Moon Geun Young Toggles Youth and Maturity in Fall Pictorial for The Big Issue

I’m so relieved Moon Geun Young is all recovered from her health scare earlier this year and is ending the year on a high note, with the release of her indie movie Glass Garden and rather light promos on her schedule now that the Busan Film Festival is over. Her latest pictorial for The Big Issue hits all the right notes for me by highlighting the duality of her star power, the first famous Hallyu era child actress and the youngest winner of a Baeksang Best Actress award in 2009 with Painter of the Wind, but now all grown up and very much mature in personality and thought process. Since her PotW days she’s not yet hit another winning K-drama and hopefully the drama gods will decree that she is overdue for one come 2018. This pictorial showcases her cute braids looks that’s like Mary Stayed Out All Night grown up and a black column dress with white sleeves that feels like modern muumuu and she manages to good in it to boot.


Moon Geun Young Toggles Youth and Maturity in Fall Pictorial for The Big Issue — 7 Comments

  1. she looks so lovely. I hope she manages a good drama comeback. her acting didn’t get that much good reviews in glass garden. but she can act and I miss her in dramaland.

  2. Sorry her film did not do well for her…Its been such a tough year for her with health personal loss and career disappointment…hoping much better things ahead for Moonie…love and support.

  3. It would be nice to see her career take a turn for the better.Her popularity was much greater during her younger days. I really hope things getter better for her and she gets a good break again.She at a stage in her career where she needs to reestablish herself from being a child star to a mature actress.Its never an easy transition..she deservers nice things.

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