Lee Seung Gi’s K-fanclub Mocks Up Smexy Hwayugi Posters for Subway Promos

Coming soon cannot come soon enough for me even without the official first promo yet for upcoming fantasy K-drama Hwayugi inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. All I see is Lee Seung Gi‘s incredibly intense and dedicated Korean fan club creating posters for the drama and plastering it all over Seoul subway stations and I’m sold. He’s set to play the (in)famous Monkey King Sun Wukong, and in this narrative he’s the arrogant irascible fantasy being that’s now living in the modern world and needs the help of the Monk played by Oh Yeon Seo to life the seal that is keeping him here. Along the way they encounter the other classic characters that make up the quintet heading West to find the Buddhist scriptures. There will certainly be other classic helpmates and antagonists in the mix, most notable Cha Seung Won as the other male lead playing the modern version of the Bull Demon King who is now an entertainment agency president. I see this K-drama skewering K-ent in a self-deprecating way, and hopefully keeping the narrative strong through the entire run.


Lee Seung Gi’s K-fanclub Mocks Up Smexy Hwayugi Posters for Subway Promos — 4 Comments

  1. LOL right before reading the whole post, i thought that it was about THE Subway, and it got me wondering, “Do koreans love eating Subway that much?”
    Turns out it is the real, regular (hur hur) subway stations

  2. LSG Korean and International fan clubs are always so supportive and dedicated! I sincerely hope that the drama does well. But what happened to his movie? How come it is taking forever to be shown on the big screen??

  3. You have to respect Lee seung gi fans..oh man, his fans may not be active on social media like those fans of idol groups.. but his fan club were one of the best and supportive fandom in korea..

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