Ha Ji Won Experiences Four Outfit Fails Promoting C-movie Manhunt in Taiwan

One unfortunate outfit for a star is enough for media to write a post about, but to do it in four successive events is quite a feat and my beloved Ha Ji Won did just that in Taiwan this week. Ha Ji Won was in Taipei to promote upcoming C-movie Manhunt directed by John Woo with her having a supporting role, continuing to expand her resume into Chinese with savvy choices. She’s still sporting the awful straight bangs blunt above the shoulder hair style she sported for recently aired K-drama Hospital Ship, and coupling that unattractive hair choice with four sartorially challenged outfits was a compounded disaster. The giant bow on her black and white outfit is about to swallow her whole, the one-shoulder orange sweater looks cheap, she went 80’s Working Girl in the blue double breasted suit jacket with giant shoulder pads, and last and probably the best look out of the four was a yellow sweater with shoulder buttons paired with a leather mini skirt ensemble. Please hire a new coordi sweetheart!


Ha Ji Won Experiences Four Outfit Fails Promoting C-movie Manhunt in Taiwan — 27 Comments

  1. I cant even focus on the outfits because the HAIR????..why Ha Ji Won why!!!That hairstyle does not suit her face shape at ALL.Its aging her too in a very unflattering way.Also the makeup foundation is not right..its too white than the rest of her body and oily too.

  2. She does look her age off screen. These actresses shud stop making their faces so bleached and oily. It seems an effort for her even to smile. Even with having good complexion these actresses overdo it, why!

  3. something unnatural about her smile and her face… makeup too heavy? Why would she keep this hairstyle? totally destroying her beauty… her fashion looks cheap. Nowadays, most Taiwanese actresses dress elegantly, her showing up at a Taiwan event with these clothes seem so unattractive.

    • @candycane My speculation about her “unnatural smile and face” is not only makeup but you could be right.I have a feeling its either she has been getting minor botox shots over the years, in her face, and the effects are starting to show.The smile looks rigid. Maybe she is trying to fight off the wrinkles.

      I hope she didnt or doesnt touch those things.She has such a well toned body with good skin.She should just visit the dermatologist regularly for natural skin care treatments and revise her makeup routine.Sis, is not even yet 40 until next year.

      Instead of fighting off the aging process, embrace it like Kim Hye Soo.KHS is also 70 liner, but 8 years older than her, but her fashion game and general styling is almost always on point.

      Lee Bo Young, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Su Ah are all 70 liners but older than her.Two out of the three are married with children.But they never let themselves go.I can bet she earns more than they do.So why you not hire a good stylist unnie?You even have your own agency!!

      • if those clothes are sponsored, they are ugly… who is the designer? Now I notice even in Korean Awards Shows, actresses wear such unflattering styles that you won’t see in European, North American and Chinese events… quality is so bad, what’s going on? And about her face, I hope she did not have botox, but if she did, I am not too surprised because Korea is known for cosmetic enhancements… Her smile looks very forced, not a happy look πŸ™

      • maybe she does, when u smile isnt it normal to have wrinkles in the side of ur eyes, but she doesnt have, or maybe she have controlled smile so no wrinkles lol

    • Because her lower jaw is shaved? In the picture where she’s wearing the orange sweater and holding the gun, it looks like her face just blends into her neck.

  4. It’s things like this that has made me given up on Ha Ji Won. Other than her horrible fashion choices, her acting is subpar and annoying lol

    • The difference between “Empress Ki” and “The time I never loved you”???.I was shocked.Like how could she have regressed so much within a year in her acting.It makes me sad because I was also a very huge fan of hers.Even her acting in hospital ship from what I heard(didnt watch..I dont like medical dramas) was dated.I hope somehow she gets her groove back.

      • I think she needs kind of works which can ignite her passion back. It’s a shame that it’s hard to come across a good drama script nowadays. Good actors are stucked with very bad work. If a good quality work will come to her she will definitely bounce back. Regarding her fashion she was never so good with it but she can look gorgeous when done right. And lets not forget she is also known for possesing nice and friendly personality.I want her to work with Jang Hyuk ever since the Secret Garden days.

  5. Don’t know where she dig up such 70’s fashion, really hard to come by. Thought with her calibre, she would have a professional stylist. She can use a closer cropped hair n more modern makeup. The current outfits is certainly not doing her justice.

  6. Not surprised.

    I never quite understood the hype about Ha Ji-won – whether as an actress, or with wow makeup-hair (NOT!) etc.

    Been sent no less than 4 versions of Damo-DVD back then in the early 2000w, by Kdrama cyber friends. She looks FAR better in period, than in contemporary dressing.

    While this hairdo takes the cake (it’s not just a bob doesn’t sit right on her – it’s a very harshly cut bob and she doesn’t have outstanding features/personality to pull such bobs off). Imo most of her hairdos (even her long flowing hair) are always kind of out of proportion, and her dress sense more often than not … very iffy.

  7. The main reason I didn’t watch Hospital Ship is that hairstyle. Sorry Ha Ji Won, but please come back in historical dramas. She was awesome in Empress Ki πŸ˜€

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