we are aware that korean people are harsh on her because she didn’t act the they wanted ( apologies and all the hypocrite ritual..) They keep bringing her down, but are perfectly fine with people involved in assault cases, taxe evaders, military evaders,… i will not mention names because i have nothing against these people as justice let them be. So why people still judging her? Great mystery for me ?. The only solution : Act in a KES drama, Marrying her co star and all be forgotten and she will be treated as the best THING of the world… What a wonderful world!!! I’m Sarcastic!

    • There’s literally only one person who mentioned Jung Somin so what shitty sixth sense are you referring to? Oh, I know delusional and insecure fans like you must be triggered because Jung Somin resembles your fave slightly and is doing very well these days.
      Park Shinhye is mentioned in practically every article, so this is a non-issue. Also, does she even look like YEH? The lengths people go to to justify their stance.
      Just continue to stick to your stance on how passionate and humble your unnie is instead of dragging other actresses into your sob-fest.

      • @Kat wrong! I actually love Jung So Min among all the other YEH lookalikes and have watched all her dramas. I’ve always felt she was underrated, so I am very happy that she’s finally starting to get the recognition that she deserves. So your little tirade is unwarranted.

        I will admit however, that I’ve never likes Park Shin Hye, it didn’t help that I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with most of her fans who have been bashing Yoon Eun Hye consistently on twitter, facebook and youtube comments section. So I can’t help but be suspiscious everytime her name is being brought on a YEH comment section.

        Lately, I’ve seen quite a few Jung So Min fans starting to do the same .

        Does Park Shin Hye look like YEH? To me they don’t but majority of the people do.

        And yes I am proud to say that my unnie is indeed humble. You can’t blame her fans for being on constant defense mode, when people are making an effort to put her down every chance they get. Sometimes it makes me wonder why those who are not even her fans are exerting extra effort to post negatively on all her articles.

  3. Quite intolerable. This cuteness and puppy love or even cuddling teddy toys by adult women , makes them look to have stunted intelligence . You can go aww when as a teen girl may be, but in later years this is horrible. It makes women seem dumb. This actress seems like that here.
    This should stop.

    • @A you should be the one to STOP. Does cuddling a puppy have something to do with age, how can it be horrible???SOOOOOOO SHALLOW of you, damn! you are the one who is horrible and dumb. I’ve seen people who are much older than YEH playing with dogs and still find it cute. You better check you mental health coz you doesn’t seem to be normal, AIGOOO, for a person to label others to have a stunted intelligence because they are enjoying the company of a furry friend is something to be bothered about.

    • Honestly I feel the same way. I am not her fan but I really like her acting. But seeing anyone cuddling their pet, I can’t imagine that being interesting to watch. Strange concept to me…

      • It’s a new program to understand the psychology of animals or pets in general and to train them up well. I also love animals a lot so i understand how it feels like to cuddle and pampered my pets cos to me they are already part of my family. member.

      • It’s not just a show of her cuddling her pet.

        It’s an educational show about pet psychology and how to train them. Yoon Eun Hye’s dog of 10+ years died last year. It took her awhile to recover from that but this year she decided to adopt another puppy from a shelter. This show teaches is pet behaviour training and helping pet owners understand how to deal with their pe better.

        As a pet lover myself, I love that she went on this show to get a glimpse of her daily life and see the way she interacts with her pet and also learn a few things from the show that I could apply towards my own pet.

  4. Imho…. she looks awful in this video clip…. ugly PJ & a puppy not even cute…. I much prefer she shows us her real acting. I miss her in dramas, not in ugly PJ & messy hair ?

    • She has a deep and endearing qualities which cannot be explained. Evntho she’s not perfect but her imperfection makes her more relatable to us normal people.

      • yes, I understand what you are trying to say…. but instead of watching her playing with a puppy, I would much prefer watching her in a drama. She is a very good actress. She has done lots of variety shows when she was much younger, and she has since matured into a real actress…. just saying…

    • Well you’re probably walking around in your PJs as well at home, so why is she supposed to look like she is going to a fashion show when she just woke up?

      • will you show yourself on TV when you wake up? C’mon make some sense here… I SAID I miss her ACTING here, not when she just wakes up. You pervert!! Do you know what you just replied to me is implying???

      • Why do you laugh at me? I think you have a problem. I stand by my opinion. Show me your face when you wake up… DUH!! Appearing in this Variety Show looking like this will put her in the dumps for much longer… just saying…

  5. They actually had a hard time casting her… she was very hesitant. I her not being able to return is also her choice. She stated before that she was offered great projects but turned them down.

    But I’m happy she decided to return somehow.

  6. I feel so detached from her and everything she does.

    I always wondered how she could easily choose to work with Park Shi-Hoo but can’t bring herself choosing a drama project with most likely not-problematic co-stars?

    She really needs to stop relying on her own company and PR team and find a agency which can bring her back on the right path.

    But overall I’m okay with her choosing a variety show for the return to her active career. She is probably testing the waters.

    • Her choice to star in a movie with PSH (despite his scandal) is also still a mystery for most of her fans. Her reason is that she like the plot and the character. Her decision almost jeopardize her good relationship with her fans. I hope she learn from from

  7. Her scandal cost her heavily,she and her team should have handled it better.

    But she has apologized and if Park Shi Hoo can comeback,why not her. Her controversy is nothing compared to his or for the matter Kim Hyun Joong who is happily holding fanmeets and stuff.

  8. I feel its fine she join this variety program cos we can see a glimpse of her real life with her pet. Moreover, this show is about the psychology of animals, why animals react in certain ways and how to appropriately train our pets. Remember pets is also equal to our own family member. I’m proud of her for taking this step.

  9. Yay! I hope we can see her in tvN variety shows like 3 Meals a Day. Although Eric is married, I want to see their banters. Btw I hope her movie After Love will be released soon.

  10. I dont know why my comment didnt go through so I will write it again.Guys, there is a reason why there is this word called “misogyny”. Unfortunately, the public has a different set of moral standards for men and women.Is it fair? No.But its there and its even more prominent, in Korean entertainment from what I’ve seen.Will whining about it change anything? No.This is why we see perverts, rapists, alleged perpetrators of violence, murder suspects and many others stll parading around on TV.Second, what these men have in common is a combination of; strong backing/connections due to being in a powerful agency, very loyal and strong fanbases, and the TALENT they have, or sometimes their physical appearance overshadows the scandal.

    • I get what you’re trying to say here @RubyRed, as fans we’re not blind by the flaw of YEH’s PR. They (PR team) admitted themselves of their mistakes in handling the plagiarism scandal issue which has had great impact to YEH career. So if you ask us if we want her to change her PR team ? Of course no doubt. Do we want YEH to revive her career ? Sure. But the thing is YEH has a mind of her own. It seems her views changed greatly after delving into her religion. She said that money and fame didn’t make her happy. Its bring out misery instead.
      So changing PR team or getting strong backing/connection won’t do any good if she’s not serious in handling her own career.
      At this state, we will be really thankful if she takes any acting project, whatever it is.

      • @Lal the absolute truth is what you have said in the middle and end.Girl has other priorities and acting isnt number one on that list at present.I will add my own, pride overcame her and she had let fame get to her head.By releasing her apology again and starring in this, could mean she has learnt her lesson and has realised she needs to start again from scratch and to get the domestic audience to be on her side again.

        But enough with the excuses that fans keep bringing up over and over again. My speculation is that, her offers are becoming narrower and she needs an extra source of income to fund her other ventures.There is no way she would admit she is getting limited offers.Most wouldnt to that to save face especislly someone who was once a top star.People can see through the BS.If her religion was the reason why she couldnt clarify her stance on the accusations quicker or release a proper, to the point apology because she was on a religion treat?It shows where her priorities are.Its not a bad thing but it is what it is.She has “so many great project offers but she keeps turning them down?”because her religion?I read that somewhere.I know of devout christians like Park Bo Gum and Choi Si Won have been promoting and signing on projects just fine while practicing their religion.Its like Won Bin who kept saying he is “waiting for a great script or some shit??”Thats why he has spent about 7 years off screen.

        The thing is this girl was actually a talented rom com actress who would have gotten to greater heights in her acting career if she had only stayed focused on her chosen path.She hasnt committed a crime deserving to be blacklisted.I didnt like her in “I miss you” but “my fair lady” and “lie to me” wasnt so bad.Even after that “mirae’s choice” flop..had she continued the momentum, instead of sidetracking and doing things ,that should have been just her hobbies not proffesional pursuits.She would have been ok.Let her sought out her PR, hopefully she now has an attitude adjustment and girl.. she is hallyu star, be active in social media or a fan meet.Get on with the times and update the world on what you are up to.Bounce back and keep it moving!

      • @ RubyRed You said the word yourself ‘my speculation’ so are you insinuating that your mere speculation is correct? You are even speculating about her finances and what Yoon Eun Hye is thinking. That’s so overboard.

        By the way so you know, during the controversy her agency couldn’t respond in a timely manner because the reality show was still ongoing so she is bound by contract not to talk much on media unless she wants to get sued for breaking the contract regulations.

        Don’t just speculate about her when you don’t even know her and what she’s been going through.

        Her religious testimony in Indonesia this year credits to lonetwilight (Yoon Eun Hye soompi thread page 2709) will show that your so called speculations about her couldn’t be more wrong.

      • @RubyRed you totally stated my feels about YEH career handling. Persinally I think @ some point she led popularity get to her head right after Coffee Prince and notice that this after this drama her hits streak stopped. I remember back in the day after CP success she went on a two years hiatus only doing CFs while other actresses kept picking actings roles and growing. Big mistake imo since I thought she wasted her time doing CFs instead of to keep honing her acting skills and become greater cause actually CP is the “begining” of something and she needs to be more serious at her craft and her image towards the Korean public if she wants to last longer. I think she thought her statu was already cemented into the Korea modern culture through CP big success. Not a smart move tho. When she came back in 2009 ‘My fair lady’ did not do so good. It was a sign “Girl be careful at making decisions pick right projects for your growth!”. Sigh… she can still bounce back

      • @RubyRed, I follow YEH long enough to know that she’s not money oriented person. She and her family have making some investments which make money as her least worries for now. And she’s also a thrifty person. Despite all that they always still have money for charity. So your statement that she needs extra money doesn’t apply here.

        One thing for sure, IF she takes any project (variety or drama) it’s NOT for money reason. My guess is she wants to make connection with her fans since she knows that her loyal fans are the one who always cheers her up (when she’s up or down). She always says that her fans is her family.
        Besides, I read many people accounts who meet her in person saying she’s a humble girl, wise and kind. I think you should search it on internet rather than making your own judgement.

        As for your allegation that she won’t admitted that she has limited offers I would just say that YEH is an honest person as far as I know.

        Lee Young Ae is famous because of one drama (“Dae Jang Geum”) only and she hasn’t starred in drama longer than YEH. Yet she still get offers.
        YEH famous because of two dramas (Goong & Coffee Prince). Yet it’s still hard for you to believed that she still get offers ?? smh

      • @Sirey, you should noticed that YEH’s getting sick while filming Coffee Prince which later was found out that she got “pernicious anemia”. I think she took 2 year hiatus to get some treatments. More over she also said that it’s hard for her to let go “Go Eun Chan” character and jump to another one (another drama)

      • @Lal

        I can’t for the life of me believe that you compare YEH with Lee Young Ae????

        Lee Young Ae is in a completely different league than YEH. Much like Won Bin or Jeon Ji Hyun. These are the actors who could command attention with their names alone. Look at Saimdang… Though the drama failed, it debuted so high and stay at double digit ratings thanks to LYA’s starpower.

        Don’t even think that YEH could get that kind of attention unless she headlined a Kim Eun Sook’s drama.

        Please just be real.

      • @OMG, why not ? LYA is human, so is YEH. It’s people who’s making thing complicated & give them status. The more I get into this argument the more I’m shaking my head…

      • @RubyRed there you go you said it yourself,you are just basing everything on mere SPECULATION, yet you have the audacity to say that Yoon Eun Hye fans are making excuses.

        You keep saying that she let the fame get to her head, do you know her? No.

        You are also speculating regarding her finances and her intentions.

        Yes she is not doing stellar right now, yes she needs a better agency, yes she needs to start from scratch but to assume things about her personality, finances and etc when you don’t know her story is not right

        If you read her testimony this year on a Christian event in soompi Yoon Eun Hye thread page 2709 and get to know her better without any prejudgements, then you probably won’t be speculating like this.

      • I know that it doesn’t mean much right now but nevertheless I want to post this just to show that YEH was in the same sentences with the like of LYA, JJH & SHK :

        “What do Lee Young Ae, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Choi Ji Woo and Kim Hee Ae have in common ? They are the “special A level” actresses who makes your heart flutter with mere mentioning of their name. Another common bond they share is that you can continue to meet them through CF (Commercial Film)s even if it gets difficult to see them in a drama or movie… The contract for appearing in a CF depend on the advertiser’s preference, consumer’s awareness and interest (of the star) and is devided into “Special A level”, ” B level” etc.
        (Source : Dong-A Daily)

        Posted on January 18th, 2011 at LYA soompi thread page 13

      • Correction :
        “What do Lee Young Ae, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye, Choi Ji Woo and Kim Hee Ae have in common ?…

      • you just look desperate right now @lal.
        We all know she used to be a huge hallyu star but please just stop living in the past.
        You claim fans are putting her down but imo you are the one who wants to make it seem like she’s still a huge star. Obviously people will come to correct you and then you said they are bashing her?
        What? So we have to be delusional like you, and think that she’s being 100% honest and passionate about acting? Or, we have to believe that she’s still an A-list actress who commands great offers?

        C’mon. Even before her scandals she gets shitty drama offers like Wild Romance and Temptation? Do you think now she’s suddenly being offered great scripts just because she said she wants to come back?

      • @Kat, I’m very thankful if you’ve already knew that (old fact). And NO I’m not delusional. I intentionally posted that info for some posters (I won’t mention names) who keep treating LYA as GOD, and “freaking out” when I mention her in the same sentence with YEH. (And FYI I respect LYA)

        I didn’t have much hope about YEH doing drama. That’s not my intention with my previous post. Watching her in this show has already made me happy. IF she takes drama project next, I will be very ecstatic.

  11. @OMG high five! Her fans always get very defensive of her own silly mistake. The controversy was not as serious as rape and murder, but the way her team handled it was very poor. The response ‘Don’t use my name to promote your collection’ was cocky and immature. I remember it took her team days to respond to the initial allegation. Now her fans shift the blame to her agency – in which is YEH herself owns. They don’t have the guts to face the grim reality that her glory days are over and still live in the past. Her fans love to compare her to other actresses and which bring bad taste to my mouth.

    • coz that time they didnt think thaad will affect korea china rel.she is promoting der just fine,scandal in korea doesnt equate that they will hate u in china too.it wasnt always the case.

      • “We can accept constructive criticisms but it is not constructive criticism anymore when you basically calling Yoon Eun Hye a liar and saying that her fans are making excuses for her. Then turn around making speculations about her decisions”

        THIS !!
        Thanks a lot @lotusfl for speaking my mind. They can denied as much as they can but the truth is, what they’re doing right now IS practically bashing.

    • @jessarie don’t twist the words. It didn’t say ‘Don’t Use My Name to Promote Your Collection’ the agency said ‘Please Don’t Use Yoon Eun Hye’s Name To Promote Your Collection’ it’s always so convenient for malicious people like you to take it out of context.
      You are talking so much smack for someone who isn’t a fan of Yoon Eun Hye acting as if you know more than her own fans.

      Her agency couldn’t immediately respond because when the controversy happened, the reality show was still ongoing which puts some restrictions in the contract about talking to the media, unless she wants to get sued for violating the contract terms.

      As for her glory days being over, she isn’t laying in the coffin yet. Life is quite unpredictable sometimes your up and sometimes your down, so don’t say it’s over while she is still breathing cause you don’t know what the future hold.

      Plus I noticed that most fans of Yoon Eun Hye’s lookalike like Park Shin Hye and Jung So Min are really the ones who are almost rallying in putting her down every chance they can get which seems suspiscious to me.

      • Does Jung Somin even have vocal fans here to put her down? Lmao.
        Also both of them are doing just fine; one is already an established top actress and the other is rising with a hit drama. YEH’s fans are the ones that have an agenda trying to mention other actresses names and drag them through the mud to gain relevance.

      • @jh Oh yeah jessarie and OMG is among them incase you didn’t notice.

        As for dragging other actresses down to gain relevance, we don’t need to though Yoon Eun Hye is not doing so well now, she will always have 2 iconic dramas that she starred in which will always be remembered, so we don’t need to drag other people down or be petty about it.

      • @lotus

        I was quoting big and likeable stars and Park Shin Hye is undeniable one and that is to give example.

        This is the problem with YEH’s fans. You guys just can’t accept contructive comments or criticism. I never considered her a bad actress, she sure has talent in romcom but she is SUPER BAD at selecting projects and her agency which she owns also really LOUSY at managing her career.

        Go ahead and fool yourself that she wishes to concerntrate on her religion and had to turn down lot of offers because the truth is there… She is not young anymore, with no star power, very much hated in korea, back to back failed projects under her belt and she is a woman.

        There are a lot of scandal-plagued actresses like SHK, HHJ and Kim Ah Joong but they managed just well because they have great PR Team and a good agencies to navigate their careeers to the right paths.

      • I wonder why all of you people keep insisting that YEH’s image is bad in Korea. That she has limited offers. Are you feel threatening by her ? Is this because of your favorite actresses ?
        YEH even isn’t announcing her next drama yet but you all already busy putting her down and also bashing her fans.

        We can differentiate constructive criticism and bashing, mind you..

      • Who tf is threatened by YEH at this point? Sure, she was a top hallyu actress but there are now bigger, younger names who have emerged while she was gone.
        I don’t understand why you are dragging PSH and JSM fans, or claiming that the users who commented are their fans. Just because they look alike? Wtf. And even comparing her to Lee Young-ae of all people (not saying that LYA is necessarily better, but she’s miles ahead of YEH in terms of popularity).

        Sure, you can go on believing your beloved unnie is in demand and that she is rejecting offers because she wants to concentrate on her religion or whatsoever. Fans like you are the one who fed into her over-confidence in the first place.

      • @lotus when did I say I am a fan of Jung somin and Park shinhye? Do you have the sixth sense? Who’s jumping into conclusion here? Reading the comments here prove my point that YEH fans LOVE to drag other actresses’ names. And a big laugh at Lee Young Ae comparison – it’s like comparing Hilary Duff to Nicole Kidman.

      • @jessarie 6th sense nah. How do I know? Because you guys are the same people who keep brining up Jung So Min, Park Shin Hye in her article comments and always trying to rain on YEH and her fans parade. You keep on trying to put her down every chance you get. You guys should just be happy that your idols are doing great instead of continously criticizing YEH and her fans who are only happy that she accepted this Variety. Is it so hard to give us that?

        It’s like in every article about her you guys are just lurking in the corner ready to pounce her.

      • @OMG and the problem with YEH serial critics is because they think they know YEH more than her own fans.

        We can accept constructive criticisms but it is not constructive criticism anymore when you basically calling Yoon Eun Hye a liar and saying that her fans are making excuses for her. Then turn around making speculations about her decisions.

        You might wanna check her testimony on a Christian trip to Indonesia just this year in which she revealed alot of things about herself then maybe you won’t be so quick to assume things. It’s at soompi Yoon Eun Hye thread page 2709.

      • @lotus, yup these many serial haters of Yoon Eun Hye are nothing but the Mafia hater gangster trolls from other threatened actresses, with the possible comeback of Korea’s beauty queen actress YEH. what to do, YEH is still gorgeous looking as ever, beautiful from head to foot, charming face, sexy body and nice long legs. they are scared and insecure, that maybe YEH will hook up with handsome actors like Jo In Sung or Gong Yoo, who all dashing still eligible bachelors, well those are few possibilities. cant believe these bashers would write more stuffs than her real fans who only want to see her comeback. and the scandal they attached on her, so petty, that’s not even classified as real scandal in any civilized world, maybe only in their own haters world, they do love witch hunting, irrational stuffs just to hate.

  12. I think it’s too soon to talk about a possible drama for YEH right now since she’s barely go public if not for this variety show. As fans we’re almost losing hope that she will making comeback after the scandal. So when she’s taking this project we’re so happy. We will be really happy if she’s also doing drama in the future, but the most important thing is we’re happy that we can see her again on screen. Period.

    • @Lal , the important thing is that she still have people who loves her. Who cares about regaining great popularity when the “well loved actresses” are going through bad ratings one after one.

      • Hi Cahill 😉 yup agree.
        Actually I don’t really care about status, hallyu star etc. I just only care about YEH being on a show. That I can watch her on screen since I miss her so much. That’s enough for me 🙂

    • @Lal, we are happy to see her. We know that she never had connections and that she achieved all by herself. She can be proud of her. and when we see what happens behind the great agencies, i can understand her choice to remain solo even if it means less juicy opportunities. Good to see you friend ! it’s always a pleasure to read you.

  13. I agree wt Lal. As a fan of hers, we’r jst happy that she took up this project and now we get to see her more. She
    is a woman with many talents. Thats why we always see her doing/adventuring into different things. As long as she’s happy doing what she loves doing most, i’m happy for her.

    • this is one crazy page, for those haters of Yoon Eun Hye, they sure do devote a lot of time writing many stuffs about her than her real fans who only hope to see her comeback. Im guessing all this hates on Yoon Eun Hye are maybe part of those paid trolling, like Mafia syndicated hater campaign of other actresses who are threatened from the Queen’s comeback. when the scandal they attached on her are nothing and not even close to real scandals considered in any civilized country in the world, maybe it’s only a scandal in barbaric nations like China & Korea. SK knets are sure master haters, and bashers, loves witch hunting, getting small things blow out of proportion in order to protect their own actor biases, what a cruel people and cruel nation. what to do, YEH is still very charming lady, perfect from head to foot, beautiful face, nice long legs, and sexy body. so all you Song Hye Kyo insecure fanneys, just stick to your short actress, she’s already married, she’s off the market, you need to retire for your faves sake, or maybe you’re all afraid YEH get hook to Hyun Bin or Jo In Sung or Gong Yoo or more handsome tall actor than shorty short actor like Song Joong Ki. Well those are few possibilities, and we fans of Yoon Eun Hye are just really glad she’s coming back, coz we dearly miss this one lovely Korean goddess on screen!

      • @lmao, Shame on you! No one bashes other actors & actresses like you do here…. read what you wrote… calling people “shorty short” where your bias has “nice long legs”?? C’mon… Shame on you!!! I have been refraining myself from speaking up, but you are too much here!!! Go measure your bias’ legs before coming back here, I don’t think her legs are thattttttt longgggggg….. ?

      • @lmao lol why mention shk,if ur bias is not doing good at the moment its not shk’s fault, maybe she can bounce back maybe not, hope she hook up with those actors u mention, but right now sjk and shk whom u badmounth are still on top, and go back and look carefully at yeh latest pic. shame on u

      • I’ve nothing against YEH but wow I didn’t know her fan was this stupid. Jsyk, your fav can act with all those actors you mentioned and I don’t even care. Lol why would SHK fans feel insecure abt her acting with HB, GY etc.? Don’t blame SHK just because YEH isn’t as popular.

      • and the variety show she was casted, nxt guest is nam taehyun kick out of the grp. winner, the comments on the pd is he is casting them so the show will be in the news, go figured it out why did he cast yeh.i watched mostly her drama xcept the last 1 and coffee prince,.

      • @Llyanne, lol ofcourse every program/show want their own show to be on the news or got good rating. That’s the principles of working in showbiz. That’s why they hire/casting public figures to attract viewers to watch their show. Especially new show like this one.
        So hire YEH and NTH as a guest is making sense since both public figures could attract viewers and increase the rating. Meaning, they’re still newsworthy despite the controversies.

      • @lal what im trying to say was variety program cast the “it”celebrity at the moment or the one who have project to promote but dis variety pd cast controvertial one thats why he is being criticize in naver or nate, and yeh scandal wasnt a big deal with ifans, its mostly knets who post negative comments.

  14. @lal, I don’t like or hate YEH in general but I feel to related to you cause I was once in your situation
    Yea as long as you can see your actress on screen either TV show , dramas or
    CF it’s that matter.

  15. Those who are hating on YEH, can’t you just be happy and contended that your biases are on the high pedestal right now unlike YEH whose star power is on the dim mode right now? I mean I get it, YEH is not on the same level as she was before, its a fact, so what? As a fan i could not care less, whether she still receives project offer or not, who are we to validate it, you can argue all you want but i do not think any of you can prove your opinion. Gosh! As a fan is it too much to ask for her comeback? I dont wish her to be on the same level as those who are called wall or on the highest level, i just want her to be acting once again for the sake of her fans who feel so much joy and happines just seeing her on screen. It is really tiring to be her fan at times because in her every article, whether bad or good, there will always be those who will rain on her parade. I just want to believe that since life is like a wheel, sometimes your up and at times your down, so if yeh is down right down there is no way but up.

  16. As Yeh’s fans, it’s best that we stop making references to other actresses cos it’ll only cause misunderstanding and disrespectful at times unto others. In our hearts, may we just hope that she’ll continue to succeed in all her endeavours. I like her in variety cos her personality shines the best.

  17. welcome back YEH I miss you, starting from variety is a great decision by her,hopefully with the expected warm reaction from viewers to it,she can make a drama comeback next time

    she really needs to act in a drama again,she can’t continue to waste her talent and beauty.

  18. It’s never easy being Yeh’s fan bcos we get to experience all sorts of joy and pain with her, esp the backlash and negativity from some people on her. Nevertheless, many people still care about her bcos she has touched many of our hearts thru dramas, etc. That’s why till today despite it all, we’l never forget her but rather misses her when she’s not appearing on the screen. True fan, i guess.

  19. Scandals don’t matter if you have the right connections.

    Han Hyo-joo is still very much disliked in Korea but she gets huge film offers.
    Song Hye-kyo was hated after her tax scandal but she was offered a KES drama.
    IU had two huge scandals, but she was offered The Producers by Park Ji-eun, Moon Lovers (a huge YG production) and now My Ahjusshi (a drama with a very good PD and writer).
    Jun Ji-hyun also had that China CF scandal but her drama and movie still did well.

    • That was the point.

      Nobody hating YEH. The points mentioned were she needs a better PR Team and move to a better agency because the current ones totally doing a terrible job, what’s with bad projects selection and lousy ways of handling her scandals.
      But then the fans got angry and blabbed about her receiving so many offers and turning them down, comparing her with legend like LYA, accusing those commentators as JSM or PSH’s fans and so on…. totally in denial and not receptive of anyone’s opinion, branding those comments as bashing.
      As I quoted earlier, there are lots of scandal-plagues actresses who managed to do a comeback, at least with their past slightly forgotten. It’s all about the connections having better teams behind them.

      • Yes I see no bashing involved in this article but we know fans can be sensitive when it come to their bias. I thought people here are being realistic about her situation in Korea right now.
        Her PR team is actually doing something right by making it seem like she is in demand (or actually is, but who knows?) We don’t have to argue about that because nobody knows what actually happens behind the scenes.

    • @YEH Exactly.You my dear have hit the bail on the head?.Another thing, all the ladies mentioned in your comment were smart enough to align themselves with male leads who had fairly good images in contrast with the ladies’ scandals.The issue was not only getting offers but the type of project that was accepted.Korean movie/drama are mostly malecentric.The stories are usually written to cater to female fantasies by glamourising the male.So if the project does well or the male actor’s performance gets critically acclaimed..the focus will be more on the actor but the actress also gets to reap a little credit just by virtue of being part of the project.So the scandal can be semi-forgotten.

      For example, Han Hyojoo almost always works with chungmuro’s finest actors whenever she is doing movies.As for her drama comeback after scandal W.Also although knets seem to have a love-hate relationship with LJS but the general public are fine with his acting.SHK working together with SJK..no need to explain.IU worked with KSH,then LJK and now LSK.JJH worked with LMH.

      Between 2014-2016 when the scandals happeñed, the backlash and the drama offers (DOTS,W,Moonlovers, producers came through)
      LJS,SJK,KSH,LJK>>>>>>>>>After love starring PSH.But maybe the movie was filmed before his scandal.so there is that.

      Bashing..there is none of that here.In fact the comments in this article are much more civilised.Go on Naver and see how bad it is..and thats meant to be one of the nicer Korean websites to gauge public opinion.To everyone else, I have said my piece.You are free to interpret my comments as you wish.O think what needs to be said has been said..adios amigos✌

  20. ????I know right.70+ comments.I was offline for a bit but wow?..but when you look through it..its really just a conversation among few people.

    • AS I am never a huge fan of and celebs. I enjoy lots but no strong personally opinions about them. Unless they are abusers as such. So I find fan conversations or debates really funny to watch. They fight over someone they do not know personally. Gosh I never get that passion.

  21. Oh i can’t believe some of the people here. Can’t she do something that she likes. If you hate her so dont watch. This is for her fans who were waiting everyday for her comeback. I guess those people with black heart won’t understand.who cares if SK Netizen hates her.. She still has many fans outside SK and still a hallyu star. And so you guys who hate her know, u don’t hold one’s fate.

    • Hmmm… I don’t read any hate here… please quote some “hate phrases” and let’s judge who is biased and who is being too defensive for no reason? this is open discussion as I can see it.

      • hahaha… I am now retrieving this “no hate” comment… this @lmao person is a total lunatic, such a disgrace if it’s a representation of YEH fan… lolol… smh….

    • there is no hate. you should read some of the articles about lee jongsuk, suzy, park shinhye etc, that IS hate. the discussion here is actually rather peaceful compared to those.

  22. As her true fan, let us stay supportive of her cos she needs it. The reason she sets up her own agency is bcos of the many trials she has gone thru which are really disheartening to hear. Of course there are pros and cons of having her own agency but as long as she’s contented, it’s fine with me. To err is human, to forgive is divine. If she has turned over a new leaf, why don’t we give her another chance. I don’t find her to be very beautiful outwardly but she is certainly very beautiful on the inside. Speaking from someone who has followed her career for a long time.

    • lololol, yah she’s not really beautiful, now that’s new, that’s why the likes of those young actresses they keep on comparing to YEH as lookalike or sister like maybe should not even exist, like PSH, Jung So Min and ever the hardcore YEH copycat Miss A Suzy. lol lmao. They even say the casting of JSM from Playful Kiss was inspired by YEH from Princess Hours, both being produced by same Production co. Now that the original Korean beauty queen is around, I hope that Suzy idol also tames down from copying YEH style from hair to make-up, clothes, weight and even the bleached skin, lolol lmao, YEH smile will forever be more charming and natural than her.

      • Stay bitter. They might look similar but Suzy’s beauty is considered top tier while YEH’s is not.
        YEH’s reputation was never that good due to her My Fair Lady acting controversy, being spotted at night club with Lee Byung Hun and now the plagarism scandal. While Suzy’s stay clean and untainted and even Knetz supported her dating news. There’s no need for her to copy a flop actress.

      • yah keep on dreaming for your Flopey princess Suzy, who is only known in your own little world, her dramas are not even shown in my country moreso dont know she even existed. Princess Hours and Coffee Prince, even produced more than 10 years ago, big tv networks in my country still replay them on tv, that must be aweful even if your favorite got new drama and no one is buying it. Better for those actresses in Strong Do Bong Soon and Weightlifting Fairy, bleh.

      • Ha ha ha I’m not even a fan of Suzy, but I’m glad her name riles you up. Who cares if she’s known only in Korea? Your unnie and her hallyu success did nothing for her. She’s replaced by bigger names like PSH, KSH and KYJ. Meanwhile, China don’t even want her back now with the THAAD issue. And Koreans certainly don’t want her now that they have a younger and scandal-free Jung So-min to replace her. You are the one who should stay in your own flop world with Yoon Eun-hye, and all her other delulu fans here who still think that YEH is an “a-list actress” and harping on her two dramas for over 10 years LOL.

      • Now tell me the most recent CF your goddess YEH has ever been in the past few years? None. Suzy is one of the most sought faces for endorsement, TV and movie. Suzy is young (23!) and although her past projects were mediocre, she was never out of public sight since her CFs are everywhere. Too bad you need to drag her down because she is more successful than YEH. Keep living in the past where your supreme Queen was in her prime.

      • @Suzy lmao, yah you are not fan of Suzy, your nametag doesnt says it all, lol. I think THAAD affected all Korean actors, what’s the nonsense with single outing YEH, you must be an idiot. and the world doest revolve with China, YEH is a known actress in many parts of the world, with many of her greatest drama hits reaching Europe, Northern and Latin America, Middle East, Australia, South Asia, etc. Her comeback is a long awaited event for her fans in different parts of the world. While your dearest Suzy will always be known as the Ex Girfriend of Lee Min Ho, lmao.

        @jessabel, I see you’re some little serial hater of YEH here. your newbie idols havent even proven themselves to star in drama that became massive hit in Asia or the world, what’s with being cocky and that arrogance, you must be from mental asylum, your delulu is disgusting, just as your idol’s surgical fake face lmao.

      • Lol I purposely used her name to rile you up, seeing how bothered you are by Suzy to bash her ^^ And look at how worked up you are, dumbass. You really lack critical thinking, don’t you?
        Oh sureee and Yoon Eun Hye will forever be known as the “plagariser”, or the one that is on X-man with Kim Jong-kook / involved with Lee Byunghun.
        Hah, why are you bringing up all these countries when YEH can’t even have a career there? China and Japan are the only two countries Korean stars can get roles lmao, this is why they are the most relevant.

        Lmao you are such a delusional dumb bitch. You don’t even know who jessarie likes and you are calling her fave out of your surgery? YEH will continue to flop because of foul mouth fans like you. Even surgery can’t fix her personality. Stay in your own mental asylum instead of coming out to insult others, since you seem to be living in a fucked up delusion.

      • Hah. Dumbass, that’s because I wanted to rile you up with Suzy’s name seeing how bothered you are by her success and relevance.
        Oh sure, and YEH will always be known as the plagariser. Much more appealing than be known as LMH’s girlfriend on top of Nation’s First Love, right?

        Lmao Latin America and Middle East? You must be on crack. Oh so are you saying that she can have a career there? What a nutjob. Obviously people place more emphasis on China because Koreans profit the most from there before THAAD. And it was where your beloved YEH is trying to focus on. Too bad she flopped with her plagarism scandal and movie that will never be released.

        And why are you even insulting Jessarie’s fave without even knowing who she likes? Lmao. You think your fave is natural? Insulting someone’s mental intelligence is so low. It just proves that your are the delusional and mentally ill one, seeing how you can’t accept FACTS and choose to bring down others.

      • @lmao, I know you mean good by defending YEH and I really appreciated that. But I think it will be better if you’re doing it without putting down the other actresses since it can backfire to YEH name. Just like the saying : “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others” Confucius

  23. A MESS of a thread. YEH definitely needs a better PR team and management. Her self managed company isn’t doing the work her. If rapists like Park Sh* H*o, Lee M*n K* and cheaters like Lee Byung Hun can get leading roles, how can a mere plagiarism scandal prevent her from getting roles?

    • That’s obviously what many commented here like those coming from @RubyRed @OMG @Jasmin and so on….

      But her fans just could hardly accept opinion. They continue to state on her glorified pasts when the truth is, yes, she may indeed received offers but probably is limited or some shitty roles and in her case, she definitely needs a really good one otherwise it is not worth a comeback.

      Over and over the comments are the same that she needs better PR Team and agency because the current one really sucks. Most commenting here aren’t even attacking YEH or saying that she is a lousy actress (though I must admit that her acting range is pretty limited and therefore she should just stay within rom-com) but just giving opinion that she in badly need to move on from the current management team, otherwise it would be a waste of her talent.

  24. @lmao oops honey I think you are the one who belongs to the mental asylum, with all that delusion, potty mouth and reading comprehension of yours. You even cannot type my username correctly lol. Anyway, it’s funny to see YEH fans jump into conclusion – accusing others of being a fan of another actress. Are you all threatened by Suzy, Park shinhye etc who are in their 20s, successful and loved by Knetz? Instead of comparing and bashing them, go ahead and dwell yourselves in an alternate universe where your unni was still in her prime.

    • Seems you really hate Eun hye and her fans. Don’t make wrong assumption, not all of Eun hye’s fans always being like what you said.

      Fyi, most of Eun hye’s fans are mature now, what you read on this thread should not make you generalize what kind of YEH fans is.
      If one of us are being defensive, it is normal because of our position as Neris is not easy to just read hater’s comments.
      And please read carefully, the one who always start bashing other actress or comparing them to YEH is not YEH fans first.

  25. For YEH fans, you should prefer Soompi thread because you can send your love there. Debating with non-YEH fans or haters here will not bring you happiness.

    I, personally, know and realize too that Eun hye unnie is getting much hates, till now. Not that popular like before, getting older, and perhaps really not suit as an actress/entertainer nowadays.
    But I don’t think she need to change company, she do what she want already.

    I also want to see her act drama again, but since she start updating her instagram for her fans, it is enough, I can see her.

    Non-fans, You think she is not that pretty and popular like your fav?

    For me she is unbeatable beauty, her aura is so different, you can see how nice her personality even from her eyes and smiles. Her pain since young and lot experiences in life till now make her a wonderful and wise person, who can act excellent in a drama without doubt.
    Popularity goes down and up, who knows next is your fav who get down and worst than what happened to Yoon eun hye now?

    I love and miss her so bad. Eun hye is my ultimate bias in Korean entertainment.
    She is a normal person.
    I will support her if she want retired from Entertainment industry later. I prefer to finally know she will marry a good-mature men than news about her upcoming drama.

    Non-fans, you can hate Eun hyw, underestimate or hate her fans.
    I suggest you to not care about her fans or continue debating here. Constructive criticsm is okay, feel free to do it, but don’t hope to get accepted or always get good replies from her fans.
    Some words can be interpreted differently. You may think your words about Eun hye is the truth nowadays and normal, but some of her fans may not think so and becoming defensive or attack you back.

    Last words to all of you, Don’t doubt about Yoon Eun Hye.
    Internationally she get much loves till now from her loyal fans, because we trust her kind personality more than just public news. She is good and talented actress, but what made we love her is not only because of that.

    You can be one of those fans, if you wholeheartedly try to know Eun hye more, to finally realize what kind of person she is by heart.

    I did it a long time ago, and it works. Notice that You will feel sad and happy at the same time because of the understanding.

    • In my country they say this ” Les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme” and when i Watch her eyes i see kindness, some sadeness , … It’s really sad that people don’t see that.

  26. The only thing that i learn from all that is that once again men have it easy . When i read some comments i have the impression that Yoon Eun Hye is more hated in korea than Kevin Spacey in US. why knetz are so harsh on her ? Even a drama with Park Shi hoo is breaking records , lee min Ki too, lee jin wook is preparing a comeback,Lee da hae who worked in china and is dating Seven has a drama. I have no problem with that as nobody is perfect! So why not giving her a chance too ?

  27. so sad even in this harmless and happy show she been critisized/getting an amount of ridicolous comment for so many things even as holding a pet? I dont think her scandal that big, she is so lovable and her apartment showed how humble, and low-key she is. Baby Vox, X-man. Princess Hour and Coffee Prince still very much fresh, lasting and lovable. Passing trend or not, she can bounce back.

  28. I believe YEH is one of the most talented actors SK has to offer. There are actors who are pretty lame, on the scene today. Let’s give her a break, like you all give the sleazy male actors a break. Seems like a double standard is afoot.

  29. This woman, is also an artist, movie maker, designer, model, entrepreneur who wanted to be on her own, but it doesn’t look like that is possible for women in Korea. The entertainment companies seem to be in charge.

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