The Leads of Black Knight are New Levels of Gorgeousness in Stills and Super Melo Fourth Preview

Beautiful and utterly befuddling remains my pre-airing verdict for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Black Knight, airing next week now that Mad Dog has wrapped up. The visuals are out of this world, doing what K-dramas do best in packaging the leads, locales, and outfits into envious bundles of gorgeousness. But the drama narrative from what has been revealed also does what K-dramas are wont to do in piling on the excess melo, so much emotions already in the latest teaser below without any context just makes me watch in detached bemusement. This drama is presenting leads Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye in the most amazing looks and styles, if anything is worth watching the fashion element strikes me as likely to deliver even if the story line ends up being nonsensical.

Latest preview for Black Knight:


The Leads of Black Knight are New Levels of Gorgeousness in Stills and Super Melo Fourth Preview — 11 Comments

  1. This drama is already visually beautiful. Seo Ji Hye is gorgeous and Shin Se Kyung, who looks better in short hair, looks pretty too. Kim Rae Won.. is always hot lol. I don’t have big expectations for this drama though. The biggest problem here is the writer. But this drama is high budget and pretty so I think it’s going to succeed

    • Honestly, I was hoping SSK would improve but in all posters and teasers, she has the exact same expressions she had in Bride of the Water God in where she was very lackluster.

  2. Seo Ji Hye is so gorgeous and a good actress!
    She is again playing second lead to Kim Rae Won. Like their chemistry in Punch.
    Hopefully she can be in the lead role for her next drama.

    • I see that Viki already has it listed as coming soon. Viki did a deal with Kocowa so DF has been blocked from getting the big three dramas as best I can tell.

  3. I have no idea what he said in that last line, but he can lean close to me and talk like that anytime!?Gonna watch this one with the hope that it’ll be good!

  4. This drama is insane level of gorgeous in every promo but it also looks like a mess in terms of writing. I don’t think the writer will be a able to keep up with her own creation. But still it’ll be a beautiful mess. This is the best styling Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung have had.

  5. Looks gorgeous but somehow worrying that the trailer had Shin Se Kyung showing that familiar deer in headlights expression one too many times. Really hope the drama doesn’t have her doing this all the time or else it will be another disappointing outing for her.

    Actors are sometimes given badly written roles and direction but I do wish she chooses roles that can expand/improve her range.

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