Yang Se Jong in Berlin for Bazaar Korea January 2018 Edition

It’s such a shame that my first acting experience watching rising young actor Yang Se Jong was in the SBS drama Temperature of Love. I’m going to blame screenwriter Ha Myung Hee for tainting my impression of him negatively, when by all accounts for those who watched him earlier in the cable drama Duel he did an incredible and credible job playing a human cop and a clone of said cop. There is still a dearth of young actors in the early to mid-twenties coming up the pipeline now that the ’86, ’87ers are all off in the military and I sure hope his next drama role revives his onscreen presence to one of intensity because he was so lukewarm and mealy in ToS it was like watching two pandas (one ornery and the other passive) attempt to court each other with him and leading lady Seo Hyun Jin.  His latest pictorial for Bazaar Korea does a fine job showcasing visually why he’s so promising as an up-and-coming leading man, with the height and boy next door good looks.



Yang Se Jong in Berlin for Bazaar Korea January 2018 Edition — 10 Comments

  1. OMG he was incredible in Duel playing not only 2 but 3 different characters (the two clones and their source) and not once was the viewer confused as to which character it was. The highlight was when one clone was impersonating the other, it was absolutely brilliant!

    Too bad that his next role was such a lackluster one, I couldn’t even get through the first episode but I’m definitely keeping tabs on this promising young actor 🙂

  2. I’ve only seen him in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. He was quite decent there and his character also had a crush on Seo Hyun Jin’s character!
    Maybe he could take on more secondary/supporting roles; he’s still a new actor and it’s a lot of pressure to be in leading roles all the time.

  3. He’s one of the rising younger ones with potential.

    Seen him in Romantic Doctor Kim, Saimdang (the younger couple were more interesting to me actually than the more boring SSH and LYA), Temperature of Love (felt he played his role fairly decently – as a young person with dysfunctional parents, and torn with a complex family background but yet maturely dedicated and focused on what he wants), and recently took a peek at Duel too.

    TOL derailed somewhat (along with its viewers) but nevertheless it was a refreshing view until midway for me. … and then jumping back on the bandwagon for the last 3 episodes once the angst was sorted out! 😛

    Seo Hyun-jin is ok … I am NOT crazy about her as an actress, nor in any of her roles.

  4. I like him among rising actors these days. I watched all his drama. I feel his acting style is not overdoing but rather mature along the charecter. That’s why I like him more I think. He might seem lukewarm in TOP but if you watch the series in later episodes, you will see how he potray his character with emotions without overdone as others do.

  5. Those who watched Duel know how talented and promising Yang Se Jong is as an actor. He’s one actor to watch for in the future. TOL unfortunately didn’t live up to expectations. He did a good job with what he was given but the writing in the second half of the drama has gone downhill. My advice for him and his agency would be to choose more wisely next time. Better pick a cable project…more challenging and interesting.

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