Rainie Yang Celebrates 18th Anniversary of Debut at Hong Kong Concert

No one would consider 18 years the blink of an eye but somehow it feels that way when told that Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang just celebrated her 18th year in the entertainment industry. She debuted in 1998 but didn’t really hit the limelight until a supporting role in Meteor Garden, and her career truly has surpassed that of MG’s female lead Barbie Hsu who has basically retired from the industry since getting married 5 years ago. When I think Rainie I think hustle and grit, a strong desire for success and achievement and she’s worked her way there even if she’s not the prettiest actress around or the strongest singer. I love everything she does for that hardworking ethos and can safely say she keeps improving on herself, aging like fine wine. Congrats to Rainie!


Rainie Yang Celebrates 18th Anniversary of Debut at Hong Kong Concert — 10 Comments

  1. What do you mean she is not the prettiest? not sure what your standards are she is very pretty and I think she portrays different looks very well.

  2. I think it’s clear that Rainie is gorgeous. I think koala is trying to say that she wasn’t known for her beauty when she started out. She was always more cute, especially in Meteor Garden and her earlier dramas. She has obviously matured into a gorgeous woman. Another one I would put into this category is Ariel Lin who is beautiful and could even be considered sexy due to her maturity but in her earlier days was known for being cute.

  3. Rainie is incredible, beautiful, and her singing is wonderful live, you can tell she’s practiced her technique a lot over the years~

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