KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Black Knight Hits Own Series Ratings High of 13.2% in Episode 8

It’s quite a turnaround for KBS on the Wed-Thurs time slot after the record ratings low for the network with Manhole a few months ago. That ignominy belongs to MBC now with its low-rated rom-com I am Not a Robot while KBS keeps getting higher ratings for the fantasy romance drama Black Knight (The Man Who Guards Me). This Thursday’s episode 8 hit 13.2% AGB nationwide ratings, an increase of 1.6% from the previous episode and continues this drama’s upward trajectory. I hope the final 8 episodes manages to break 20% and breathe new life to the overall ratings slump of the prime time weekday dramas for the big three network. I haven’t started Black Knight yet, banking episodes for a hopefully satisfying marathon soon, but the overall audience feedback remains positive. I’m thrilled for leads Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye in choosing a smart drama project, though someone needs to explain why Shin Se Kyung is tossing a bicycle across the intersection at Kim Rae Won in one of the recap stills lol.


KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Black Knight Hits Own Series Ratings High of 13.2% in Episode 8 — 26 Comments

  1. I don’t get this drama. Been trying to watch for Kim Rae Won but gosh, it was cheesy. And I don’t like Seo Ji Hye performance either, she played straight up bitchy antagonist. As for Shin Se Kyung, I have no comment. She is what she is. But congrats that the drama resonated with domestic audiences and proving KRW power as a consistent hit maker.

  2. LOL koala, in that scene she’s trying to save her oppa from getting hit by a motorcycle…so she throws a bicycle at the motorcyclist. It’s indeed bizarre when taken out of context! XD

    • This drama is bizzare from the start anyway.. And they re not pretending it to be a show we should taken seriously. . I watch this drama for the laugh. Haha

  3. Is it good? I have no desire to watch it at all. But who knows, i might have some spare time later. I am loving I am not a robot right now. It is pure rom com, a lot of LOL moments.

      • Black night has meatier storylines. I am not a robot is just for laugh and candy eyes only. Lol

    • Dunno if you’ll like it if you love inar because to me that drama is just devoid of story & shallow but bk has more meat and kim rae won is all man.

      • Nothing wrong with fluff dramas like INAR, it’s what some people want to watch at the moment and there are many genuinely enjoying it. I guess because Koala focuses so much on ratings people on here now think they are reflective of quality. They almost never are, they are generally a reflection of the audience’s preference.

        I’m watching both and even though I’m enjoying them, I highly doubt I’d recommend BK at this point. For me, It’s the type of drama you watch when airing then after realize it’s flaws and wonder why you are still watching. It helps that it’s currently airing so it’s easy to catch episodes.

      • Just because a few people live off fluff dramas don’t mean they are worth recommending. Fluff dramas are quite shallow and have no plot whatsoever. It kills brain cells for people who enjoy watching dramas actively. I don’t like any of the Wed-Thurs dramas but to say ratings don’t reflect quality is false. Prison Playbook is a quality drama with brilliant ratings. Korean audiences know good dramas from bad dramas or empty dramas. Signal, Tunnel, Reply 1988, Goblin were all brilliant dramas with amazing ratings to reflect on quality. Same for Witchs Court, Chief Kim and other dramas.

  4. I prefer this over that weird robot drama any day. That show is just plain bizarre with too much cheese to top it off. Overall kdrama has died in 2017 hopefully 2018 will be better.

  5. It’s cheese and people love it. Kim Rae Won is just basically being Hong 2.0 here.. SSK is doing a good job in my opinion. At first, she was too similar with Yoon So ah but now she’s actually putting some effort to appear different. What I like about SSK is that she is interesting with her choices of roles. However, I could care less about the romance and the cringy lines. I’m more interested in the dynamics of the characters and the two witches. I just love that Jang Baek Hee character

  6. Kim Rae Won has midas touch.The Korean Ahjummas love him very much+melodrama+makjang, so this was inevitable.congrats to him.Shin Se Kyung is still in my actress blacklist.So nope.Not watching this.It was sad seeing most free- to watch, primetime weekday kdramas, on the main channels in single digits.Some even less than cable dramas.So this is good.

    Its funny how SBS manages to secure many mega star power actors/actresses and high profile productions.But its KBS that usually has the highest rating dramas.”I am Not A Robot” is failing to resonate with the Korean audience because they are saying its too childish.Hence the low ratings.

    • Yeah, I agree. I’m Not A Robot is very childish. YSH is acting like a man-child. A petulant, spoilt, overbearing man-child with loads of money. It’s no wonder the viewers can’t connect to him. In Shopping King Louie, Seo In Gook acted as another man-child as well, but the difference was that he became poor and learned stuff through hard life lessons, so I guess he resonated more with viewers. Different strokes, I guess.

  7. My favourite is Nothing to lose. The story is interesting, the love triangle is nice because they all care for each other and the casting is great ! I love Park Eun Bin. She has a great chemistry with her costars.

    • IMHO Nothing To Lose has the best plot among all three dramas and the acting is on point too. I asked myself yesterday why I was watching Black Knight. I enjoy it, but it is notoriously thin on plot and is being driven only by the stellar acting of its cast (in particular, the lead actor and the witches). I’m Not A Robot is the same as Black Knight, the plot is thin, but it’s cute and the leads are doing a good job.

      • Saying NTL has the best plot among all three isn’t saying much to be honest. The only reason I’m still watching the drama is because of the actors, the plot is a bit all over the place now but the cast is doing such a great job.

        If networks aren’t going to hire better writers or allow them to work under fruitful conditions, they should know that they can’t skimp on the cast. Good actors can elevate a mediocre or even bad script and keep viewers faithfully watching when they would have otherwise jumped ship.

  8. Kim Rae Won act the same in all his dramas. From the first project of him that I watch, The Little Bride, Love Story in Harvard which I did not finished to Which Star Are You From to his most recent Doctor Crush. Not that his dramas are bad but I feel like I am watching the same character. Doctor Crush is my last drama of his.

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