Park Shin Hye in Soft and Drapey Outfits for W Korea January 2018 Edition

2017 was a quiet year acting project-wise for K-actress Park Shin Hye, other than a cameo appearance in SBS drama Temperature of Love I didn’t see her onscreen. The young and scrappy days are long behind her when she worked nonstop, she can afford to be selective and I’m looking forward to what she will pick in 2018 especially on the drama side. Her Doctors costar Kim Rae Won is back on the small screen now with Black Knight and it’s been so long since I saw Park Shin Hye do a melodrama romance maybe that would be a genre to return to next year in a more mature role than her Tree of Heaven days. She’s gracing the pages of W Korea for the January 2018 edition in a warm and inviting pictorial, the clothes are soft and elegant and she looks incredibly beautiful here.


Park Shin Hye in Soft and Drapey Outfits for W Korea January 2018 Edition — 18 Comments

  1. She used to do serious melodramas when she was a teen but then she got too much typecast after YAB. She really needs to forever forget those juvenile roles and take that serious route if she plans to keep it up in the acting department. To think of it, in her adult years she hasn’t headlined too many good dramas. Idk how she (or her agency?) picks her dramas but her drama choices haven’t been terrific. She really needs to put an effort to completely transform herself and immerse herself to her roles in addition to picking up better dramas. That’s why I think the most effective way is to stay doing movies because that way she can learn much more. Alternatively, she needs to act with more experienced actors. She can’t rely on the popularity route forever, and it seems that her movie choices reflect more of her desire to be seen as an actress and not just a hallyu star. Of course popularity is important too because you have to make money too but as an actress, she really needs to diversify.

    • I notice that you always keep criticising psh on how she select or pick her role. Please leave her alone, she had tried diff roles and never repeat. Just hope she’ll act more in movies with those veteran actors. She has great chemistry with most of her costars which is her strength…

      • I doubt that PSH will ever even read this blog or comments but this is how I feel. I don’t think she is bad at acting at all. But she’s wasting whatever potential she has by acting in dramas like Heartstrings, Heirs etc. She has good-ish chemistry with only a couple of her co-stars. I’m sorry but she really had zero chemistry with the likes of Jung Yonghwa and Lee Min Hoo. The best she has had when she acted in those serious melodramas (Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven) and recently in Doctors. You know, constructive criticism is way more useful than empty praises. She has a long way to go when it comes to acting. And the first thing she really needs to do is prove herself as an actress and really start choosing better dramas or choose movies only.

      • I believe she knows what to do tbh. And those idol dramas she starred in, while not that good, were pivotal to building up her popularity. Imagine back then she chose Sword and Flower over The Heirs, perhaps she wouldn’t be one of the top actresses in her generation right now.

  2. a.The fashion first.I think Number one where she is wearing the blue outfit is the best out of the three .I only wish the photographer didnt ask her to crane her neck so much.But otherwise, its ok. I am not feeling number two because of that thing she is draping over her shoulders(the white shawl).Pic Number three needs to be reposted.Her head is cut and we cant see the outfit properly to appreciate it.Plus that white flower petal that is covering her hand.

    • b.Acting.Unnie Koala, I thought she did a movie “Silent Witness” this year with actor Choi Min Sik?No?As for drama, if she chooses to do melodrama, it would be nice if she is the main character driving the plot.Not just the supporting female lead to the male lead.Otherwise, they will just make her cry, cry, cry, and helpless, which is when people drag her.Or if she has not the one driving the plot, then itvwould be good if she acts with her seniors who are good at melos and creating romantic chemistry like Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki etc

  3. she is too thin now. the pressure of being Korean actress/idol is no joke. they will consider fat unless you look like a skeleton.
    I miss her look during ‘heirs’?

    • She looks like a teenager when she’s got more weight on so if she maintains this weight, she’ll increase her chances to get mature roles. I’m sure she’s healthy and loses her weight with nutritionists and personal trainers.

  4. With those hallayu oppas shipped to military (yeay!), im just hoping she’ll get to headline a good melo/action drama w great ‘ahjushi'(preferably jo in sung muahaha). A lot of people doubted her ability to harmonize w krw when doctors casting news revealed but she did great in the end. Otherwise, just stay in movie scene for a while to learn from the experts even box office is damn harsh to her movies

  5. My Goddess. Cant wait for new drama. I so want melo from her with Yoo Seung Ho. Tree of heaven is still one of my favorite dramas.

  6. Her movie roles are much better than her drama roles. I liked her acting in Doctors but the drama was shallow. She has good chemistry in all her dramas but I still like her in movies more.

  7. I really can’t wait for Shin Hye new project. It’s been almost a year since her last movie Silent Witness and on one of her interview she mentioned that she’s been dating secretly so I wonder which one will come first New Project or Marriage. Missed you so much PSH can’t wait to see you back on full screen. Oh btw love those W photos shoot, Shin Hye you look beautiful as always.

  8. I don’t mind if shin hye ventures into acting in movies more. At least she will slowly build up her experience especially with trying out for different roles. Unless there’s a good role for her in drama land, I suggest she tries for the movies.

    I would love to see her in a thriller or melodrama genre. She doesn’t have to play romantic scenes there and could focus on bringing out her character’s personality.

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