Hwayugi Hires Second PD From Gu Family Book to Facilitate Extra Filming

I truly hope all the screw ups for tvN drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) is confined to the first broadcast weekend and the rest of the series will be smooth sailing. The drama’s second episode had to be halted during airing due to the pre-production not being done but it turned out the drama couldn’t have started filming earlier because male lead Lee Seung Gi was discharged from the military in early October and immediately dived into filming and it was still not enough time. This drama has a lot of special effects and the production has apologized multiple times for the mess up and not having work done in time. The production has hired a second PD who directed Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book to join the filming and hopefully that will get scenes filmed earlier and give the post-production team more time to finish the special effects. I’m so glad this issue is being dealt with and I can’t wait to watch episode 3 this Saturday night!


Hwayugi Hires Second PD From Gu Family Book to Facilitate Extra Filming — 19 Comments

  1. I like the first episode but overall technical aspects of the show is quite weak. Apart from editing issue, the fight sequence are not upto mark. It’s better to stick one episode per week or standard 60minutes rather than 85 minutes.

    • I agree. I’m mad at their decision to air now. The one major thing that affect the quality of this drama is time constraint. The premise, casts, chemistry, story, crackiness and everything have been so promising, if only they have moreeee time, if only this is a pre-produced drama *sigh*

      Waiting for Seunggi to be discharged is such a lame excuse. They have the option to postpone this drama! Why air this now is what i dont understand.

      Anyway, things already happen, its not like we can reverse it, so i just hope they are willing to spend tons on hiring more staff to get things done faster and safer and good quality-wise.

      I hope the injured staff is not paralysed

  2. there’s news that production may be halted, ministry of labor will investigate the accident..

    poor cast other crews that are not involvd but get affected…

    • Imagine the staff morale.It must be pretty low.If it was not for the ep 2 editing mistake.TVN would have swept the staff injury under the rug, and no one would have known about it.

      If they are more issues, scraping the drama and compensating the staff and cast is the only way to resolve this.Lee Seung Gi is a high-demand artist in Korea.Its not like Cha Seung Won, Lee Hong Ki and Oh Yeon Seo are nugus either.They can always regroup in a better production.

      • Yeah at least they are compensating him fully. Wouldn’t want another tragedy like Drinking Solo incident to happen.
        But scraping the drama totally would be a huge loss since it’s getting extremely high ratings and a Hong sister drama script probably don’t come by easily. However it seems inevitable with the amount of issues it is facing… Wonder if they could re-produce the same drama.

  3. Oh my… This does not sound good. They are already scrambling for time and now they are under investigation and halting the entire production. The saddest part is that Hwayugi been receiving strong good review for its premier episode but now, what scary is if this promising drama set to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Wouldn’t hiring another PD to film more scenes be more grueling for the actors schedule-wise? I heard they barely sleep at all while filming a drama, hence almost the skin-and-bones look by episode 10…Hopefully the health and safety of everyone involved will not be compromised.

  5. There had to have been issues from the start for the drama to have so many issues so early on. Management should have seen the writing on the wall and postponed this drama like KES did with hers. Even Anthony from King of Dramas would be dumbfounded and it’s really sad because this was totally unavoidable. I hope TVN and just the industry at large learns from this fiasco.

    Personally I don’t care if it gets scrapped at this point as long as the parts of the cast and crew depending on their paychecks get compensated.

  6. Absolutely stinky poor management is to be blamed! TvN wants to bank on LSG post military performance to air this drama hush hush, but not put in enough staff into post production work… greedy management…. what a waste of onscreen talents. I wish the injured stuntman can recover well.

      • Yeah…. I read in another source that he was a staff installing light fixtures and he is paralyzed…. too sad, why no safety precautions? Hope he can recover… now it is reported that episode 3 will be delayed?

  7. Why were they in such a hurry to air this?? They could have aired it during January or even February after having filmed 6-7 elisodes..they are being screwed over because of their greed.. its better to wait and watch some thing of quality and not overwork your staff than delivering half finished material and not to mention the fatique of everyone involved.

  8. I think that they should’ve waited until they were done filming, that way they don’t lose the quality of the drama and the storyline. I just finished watching the first episode and I personally don’t like it; I like just the beginning of the drama where son oh gong mentions his tattooed shackles, that was a nice touch.I think it would’ve been alot better if the main female character had a matured personality and SOG a more child-like rebel personality and she just beats him up in order to straighten him out and set him on the right path towards enlightenment similar to the original plotline. I personally don’t like how they made both the main characters have a love interest, because it makes it too cliche so it looks like this drama is the same like any other drama with little to stand out from the rest of the other drama. I believe that if they had more time, they would’ve produced better quality, plotline, character development and self-worth if they knew how to utilize the story and make it worth watching. Instead they went the other direction where it’s nothing similar towards the original with little references and poor production that they’ve started on a bad footing. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and improve from it.

  9. Is engaging additional directors gonna help? They need to beef up more post production staff. Actually, it’s best to halt the broadcast for a month at least so that they have time to catch up. I’m hooked on this drama now and hope these issues wouldn’t affect the writing. Hong sisters seem to be on a roll again after so long.

  10. “I’m so glad this issue is being dealt with and I can’t wait to watch episode 3” – nice to see such warmn concern for the crew member whose live was irrevocably shattered by the cynical, callous penny-pinching of the production company. I guess his permanent paralysis is just the egg that had to br broken to make the viewers’ omelette. “The show must go on” – even though he can’t

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