Crystal Liu Exquisitely Blends Chinese Brush Painting with Modern Dress Silhouette

The blending of East and West styles is beautifully demonstrated with yet another winning fashion confection from a Chinese actress. Crystal Liu recently unveiled a lovely dress for a pictorial, a flared silhouette with a boat neck top and cap sleeves in a high low hem, in a soft yellow-ish color used as the background for brush painted leaves pattern. I can’t wait to see Crystal follow in Fan Bing Bing‘s red carpet sartorial footsteps now that she’s headed to the world stage landing the coveted role of Mulan in the Disney live-action movie. Fan Bing Bing has a tendency to look like a dressed up doll but Crystal always looks warm and stylish with her outfits. I love this dress and she accessorized perfectly with the large diamond earrings with matching ring and the western style choker with pearl accents.


Crystal Liu Exquisitely Blends Chinese Brush Painting with Modern Dress Silhouette — 10 Comments

  1. China is very good at churning out these new-style but old school floral Frocks. Many of the PRC teens here have been parading them in the past 3 years buying on their return to homeland … it went into Singapore maybe last 2 year …. and now NAmerica has just caught on with selling them. Same for some of the Seoul sweaters which made its way in this year.

    • Agree on the dress. Many of the China teenagers/youths here have been carting back these floral retro frocks for the past 2 years. The florals vary but it’s the same cut.

      They have just caught on in NAmerica recently and we’re seeing them in the malls now..

      Crystal Liu is graceful in her own right, whatever she wears.

      • wow… it is so “old-looking”, are you serious that teenagers really like to wear it? we just wearing tights… crazy… hahaha…

  2. Peter Sheng had a white outfit which is similar with the bamboo painting in Oh My General. He looked very good in that outfit.

  3. ERrrr the Asian teens here in my NAmerican hood …. are the ones spending $500-1000 on a winter jacket (like local brand Artizia or Arcteryx, or this yr’s hot item: Canada Goose). And Ultra Boost, Yeezies for casuals.

    And those frocks are for occasions like competitions, festivals and performance). Many if you’re in stuff like various Orchestras and have competitions/festivals and concerts (even stuff like Model UN is very dressy for the various functions they have to attend).

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