Park Min Young Leaves Culture Depot After Three Years and Signs with Big Label Namoo Actors

In a few days will be the new year and one K-actress is making a new change for her career. After three years with agency Culture Depot, Park Min Young has not renewed her contract and has signed with Namoo Actors instead. Namoo will be Park Min Young’s third agency after she started with King Kong Entertainment. Joining Namoo will hilariously make Park Min Young label mates with Lee Jun Ki, and we all remember last year when the two were paired together on My Ear’s Candy which caused mass shipping in an inopportune time since soon after Lee Jun Ki went public with dating Jeon Hye Bin. Of course now the couple has broken up but I don’t think any fans are out there hoping anything romantic will come of Park Min Young joining Namoo, I for one hope her career guided in ways that confidently showcase her style of acting and charisma.


Park Min Young Leaves Culture Depot After Three Years and Signs with Big Label Namoo Actors — 21 Comments

  1. Lol. You are wrong Ms.Koala ?. Many are still shipping her with Lee Jun Ki even when she clarified that the editing made her communication with LJK in MEC sound romantic. Even LJK-IU shippers feel threatened upon knowing that PMY is her new label mate.

    I don’t care at all cos I want PMY to pair up with LJK in a drama. After CM butchered my dream pair of LJK and MCW, I hope to have PMY as his next leading lady and not go to waste. They are both solid actors and I want to see them in a melo or sageuk. Pls make it happen ???.

      • Lets just say let professionals be professionals.Even the late Kim Joo Hyuk and ex-girlfriend who broke up long time ago, were both in Namoo Agency for a long time..up until he passed.She even attend the funeral knowing his current girlfriend was one of the chief mourners.

        Back to this, Delulus who had reality slap them in the face, and haters who were waiting for an opportunity to bash LJK, really had fun in April, hurling him hate using Park Min Young.Now what are these poor beings gonna say now? Park Min Young signed the contract with her own hands, and chose Namoo out of all the love calls she was getting from different agencies?.

        That my ear candy aftermath was one of the silliest “scandals” ive witnessed.Did people really thing two people who are 30+ years old would have beef over a reality show or one would be using the other for popularity or whatever when they are both veterans?Besides the two have mutual acquaintances like Ji Chang Wòok, Do Ji Won etc..They would still find themselves in the same social events one way or another.

        As for shippers, meh I do ship many couples too. But some people get way too invested in this shipping business its sad.They should worry more about their own love lives than being “threatened” or being overly obsessed about celebrity private life.Ship at your own risk, but dont be salty and bash celebs when the ship sinks.Not everyone is SongSong.

    • The fact that she joined Namoo, it’s clear as crystal that there are no romantic relationship between LJG and PMY. But It would not hurt to ship them for a 16-episode light romance comedy drama. You won’t let their on-screen chemistry go to waste, will you?

  2. Hehehe koala unnie you are two days late on this juicy news???.I grabbed my popcorn as watched as knets got confused with this latest development on Naver.It was hilarious.

    First though, congrats to Park Min Young.Namoo is a good agency.She will be surrounded by many talented seniors, some who she has already worked with like Do Ji Won.It could also be an opportunity to gain new friends/acquaintances with actresses her age like Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young and Chun Woo Hee.They also promote their artist well.I wish her the very best in her future career.May good projects continue to come her way.

  3. I have always liked her and wish her well. I was bummed about the Ear Candy kerfluffle because I’ve always thought she and LJG would match well in a drama either modern or historical.

  4. PMY is a good actress and Namoo so far taken good care of their artists.
    Since MCW and LJK are both under Namoo and they both got together in CM, so here I am hoping for a union of LJK and PMY in dramaland. I want LJK in rom-com and since he and PMY had proven their chemistry in MEC (that eventually led to so many shipping and blaming after that), I hope to see them as OTP in a rom-com. And with the whole MEC kerfluffle, yeah, this pairing could generate enough interest for people to watch.

  5. I have liked PMY since Healer for her solid acting and cute visuals. CM slipped through my radar but if LJK pairs up with PMY it’s a definite watch for me! I didn’t get LJK and IU’s chemistry in Moon Lovers, no offence to shippers.

    • Me neither. I find him better suited with actresses around his age. PMY is perfect and even the littlest scenes that he had with MCW, you could feel the lingering chemistry between them. In Moon Lovers, I found IU had better chemistry with Kang Ha Neul and that was why until the end, I believe Wook is her true love and not So.

      • @OMG I agree with what you are saying about MCW and PMY having chemi with LJK.But for LJK not having chemi with IU, il have to respectfully disagree.lets put prejudice aside and give credit where its due.Compared with all his previous “similar age” co-stars before moon lovers, maybe except Shin Min Ah and Kim So Yeon.He actually had chemistry with IU.

        Its just that Wook/Soo loveline was better fleshed out(They had 13 episodes) than SoSoo loveline(which had only 7 episodes).Not forgetting that HaeSoo character as well as the plot overall(around ep 18/19) was horribly butchered toward the end by bad writing/directing/editing.

        LJK is my bae and I love his acting.But imma be real with you, before moon lovers, I really did think he had the same issue like Yoo Seung Ho and Joo Won.Great actors who can sell their characters and story arc .But had consistently chemistry blackholes with their female leads and failed to make me root for their lovestory.I would find myself rooting for him to have a loveline or more scenes with female second lead; like in iljimae, two weeks, joseon gunman.Or simply not caring for the loveline at all like time between dog and wolf, and scholar. It was only after moon lovers that my view changed, that ah..actually given the chance, LJK can sell a loveline convincingly in a drama too not just in movies.I credit IU for bringing that out of him.

      • @ RubyRed First of all I want to say I don’t like JHB so what I will say is not because I’m her fan but I think the credit is from her and not from IU, Joon Gi always said that he moved away from dramas with much romance because he lacked experience in that area, so I think his relationship with JHB helped him a lot to develop chemistry with other women like IU, Park Min Young, Kang Han Na as it was seen in one of the first episodes of Moon Lovers where she is healing a injury to WangSo and Moon Chae Won even though they did not have a love story in Criminal Minds.
        And of all these women I think the one that had the most chemistry with Joon Gi was Park Min Young because most of their interaction was by cellphone and even so their chemistry was very strong, even I was the kind of fan I did not want that he had some romance with some of his co-stars in real life and I preferred his girlfriend had not worked with him in his dramas, I surprised myself smiling while watching MEC and I thought they would make a nice couple so I am one of his fans who want to see him in a drama with Park Min Young.

      • @RubyRed
        His partnering with IU is just modest and while I agree that its the writing that made the romance of Wook-Soo more believable than So-Soo, I have to respectfully disagree that IU brought out that side of him. The reason why we never saw LJK as a romantic hero before ML was because of his drama genres that were more hero centric. ML is the first romance focused drama for him. It’s ML that showcased that side of LJK, not IU. I agree with @OMG, he has better chemistry with actresses of his age. That little moments with MCW in CMK already spoke chemistry and so as those moments with PMY in MEC. I want him to do a drama with PMY so badly.

      • I think you are just the minority. Wook and Hae Soo had ep 4 and 5… The rest are all So and Soo. With the visual, Wook look so mature for Hae Soo. Please mind I am only talking about Wook or Wang So or Hae Soo… actors real persona are never included in my description.

      • @RubyRed because most of his dramas are not love stories. Romance are just fillers that is probably just mark 20% of the whole storyline. But in Moon Lovers at least it contains at least 50% of the content.

        Arang and the Magistrate was all right though. I still keep repeating this drama. He had good chemistry with Shin Min Ah.

    • @Bessy on, I have a soft spot for Arang.It was my first JG drama back in 2012 and my first time seeing SMA in sageuk.I always go back to it when am in the mood for a cranky but soft bear JG and a sassy ghost Shin Min Ah.They were so gorgeous on screen and their banter, especially the first episodes was so fun to watch.

  6. I don’t think Namoo Actors is a big Agency but it has the best talents in the industry.

    Culture Depot was big. It was part of CJ Group same group of companies as TVN, Studio Dragon and others.

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