Lee Dong Wook Pairs Perfectly with Esquire Korea for Winter Beach Pictorial

The combination of Lee Dong Wook and a cold winter beach fits perfectly into the Esquire ethos, and comes at a great time to remember Lee Dong Wook’s now most famous drama role. There may be a new grim reaper in town with Song Seung Heon doing a solid and smexy job in OCN drama Black, but Lee Dong Wook has cemented his dorky and dutiful grim reaper image from Goblin so firmly he stands in his own special corner forever. In this pictorial for Esquire, he actually channels the Goblin character much more, the lonely Kim Shin played by Gong Yoo, a reminder that Goblin really did have incredible luck in casting two incredibly talented and equally good looking male leads to tag team their own story lines. In some ways I was happier with the ending of Goblin because Lee Dong Wook’s reaper got his final happy ending and that made me cry buckets and buckets. It’s great to see him in this pictorial and I hope next year he picks well for his drama return.


Lee Dong Wook Pairs Perfectly with Esquire Korea for Winter Beach Pictorial — 7 Comments

    • SSH’s reaper is more masculine, dangerous, arrogant and adrenaline-packed. LDW’s reaper is soft-hearted, languid, sentimental and non-threatening. Depending on which is your type.

  1. I love Black – SSH is totally killing it and I’ve never seen him act better. It’s actually so impressive.

    But… Lee Dong Wook will forever be the Grim Reaper in a lot of people’s heart. He was so amazing in Goblin that I remember thinking to myself; it’s okay for everyone to have a sad ending, as long as I see Reaper happy in the end, then that’s good enough lol.

    I hope he picks an amazing project next year. He’s probably getting a gazillion offers but fingers crossed he picks the right one with a good writer-PD combo and an actress who can match him. He usually has great costars so hope that streak continues.

  2. I find him a manly man handsome male, not a flower boy type or pretty type guy. Much like a Jung Woo Sung, that kind of handsome. Other Kdrama actors can be androgynous looking but not these 2. Even when he is being sweet, like with the kids, he retains that manly aura.

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