K-actress Park Han Byul Announces Marriage and is Four Months Pregnant

I’m not going to assume this is a shotgun wedding since the couple in question could have been planning to get married all along but it certainly probable more so than other couples in recent years getting married. K-actress Park Han Byul has announced that she is four months pregnant and also registered her marriage to a non-celebrity hubby. She’s currently starring in MBC sitcom Borg Mom which will wrap up soon and didn’t want to distract with this news earlier on. Park Han Byul’s personal is most famous for having dated idol singer Se7en during the heyday of his popularity, with their relationship starting from their senior year in high school and lasting for 12 years before she broke up with him after his army scandal. The news of her marriage and pregnancy is a total surprise but I’m happy for her especially proving that there isn’t a problem with stars dating publicity and breaking up afterwards to eventually finding the right person.


K-actress Park Han Byul Announces Marriage and is Four Months Pregnant — 17 Comments

  1. It saddens me that you even talk about a shotgun wedding when a child is involved. I couldn’ty care less if a couple are married or not regarding the birth of the child. All it shows are societal expectations of what are famiy is?

  2. It saddens me that you even talk about a shotgun wedding when a child is involved. I couldn’ty care less if a couple are married or not regarding the birth of the child. All it shows are societal expectations of what are family is?

    • The definition of a ‘shotgun wedding’ means when the woman getting married is pregnant. So a child is ALWAYS involved in shotgun wedding. Ppl don’t have to be married to have children but that’s what it means.

      • Not sure who you are speaking to, but from my point of view just this notion of shotgun wedding perturbs me as it means you have ‘done something wrong hence the pregenancy’ which is not the case.

      • i think you have mistaken the meaning of “shotgun wedding”, it is not about right or wrong… Thuy has explained the term properly as above. Your perturbation is unnecessary.

    • @thegonggirl I think you are pointing fingers at the wrong person though.Koala unnie is not condemning Park Han Byul for getting pregnant and then marrying.I am interpreting her words to mean, she is hoping the marriage is NOT only because Park Han Byul is pregnant.Like maybe, if they were planning to get married, but were going to date just a bit longer if it werent for the pregnancy.

      Or there was no marriage in the works yet, but not long after pregnancy news before the child is born.You find couples saying they are married or they are getting married.This year alone we have had Soyul from crayon pop/moon hee jun, Jo Yun Hee and Lee Shin Young.

      My theory.Why people frown at shotgun marriage?The culture of getting married just because you got pregnant, forces the parents together even if it later turns out they are not a match.That could lead to a really sad environment to raise a baby.So here is to hoping this is not the case.But everytime I see rushed marriages, cant help to imagine how sad it must be to be forced into that kind of arrangement when you are not ready or willing to be put in that situation just yet. But still this has nothing to do with whether she is right or wrong by having premarital sex or getting pregnant.

  3. The meaaning of shotgun wedding if not mistaken is to get married quickly as a result of an unexpecteded preganancy. Which in essence means if you are unmarried and pregnant is wrong which in my humble opinion is wrong? if a child comes to be regardless of ‘official’ marriage or not is a wonderful thing if the partners involved what it to be.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion.

      But Asian societies, not just South Korea, frown on pregnancies and births out of wedlock.

      Not to mention that in certain countries the mother and child won’t be able to enjoy certain government protections and benefits unless the mother produces a marriage certificate.

      • @Lc certainly true in the UK where am a resident of. Cohabitees with children, have far less legal rights than married couples, even when stats show there are more and more people cohabiting, than those in civil partnerships/marriage.

        In Africa, or should I say subsaharan Africa, where am from, unmarried with a child is not an option lol. Thats the dumbest thing you can do as a woman there. Usually, the couples over there who end up, with unexpected pregnancies are young,(99% from unprotected sex throughout the relationship). They are not ready for the responsibilities that come, with raising a child.Especially the men.So even if they cohabit for a year or two.Once the honeymoon phase of love is over.They will run away and marriage is the only way to keep them, from completely abandoning the child and mum.Sad but it is what it is.If the man run away while they are “officially/traditionally” married.The man’s reputation is forever ruined, and everyone will know it, and treat him like trash.Even if he then marries a second woman.Even cohabitation/cohabiting couples without children in the equation are looked down own.

    • I don’t think that’s the direction the blog was going. You might have misunderstood it. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with a shot gun wedding. It’s just that society will have more things to say about it.

  4. A shotgun wedding also means getting married after dating for a very short period of time and in Park’s case here, less than six months. She pretty much got pregnant as soon as they started dating. Reminds me of Lee Dong Gun and his wife. Getting married because of a baby should be applauded and not frowned upon in this day and age.

    I don’t get Koala’s point about celebrities dating publicly. Most actors don’t do it because of their careers. For actresses, it is probably because they don’t want their dating history exposed as it might jeopardise their future marriage prospects. PHB has had three public relationships so clearly that’s not an issue with her now husband!

  5. I hope she is not getting married because she is pregnant…Being pregnant outside of marriage is certainly not acceptable in Korean culture even more so at the age of 33…what is she doing!!

  6. I really admire Park Han Byul and got sad when I heard she is married already and no more TV appearances. Hope she will have a great comeback on TV screen. How I wish that I’m the lucky guy who married her.

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