Gu Hye Sun Leaves YG Entertainment After 14 Years

News of Korean entertainers changing agencies is par for the course but this one merits an added thought piece because I’m truly baffled by the pairing, longevity, and career trajectory of the star and agency on question. Actress Gu Hye Sun has left YG Entertainment after 14 years with the powerhouse agency, a rarity in loyalty but I don’t know if it did either side any favors. Gu Hye Sun’s biggest drama hit to date was nearly a decade ago with Boys Before Flowers in 2009 and she’s never capitalized on that mega hit nor has she figured out what exactly she wants to focus on.

Is it acting, singing, directing, art, or poetry, she’s tried it all and truth be told the acting and singing parts I’ve seen make me wish she would pick one of the other options especially if she’s much better at it. YG does have a strong stable of actors including big names Cha Seung Won, Kang Dong Won, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hee Ae and younger generation popular stars Lee Jong Seok, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Lee Sung Kyung so Gu Hye Sun did have strong backing but her last two dramas were best known for meeting her husband Ahn Jae Hyun on Blood and having to quit You’re Too Much due to a health problem. I wish her the best but lordy I do not get her career choices.


Gu Hye Sun Leaves YG Entertainment After 14 Years — 13 Comments

  1. Its becoming increasingly hard for actors to maintain popularity with so much satuartion now in the market compared to only 15 years ago. They all seem in their 20s also which makes it difficult for veterans..As we know so much in Korea evolves around beauty so this is certainly when the greatest opportunities are their….Much has been said about this in Korea recently.

  2. Wow..14 years.Thats veteran level already!So will she set up a one-man acting agency like Ha Ji Won, since she likes to do independent things? or will she find a new agency that can give her some focus and direction as an actress?

    The latter would be good for her if she still wants to make acting her main breadwinner.

  3. She better gets a good company to backup her ‘talent’ cuz YG gave her many opportunities to spread her wings but none of those things could bring her back to her bof days.

    Agree with some comments, better set up a new agency.

  4. Their is a certain point in your career when an agency can only do so much…Its the product and relevance and its relevance..Sadly this is the industry.

  5. She needs to invest her money and start a business somewhere, start an agency and just manage young actor using her connection or something cause girrrrl…

  6. She was really not good in Boys Over Flowers ? and actually the female lead in the k-version was nothing but a person, it could be any random girl…. maybe her talent in art & painting can be taken somewhere else… she sucks in acting!!

  7. I don’t remember the name, but she was once in a family drama playing a country bumpkin. This was before BOF, and I actually liked her then. Haven’t liked anything from her since.

    Maybe she should try out a family drama again.

    • I believed it was called Pure of 19 with Seo SiJeok. I adore that drama. It was my first time watching her drama. She had an accent in it too. Can’t find it to watch anymore.

  8. she should try writing and directing, acting seems not for her, she’s kinda anti establishment just like emo noir gothic people. or try horror genre movies and drama.

  9. Has no one watched Angel Eyes??? She was amazing in it! She has more talent in the arts in her little pinky than probably all of us put together. Who knows. Maybe it’s a new chapter in her life. There’s no shame in exploring new interests!!

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