K-movie The Beauty Inside Readies for K-drama Adaptation in 2018

I was intrigued by the K-movie concept of The Beauty Inside when it was announced, and the movie ended up doing a decent enough job with the central conceit in two hours run time. How that will work for a 16-episode (or longer) K-drama version is beyond me to map out but the news reports are confirming that the 2015 movie is being adapted to a K-drama version airing in early 2018. The movie is about a central male character who changes completely every morning, in age, gender, nationality, you name it. He falls for the female lead and tries to make it work even though every day she’s staring at a new person visually before her.

The movie was fun for bringing in every fan under the sun since it was basically a glorified cameo factory with over 20 actors and actresses playing the male lead character in his various incarnations, all in love with the female lead played by Han Hyo Joo. The K-drama turns the gender around as the male lead stays constant and the female lead character is the one who changes form every morning. Interesting, and even more so wondering how the drama will get famous stars to basically do cameos in every episode of the drama.


K-movie The Beauty Inside Readies for K-drama Adaptation in 2018 — 16 Comments

  1. Somehow I feel like either this will do really well or really badly. It high concept so it’ll be down to execution more than casting. The movie was really good but as a drama….its going to be difficult.

  2. My only complaint with the gender reversal is the lack of oppas cameo. Imagine having Kim Nam Gil, Lee Jun Ki, Park Hyung Sik in a single drama? Sigh… That is no gonna happen ???

    • not really, even with gender reversal, the main lead will change body with anyone,male or female. you may get that oppars parade.

  3. I’m not so sure about the gender swap. One of the biggest problem on the movie was how the girl is struggling with the stigma of being promiscuous, since everybody else around her thinks that he’s dating different men everyday, from young to old. You cannot get the the same effect if it’s men, because dating different women every day would only boost his ego and other men will congratulate him, or at least earn the status of a player, bad boy. So yeah… I’m not that excited for the kdrama version.

    • Forgot to mention. She also suffers from not recognizing him since he’ll become someone else and a total stranger that she has to get used too.

      • Yes. The depression the female lead is another thing that was highlighted in the movie. I don’t know but for me the conflict was so rich in the movie that can be further discuss in a 16 ep drama. It will all comes down to how the story is written regardless of who will be the actors playing

  4. i watch the movie but with using a lot of FF button. but the premise is really intriguing. with a lot of cameos galore. its hard to love someone who’s face change every day. the significant other need to be patient and accepting. HHJ character was like that. first accepting, but then gone weary of the situation.

    i really want it to be a strong male lead and female lead for this one. can we get veteran for this. someone from chungmuro land sounds fun.

    • I would love to see one of these movie actors to be the leads – Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin or Jung Woo Sung and Seo Ye In, Jun Ji Hyun or Ha Ji Won.

      LOL not gonna happen…

  5. Kim Joo Hyuk’s expression in the bottom corner makes me really sad again. Anyway, I thought the film was one of the best rom-com films made in Korea in recent years. I’m not too sure how making the male actor the constant, the protagonist, will turn out because then the drama will become male centric. Many of the dilemmas the female protagonist faced in the film will be a little different in the drama version.

  6. Actually this is not a new concept even back in 2015 because this story is the same as the book written and published in 2012 Every day by David Levithan.

    • I wish HHJ had reprised her role as the protagonist here. But they’re making it male centric.. HHJ was already GREAT in the film.

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