Liu Shi Shi Fabulous in Black Against Blue at Omega Constellation Fashion Event

C-actress Liu Shi Shi was recently seen at a Tod’s event in Hong Kong with a terrible hairstyle and outfit but now she’s done a 180 and turned out resplendent for Omega Constellation show. She pulled her growing out hair back into a sleek side part low bun that shows off her enviable cheekbones with simple makeup and statement red lips. Her black dress looks navy against the backdrop of the Omega event and somehow manages not to look funeral thanks to a well-tailored strapless cut accentuated with lace drop shoulders. The Chinese actresses continue to break new fashion ground in creating looks that warrant a second and third glance.


Liu Shi Shi Fabulous in Black Against Blue at Omega Constellation Fashion Event — 18 Comments

  1. Let me ask you this, are Chinese actors really that popular in S. Korea? I see some of their dramas and know, that this portrayal of the Chinese doesn’t seem real, from all I have read about them. China is a communist country and has decided to change their image through the movie industry. Their people are very poor and I don’t believe can make very many waves. Just my opinion.

    • “..from all I have read about them”

      May I suggest that you read more than “all”? At the same time, do make sure your reading materials are varied and reliable.

    • I don’t think the Chinese are “very poor”… China now has booming economy & great wealth. Just look at all the new developments in Beijing and Shanghai. Many foreign investments in Europe and North America are owned by Chinese companies… I think Hallyu wave is dying, the next wave may be the Chinese… just my guess ?

    • ???? You need to update your reading materials. While not all Chinese are rich, there are many middle income people now than before. There are also a lot of opportunities to be rich or at least very sucessf in China. China is communist on government, but business practice wise, it is very similiar to capitalism in the U.S. As far as comparing Korea to China..there really should not be is two seperate countries with vastly different history and culture. Mainland Chinese caters to mostly Chinese people in China and those that have immigrated. So, they don’t try to hard to sell their drama overseas.

    • I hope this isn’t too personal a question, but how old are you? I’m only asking because a lot of older Americans seem to think the China of today is still the China of the 1960s. I can’t speak to the popularity of Chinese dramas outside of China, but politically China has a lot of clout. They are, after all, part of the UN big five. Furthermore, especially with the recent setbacks the US has taken, China is poised to lead the worldwide push for renewable energy. A lot of people think that China doesn’t care about pollution, but the horrific pollution actually means that most Chinese people are aware of the damages humans cause to the environment. Unlike a certain country that withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord. Although leaders in China are indubitably corrupt, they also want clean air and have banned the sell of cars running on fossil fuels. Not to mention China has started operating a space program.

      Also, do I detect a hint of prejudice in your wording? It is quite suspicious to generalize an entire group of people as being incapable of doing anything of note. Every country has their brilliant minds and we should acknowledge them regardless of political allegiance.

      • @ windy:

        I really like your respond to Roxyalso. I could smell the prejudice in her comment also.

      • No they dont …Most if not all americans are very aware of the development of China in recent decades…A lot of chinese are also now a big part of the US ecomomy and interact with many americans on a daily basis.Very few americans are NOT aware of booming China believe me.

    • May I suggest you visit China if you ever have the chance and go there with an open mind. China is a vast country with a massive population. In the last twenty years it has changed at a breakneck pace. I don’t go back often but from the times I have visited it is different each time and I don’t think even their own people can say one place is the same as the other in a separate region of the country. Also, I wouldn’t use dramas as a good guide to what that particular country is like, it isn’t specific to China mainland dramas.

    • It’s your loss if you didn’t keep up to date on news about China.

      The country has been ruled by the Chinese Communist Party since 1949, but for the last 2 decades, its policies have been socialist instead of communist.

      As to its people being poor, why yes it’s true for the inland and isolated regions who have not benefited that much from the country’s economic development, but go to any 1st or 2nd tier city in China today and you will be amazed at the affluence and modernity in them.

      On whether Chinese actors are popular in South Korea, sorry can’t provide any information on this. But if you compare China’s population of 1.5 billion against S. Korea’s, can you guess who needs whom more?

  2. Korea is actually behind on many aspects compared to China these days. Since this is an entertainment news blog, just compare the fashion K stars wear compared to C stars at red carpet events. Most K stars dress like they are stuck in the 90’s.

    • It could also be because the famous and expensive sponsors want to tap into China’s market more so they promote better there.

  3. Strictly on the question of whether Chinese dramas/movies are popular or not in Korea. The answer is no. The market for Chinese programs is still predominantly domestic (if you do not count the Chinese immigrant communities in the West), which is really huge and lucrative. Outside China and in East Asia or South-East Asia, most mainland Chinese stars, except for a couple of big names like Gong Li, Jet Li and Ziyi Chang, are not well-known, not even in Taiwan or Hong Kong. The one exception among Chinese dramas is the period historical dramas based on classic Chinese literature or history, which is popular in Taiwan (especially among older generations) and, to a lesser extent, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Chinese community in Malaysia. The biggest influence in Asia right now is still Hollywood, followed by South Korean dramas, movies and pop (Korean dramas are way more popular than local dramas in Taiwan for a long time, so is Korean pop, but in the last two years Korean movies like Train to Busan, Taxi-Driver, In the Company of God are suddenly dominating box-office returns in Taiwan, even out-performing Hollywood blockbusters).

    Japanese movies/dramas used to have a sweeping influence in East Asia decades ago, followed by Hong Kong movies (their gangster and martial arts genres were an inspiration for Hollywood). Now that place is occupied by South Korea. I look forward to a near future when Chinese pop culture will claim that place. Right now there is no shortage of money; there is still so much to catch up in terms of creative freedom and technical maturity.

    • I also like China next to dominate the Asian entertainment market, I miss the old Taiwan dramas. Im just so fed up with lackluster new idol actresses being promoted by South Korea recently, fooling the world that their actresses are the standard of talent and beauty, when in my own homeland alone, those Korean actresses doesnt even come close to charisma and talent of our local artists. What China needs are good pool of writers and awesome actors. South Korea entertainment is slowly becoming corrupted, producing low level talents coming from highly influential talent agencies. I wish best of luck to China! Btw Im not Chinese, Im from Southeast.

    • I think china is growing in their drama, they released content in youtube nowadays and a lot of people start watching their drama.
      NiF is big with review and so does drama like boss and me, it feels like the content is available enough now and people can find it rather easily

    • Its the writing that lets S. Korea drama down..You have to admit it fails miserably compared to technical…Acting is quite ordinary at times also but I knows its geared to a Korean market….The productions are pretty to western countries.

  4. Switching the discussion back to Liu Shi Shi – I just want to say that she is absolutely stunning. So classy and glamorous! I love her look!

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