Suzy is the Radiant Face of InStyle Korea’s January 2018 New Year Edition

At this point I think it’s quite possible that Suzy‘s entertainment career is teflon in South Korea. She keeps landing on most popular star lists year after year despite not having a critically acclaimed performance or hit drama and movie in some time. She even had a public relationship with Lee Min Ho and recently broke up and neither has impacted her popularity. She is very very pretty but that’s not the reason as there are plenty of very pretty South Korea female stars, I think she just had that IT factor that makes South Korean audiences like her for whatever reason even if she’s still considered a passable actress and middling pop star with now not even a pop star career what with her group Miss A basically disbanded. I think it says a lot that her last drama While You Were Sleeping she did ok but I felt that was the best she had to give and it was still just ok. There are plenty of Hollywood actresses like Suzy that remain popular despite mediocre talent so that’s fine with me, I just hope she continues to pick projects that are within her ability range like WYWS.


Suzy is the Radiant Face of InStyle Korea’s January 2018 New Year Edition — 65 Comments

  1. She’s beautiful ! No doubt !

    For WYWS, I think this drama could have been very better with a better story and better actors. Neither LJS nor Suzy were great.

    • She is pretty.Definitely popular in her home country.This is undebatable at this point.Unfortunately, it seems she doesnt understand the criticisms about her acting.

      This is what she said in this very magazine;

      “I like showing without exaggeration.So I showed those (natural) sides in my acting and I was often told that my acting is too plain.That was difficult for me.” She continued, “because you need to exaggerate in order to deliver the emotions of struggles as well as happiness.”

      To my understanding, it seems she is saying she prefers the natural/subtle acting style over the dramatic/theatrical/bold acting style which is fine.she thinks what she has shown as so far is that kind of subtle/natural acting which is far from the reality.

      • Far from reality and imo lacks humility. Her problem is not ’natural and subtle acting style’. Her problem is that she does not know how to immerse into her role. She only concentrates on looking good on screen and she’ll get some endorsement deals after. And her agency will always secure her major roles in big productions. She doesn’t have the acting passion and the drive to better herself in this craft. it’s quite frankly an insult to all the hard working actresses. Bae Doona is an example of an actress who does the subtle acting very well. Jang Hyuk is an actor who often uses exaggeration as an method and he makes it work like magic. In what world does Suzy think she’s living in?
        This is one of the biggest reasons why I thing Suzy is a hopeless case and that we won’t see any improvement in her acting. It’s because of her poor attitude and her gross overestimation of her own level. She lacks self criticism. Even Choi Min Sik is never happy with his own acting and always criticizes his acting even when he is the acting virtuoso

      • @prettyautumn
        Now you’ve mentioned name of Jang Hyuk so I’ll share what he said few months ago in an interview, “I’ve the tendency of doing things my way and concentrating only on myself which makes my performance unconvincing so I need to reflect on myself. I’ll try my best to be as much persuasive as possible and understand my shortcomings.”
        See the difference with Suzy’s statement. Till few minutes ago I used to think Suzy is a very humble person but now I’m having doubts. I’m not saying she is full of herself it’s just that her statement once again shows she is not so bright. Even Song Seung Heon always says that he lacks and never puts foot in the mouth.

      • She thinks her acting is natural and subtle? Does she think ‘natural’ is a synonym for ‘wooden’? (well, wood occurs in nature so that’s one way to think of it lol)

        And as for her skills, her management’s gimmick to cover for her bad acting used to be that she was some super-special delicate flower of an acting talent who needed the ~right conditions~ to act….well, multiple star writers have bent over backwards to accommodate her and the best even Park Hye Ryun has got out of her is mediocre so I hope JYP at least isn’t shameless enough to try it now. She’s a commercial model who does dramas so she can get endorsements – no more, no less.

      • @Tea-Tree I wouldnt conclude Suzy’s answer to arrogance either.Just a lack of willingness to truthfully evaluate her acting skill.Firstly, we must remember although she has been in the industry for a while now.The girl is only 23.So maybe she has a lot of growing up to do, because that statement shows a lack of maturity too.

        23 is not young but its a period where a person is still finding herself. Second, it would be hard for her to see/face flaws in her craft, when she has so many people shielding and worshipping her because of her beauty and image.

        Third, I hope she has not bought into that kind of thinking that most kpopfans have(dont worry I do listen to kpop sometimes too) that just because the artist is “rich, famous, pretty and acting with oppars”.All comments not praising her translates to hate and jealousy.Because if thats the attitude driving her forward..its unproductive and she will never grow as an actress.

        Jin Se Yeon is one of those actress who was media playing that one of her fan told her, her acting was “healing”.she has so many lead roles and still has acting controversy following her. Han Ga In and Kim Tae Hee were also stubborn and refused to accept valid criticisms about their acting when they were younger.Look what to them.

        To give her the benefit of the doubt, that statement is an extract from the interview.The full interview will be released later.So maybe there was some added context for her to say that which we dont know.

  2. She can look much prettier with her mouth closed. This set of pictures don’t look attractive at all… she reminds me of Bugs Bunny ?

    • The majority of her pictorials always have her with her lips slightly parted to reveal a bit of her teeth, so much that it feels like it’s her trademark. I do wish that she smiles wider or smiles with her lips closed more though.

  3. I never quite understood what Suzy’s magic was because I wouldn’t put her in the beautiful ranks of say Song Hae-gyo, Kim Tae-hee, Shin Min-ah(who isn’t super beautiful but has a wonderful Xfactor ease)or surly Jun Ji-hyun … etc

    Suzy has always come across as a little awkward. And yes her mouth. I’d just say she has interesting angles and a beautiful skin.

    • Agree! Guess I am not a big fan of the “parted lips with teeth sticking out” look or the “I am so innocent and sexy” look. She looks way nicer in pictorials than in motion and is definitely not a 360 beauty like Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee. Like many East Asian girls, she needs long hair to cover her wide face to make it look slimmer, but I must admit her wide set eyes are very attractive!

  4. The most beautiful and stunning actress in k Drama….Nothing comes close to the natural beauty of my Suzie…Park Bo Young next…unchallenged.

      • Your opinion….my opinion and a huge amount others say she is…Others dont get her attention or have anywhere near the same fan base…Suzy rules!!

    • Huge amount of others lol I pretty sure that it known that taehyeji are the top Korean actresses in terms of beauty. Anyways your opinion I respect that

      • @tzuyu, agreed. What an absurd claim that Suzy is the prettiest k actress. First of all, that is debatable since beauty is in the eye of beholder. Second, saying that Suzy is the prettiest k actress is an insult to Korean actresses and acting profession. I’d understand if you’d say that Kim Tae Hee is pretty even if her acting is pretty weak but at least I can see the beauty there.

      • Ain’t you petty and transparent? Trying to validate your subjective criticisms towards Suzy as a qualified opinion in every little thing she does is so presumptuous.

      • whoops that was my comment up there.

        Seriously if you don’t like what people here say about your fave, ho to their fansite or something.

      • Your an absolute fool PA…your opinion is irrelevant and not mainstream..Acting ability is subjective but to say she is ugly? This is what they are talking about people making unecessary nasty stupid comments and having an effect on k Celeb
        And sometimes the depression which snowballs to like minded people writing your crap..will you ever learn!!

      • Lol..seems like someone likes my name a little too much 🙂 I hope people are able to differentiate the different colored icons.

      • @samantha, learn to read dumbo. I didn’t call her ugly. I called her pretty many times. I said THESE PARTICULAR pictures were, well, not-so-beautiful. Also, it’s dumb Suzy fans’ new gimmick to bring up this Jonghyun’s case whenever someone criticises your bias. First of all, JH suffered from clinical depression and it’s redundant to say that he got depressed because of hate comments when that wasn’t the case. Second, how can you not differentiate between constructive criticism and hate? And how can you not understand that not everyone loves your queen and they can criticise her acting?

  5. Its her eyes that makes her pretty in that they are unusually big and rounder for a Korean. So her double eyelid surgery makes her eyes pop. Else she’d have looked the usual pretty, there are many like her.
    SKH, Gianna J , Han Hyo Joo and even that actress from My Wife Was Having An Affair series, forget her name, are beautiful by themselves in that their features are unique for them , their beauty is theirs alone.

    How does Suzy have bigger eyes? Mixed genealogy?

    • Makeup. And there are actually plenty of Korean actresses that are natural and have bigger even eyes (like Lee Young Ae, Song Ji Hyo, Park Shin Hye).
      To me, double eyelids don’t make a person beautiful. It’s the naturalness and balance in facial features and the ’look’. Han Yeri has monolids but her eyes are so full of emotions and the balance in her facial features makes her very beautiful in my opinion. And please, Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Han Hyo Joo are way more beautiful and Suzy is no comparison or competition to them.

      • make up can do only so much. this woman has her eyes really ‘opened’ not like an East Asian . make up can do this..?

        Gianna J, SHK and HHJ are all beautiful more so, yes, but they look absolutely East Asian with their eyes fully made up. Thats not the point here.

        This woman her eyes belie her ethnicity. Hence asked the qn.

      • @A – have you seen Baek Jin Hee, Park Bo Young, Jo Bo Ah, etc? All have huge round and very ‘open’ eyes with no surgery (BJH and PBY actually still have monolids).

        Big eyes on a Korean girl don’t mean mixed heritage as a default. And fwiw Suzy looks very much east Asian, I used to see girls with that type of look quite a bit in HK too, it’s pretty and cute but not exactly a unique look or atypical for an Asian.

  6. I think one thing Suzy has got going for her aside from her pretty face, is the positive and bright aura/image which is best captured by her photoshoots. Though her waterloo would always be- acting. And the accompanying interview here where she said, “I like showing without exaggeration. So I showed those (natural) sides in my acting and I was often told that my acting is plain……Because you need to exaggerate in order to deliver the emotions of struggles as well as happiness”, makes me feel that the improvement to even be passable may take awhile. I understand where she’s going here but natural acting needs at the minimum expressive/emotive eyes and right vocal intonations, which are her weakest.

    • Nope. That statement about her acting being more ’subtle’ or more on the ’natural’ side and people wanting ’exaggerated acting’ is her grossly underestimating viewers. She’s trying to tell everyone that her style of acting is natural and that people just don’t understand it because they like the ’exaggerated overacting’ style. I’m sorry but this girl lacks humility and sh really must be thinking that she’s some acting genius and people are disliking her acting because they don’t understand it. Her problem is not ’natural and subtle’ acting style that people don’t understand. Her problem is that she only takes leading roles and concentrates on looking pretty. She doesn’t have that acting passion that she does whatever it takes to getting immersed to her role. When she acts, she is just pretty Suzy on screen. All the praises she ever gets is that’s she’s pretty on screen. She really needs to knock it off and go to an acting school and stop underestimating viewers. Her delulu fans will of course shield her forever, no matter how terrible she’s at acting. In a world where even Lee Bo Young, Kim Min Hee got criticism for their acting and 2000s iconic beauty Kim Tae Hee still gets criticism, I really don’ understand why Suzy, who is worse than any of these aforementioned actresses, can’t get criticized.

      • I’m with you on this, hence we won’t see any positive change with her acting coz from the get go she doesn’t she anything wrong with her “acting style”. It seems that she’s going for the Bae Doona and Gong Hyojin’s natural attack on acting, but these 2 are actresses who have played diverse and did supporting appearances before taking lead roles. And the 2 seems to have the passion and love for their craft. All of these Suzy seems to lack. She’s really, really lucky coz she’s a good cover girl hence she gets way more than her talent deserves.

      • @namu, completely agreed. She has a very long way to go to the level of Gong Hyo Jin or Bae Doona and her attitude isn’t helping at all…

      • Kim Min Hee when she was Suzy’s age, had the humility to look at criticism of her ‘wooden’ acting and beg Noh Hee Kyung to let her have a third lead role (not even a lead or second lead, mind you) in Goodbye Solo. That drama was her acting breakthrough and today she’s a Berlinale best actress award winner.

        Based on the interview here, I’d say Suzy either isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, or people have blown enough smoke up her that she really thinks her acting is fine and she’s just being persecuted by peasants who don’t understand her ~subtle and natural~ acting.

    • Whatever it is its working and the so called better actors could only dream of that success…She definetly has X factor…no need to change anything for the sad few here.

      • as RubyRed said, Suzy’s dumb fans are always like ’’whatever, she’s rich beautiful and other so-called-better-actresses can only dream of her success”. As if that is anything to brag about. Your queen will never get better when you keep shielding her. No pride in her craft, just like her fans and they don’t care as long as she’s a CF queen pretty and more famous than so-called-actresses, right?

      • X factor only happens within SK. With her low level of talent & intelligence, she will never make it outside her own little comfy bubble created by JYP. Everything is set up by her agency, she is only a money making idol imho… be real ?

      • Suzy is a pretty idol singer who can’t act. Unfortunately she is surrounded by too many sycophants to realise the truth. If her equally delulu stans prefer to think that valid criticisms of their precious idol’s poor acting are caused by jealousy or bullying. So be it, stay deluded. Suzy won’t be a pretty young thing forever, let’s see if she still gets her lead roles then.

    • It’s the eyes, she has no expression in them. That’s not such a problem in still photographs but when she’s acting…oh boy.

    • @teacakes, yup. Her eyes don’t know how to act. The reason why subtle acting works for some actors is because their eye acting is good and they can express many different emotions just with their eyes. Suzy is good when she sticks to motionless pictorials but she really needs to practice her acting

    • @PA, ah um havent heard of photoshop, editting, make ups or even CGI, lol?? Yes, that Suzy’s secret all along in all her pictorials. but true beauty is captured in motion picture which Suzy fails, as someone puts it here Suzy is not 360 degree beauty, using only camera trickery like certain angles. I think thats the reason she’s not effective as an actress, she limits her acting that will only make her look pretty on camera.

  7. Korean media hype her way too much. The nerve of them to name Suzy as the next “TaeHyeJi” along with Park Shinhye and Kim Taeri on an article is just atrocious Not to mention they keep on publishing articles to praise her acting in WYYS when it was really nothing special.
    Seriously, with this type of mediaplay surrounding her, it’s no wonder she won’t ever improve because nobody dares to critisize her.

    • She really needs to thank JYP for the media play and marketing that they’ve been doing for her. I remember after Intro to Architecture, her articles kept on popping up on the main portals and the comments were a mess coz everyone kept on wondering the noise marketing surrounding her. I believe that persistent media presence orchestrated by JYP, concentration on magazine covers (flaunt the visuals with less spontaneous interviews) and high profile projects (either with solid male lead or writer in name and fame) are the factors that solidified her standing. Seolhyun (another kpop idol) is one name that I think is following on this marketing formula-they would get “hate” initially but their pretty face would be enough to weather it. Afterall, another celebrity would use the same media tactic and would be the target. It was a pretty smart move of JYP.

    • Its because of their names though. Kim (TAE)ri, Park Shin(HYE) and Bae Soo(JI). Besides, Kim Taehee sucks at acting as well but is loved for her beauty and family background, so why can’t Suzy be loved for her visuals and charm as well?

      • KTH’s acting is not bad in My Princess & Jang Ok Jung. Have you watched those? Suzy’s acting is much weaker as compared. If you want to compare, Suzy is lacking in education. Not fair to compare family background as one cannot choose parents…. In terms of visuals, I cannot see Suzy able to play the beauty role of Jang Ok Jung… In terms of intelligence, it is obvious who is the dumb one ?

  8. I normally don’t bother with the comments on this blog about Suzy but since people are twisting her words and calling her delusional and not humble, here’s my two cents. Suzy has always acknowledged that she’s not a good actress. For your information, she was even asked how she would rate her acting on a scale of 1-10, and she answered negative. She’s always admitted that she never wanted to become an actress and cried when JYP pushed her to star in Dream High because she knew she wasn’t good and had no acting experience. However, as she continued acting, Suzy said that she really became invested in it and wanted to improve. This was proven in her last drama with all the reports and praises from people within the industry about how much she dedicated to studying and preparing for her role. She’s not just concerned about how she looks and getting endorsements like some people here claim; she’s a hard worker and serious about her acting career. I swear, when people have a bias against someone, they only pick and choose what they wanna hear. You can criticize her acting all you want but don’t criticize her character when you don’t even follow her.

    • You must be following her so you see everything she does through the famous rose tinted glasses. You are not capable of being objective here. Yeah, she maybe isn’t arrogant but she needs to learn view herself more objectively. Her words, that she is more of a subtle and natural style actress and that people just don’t understand it because they want exaggerated overacting, are really confusing to hear. It comes off as lack of humility and lack of self-criticism and objectiveness. Her fans seem to do the exact same. Her hard work (I’m sure she is working hard) simply isn’t translating on screen. Her practicing clear journalist speech is her doing the bare minimum. Any actress with self respect and passion for her craft would do that. Director praising her for cutting her hair off and getting rid of that ‘Suzy image’ is ’praiseworthy’. Suzy practicing to speak clearly is ’praiseworthy’. Anything she does is nowadays praiseworthy. If she chose acting, she should be held at same standards as other actresses, especially since she still keeps going for leading roles. And I am not a hater. You delulu fans are so funny when you think that any criticism is hate. People have been giving good advice and constructive criticism here but you keep accusing us of being haters who ’misinterpret’ her words and that we only pick and choose what we wanna hear because we are biased. I don’t care about your girl, I just have a problem about her not taking her profession seriously enough.

  9. Okay, and you aren’t capable of being objective either because you see everything she does through tainted glass. She never said her acting is good and that people can’t appreciate it because they want a more exaggerated acting style. That’s how you interpreted it because you dislike her as an actress. I interpreted it as, she doesn’t like over-exaggerating herself but has to because otherwise, she’s not able to convey emotions strongly to the audience. Why? Because she’s a weak actress who can’t act subtle, and will come across as emotionless and wooden. It doesn’t mean she thinks she’s good enough already; rather, she’s not good enough and has to overcompensate by exaggerating her acting. Again, I interpreted it this way because she has already admitted many times in the past that she thinks she’s a poor actress, so I don’t know what else people want to hear from her to know she doesn’t view herself as some A-list movie star. People are saying she fails to understand what she lacks as an actress, but this was only one aspect of her acting she talked about. I’m sure if Suzy was given the opportunity, she would list all the flaws she had as an actress. She knows her strengths and weaknesses, and is continuously trying to improve. Just because her hard work isn’t transferring onscreen, i.e. acting improvement, doesn’t mean she isn’t taking her acting seriously. Working hard and being a good actress are two different things, which is why I said you are free to criticize her acting, but attacking her work ethics and character is another issue. Give me a break.

  10. i acknowledge she always looks good in CF or photoshoot but she can’t emote when she acts. it’s like she always aware of the camera and wants to look good. And somehow i fully agree with some people said previously that one of the main reason why i think she didn’t improve was because all the comments about her drama was only about how pretty she is, not about her acting skill. well it most likely because her huge fandom.
    Her perspective about natural acting is so wrong. You can act naturally and subtle but not stiff and bland, honey. Look at Bae doona, Gong Hyo Jin and many other actress good actress.

  11. Sorry i cant agree. Her style is different and works. Not every actress has the same technique. Its a shame cerain people are allowed by the moderator of this site to voice nasty and personal comments which are not at all constructive only propergating hate bad feeling. Certain people even gloat at doing it intentionally!! So much for moderation.

  12. Her style may be different but it does not work in acting. Most comments are fair in appraising her acting skill which is an almost fail grade. Her technique is pitiful. Improvement is minimally noticeable despite being in dramaland for so many years. Constructive criticism only works for those who can reflect and improve, and it is very clear that she won’t get it ? Just continue to half open the mouth & look dazed ?

  13. Suzy is not totaly bad in acting but she’s not good either. She had her moments in WYWS like I liked the scene when she talked about religions in Korea. But there was the scene when the cop had to make his testemony in trial and when he said he can’t see the colors, her reaction was more a comical scene than a serious one…

    She’s young and she can become better. But the problem for many people, it’s she always gets lead role when should take minor role to learn.

  14. Well, I think her agency did great for her. Same as Kim Soolhyun. Nothing more than that. But for China fans, Yoona is more huge. This three girls don’t have any ‘real’ talent but just selling their beauty. IS it wrong? of course not! People like them. So….

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