Miss A Officially Disbands and Suzy Readying for Solo Album Comeback

I’m still ambivalent about Suzy‘s win two weeks ago at the SBS 2018 Drama Awards for top actress and best couple with Lee Jong Seok for While You Were Sleeping. She was aptly humble in receiving the awards and I did think her performance was much better than I expected and hoped for. It didn’t help that her character was written flat and didn’t evolve much during the course of the narrative, but ultimately it’s a network awards show rewarding their own stars so whatever SBS wants to dole out is up to them.

I do think her winning awards elicits more controversy then it’s worth but maybe that’s what SBS Intends. It’s probably good she’s switching gears next back to music with two big news on that front recently. The first is the not surprising confirmation from agency JYP that girl group Miss A has officially disbanded, not surprising because two members had left the agency already. The more surprising news that is Suzy is already readying for her upcoming solo album which will definitely be a test of her ability and/or star power on that front. Best of luck!


Miss A Officially Disbands and Suzy Readying for Solo Album Comeback — 44 Comments

  1. Such exciting news for Suzy and all of us here…She is definetly on a winning streak and i am sure her albulm will be gold like everything else she does. 😁

    • Yeah, just completely disregard that her dramas and her latest film have not been exceeding expectations and her album has not sold like Taeyeon’s and IU’s albums do. Despite all the noise. Oh, and after seeing those pictures, I realise how utterly overrated her looks are 🙂

      • Her movie straight-up flopped, it’s cute how it and UF failing plus WYWS being a sub-10 percent in ratings are all pinned on literally anyone (PD, writers, costars) but her.

      • @teacakes and pretty autumn… don’t be such a hater. @julianna earn to praise suzy because she is her fan.

      • @fadedaydreams – the fact is – IU was sold out in her concerts… btw, who still buy albums nowadays? I download… how to calculate sales on that? Has Suzy held any solo concerts yet??

      • @fadedaydreams
        Did I talk about “sold out”?? I wrote “Suzy didnt sold LIKE Taeyeon and IU”. Defensive as always. Suzy’s fans are as dumb as their bias I see 😂

      • @teacakes of course suzy didn’t sold out a concert because she didn’t held a concert last year. She didn’t even promote on music shows. Who buys albums nowadays? Groups like EXO & BTS can easily sell 1-2M copies

      • Ok. Let me clarify. People who buy k-pop albums really are not for the music, we can listen & download all their songs from various channels. The reason why BTS sold millions because of their original postcards, books, posters & various goodies that come with the album which we cannot buy elsewhere. Suzy can never compete with these boy bands in album sales. Why bring up EXO & BTS in the first place? I thought we are taking about solo female singers, are we not??

    • Why are you coming for IU’s sales? She sold 70k of her last album. Even her remake album consisting of old songs remakes sold 50k. Not to mention her overall digital sales.

      But then again, Suzy is not known for music so I’m not surprised at her sales.

      • @fadedaydreams. Don’t act like you didn’t understand lol. I said exactly what I said. Suzy was not able to sell as much as Taeyeon and IU, which is true. Then you tried to derail and tell us that IU didn’t sold out. Like does that even matter? She still sold more copies than Suzy. And we were talking about popular female soloists, not popular boy groups because they automatically sell more than female soloists anyway. And miss A always did well digitally. How are you going to explain that your Nation’s First Love, supposedly very loved idol, couldn’t sell copies like Taeyeon and IU do, couldn’t even become a digital hit and have had consistently low ratings and a flop film DESPITE the fact that she worked with star writers, pre-prouced high quality productions with more talented actors? And don’t explain me some bullshit like ’’Suzy is more loved by the general public’’ and ’’other female artists have large idol kpop fandom’’. Because you would be contradicting yourself here. Suzy fans are really dumber than their bias.

      • @prettyautumn sis stop talking if don’t know shit, suzy DID well digitally. She was the first one to have an all kill last year, she debuted #1 on Melon & hit the roof on Melon & Genie. She won twice on MuBank considering that she didn’t even go to variety & music shows. And why are even comparing Suzy to IU & Taeyeon? IU’s been a soloist all throughout her career and Taeyeon will always have a successful solo because she’s a member of SNSD. Seriously, when will you stop your obsession with Suzy? Aren’t you tired? Lol

      • @fadedaydream you’re the one defending some random celeb against people stating facts on the Internet, that says enough.

        I don’t know what all this ‘all kill’ or ‘roof’ stuff means, what were her download sales and streaming numbers like? Her movie couldn’t get even 500k viewers into theaters but like I said, if she is such an It girl who gets jobs on the basis of popularity and not talent, then she should be living up to that and actually delivering on things like ratings, music sales etc.

        Instead it looks like we’ve got a classic case of all image (built up by her agency) and no substance.

  2. Tbh, acting is only there for her to add longevity to her career and for the CF deals. Her acting still leaves very much to desire for, although she’s okay when she plays only spunky characters. It’s not her fault that SBS decided to give her an award that majority didn’t think she deserved at all. It’s not her fault either that JYP pushed her until she got her success and popularity. In this industry, you have to be a little shameless because you’re never going to please everyone, so I totally get why she would go for leading roles in big productions. Acting isn’t the biggest passion to her, so why should she even care about honing her skills by playing side characters and playing vastly different roles? It’s business, and as long as she’s popular and getting money, why should she even care to practice her acting? She could just play major roles and walk in red carpets in designer clothes and still be loved and anyone who criticizes her are just ’jealous bitches’ who can’t do anything because she’s popular, she gets money and she will still keep getting major drama and film offers. Cheers 🙂

    • I get all that, the thing is that a lot of work has to be done by other people to make her bearable in acting roles. Which they do in the hope that her popularity will bring in the numbers and justify it.

      But looking at the ratings/viewing numbers for her acting projects in the last few years, I wonder if she’s really worth all that effort? Her fans can make all the excuses they like about ratings, drama quality, album sales but the numbers on those things speak.

  3. What were her last album sales like? She seems to like music a lot better than acting, if she’s really so popular in music too then she can do herself and us a favour and stick to music.

    • 11k. Which is rather surprising because Eunji sold more than her. And if you were to ask anyone who is more popular between the two, most would automatically assume it’s Suzy.

      • 11k is pretty decent considering that she came from a group that isn’t known for having a large physical sale. She even surpassed some missA album sales

    • Yeah I remember how she always just wanted to stay in the singing field but I heard JYP forced her into acting. And then after she got into acting she realized she liked it and continued LOL.

      But as a singer she’s not very good and her dancing is average. If you ask me she should just stay as a model and just endorse stuff or just appear on variety shows. Music and acting isn’t her strong point and she gets sales from diehard fans. She’s super pretty and nice but modelling is the way to go.

  4. I think people telling her to focus on music and stop acting is delusional. Everyone knows how little musicians actually earn from album and digital sales; unless you are a giant girl group like SNSD or a soloist with large fanbase like Taeyeon who can go on tours. Even if she likes more music more, she’s going to keep on acting to rake in the big bucks from CFs.

    • If she’s such a universally loved It Girl as her fans claim, she shouldn’t have any trouble making money off being a singer since by your own admission, she only does dramas to get cfs in the first place.

      • making drama can generate a lot of money. It is what every single idol is doing right now. singing won’t last forever, acting does. Strike while you r still young and on demand.

      • Sis she isn’t known for having a large fandom. Suzy’s success on her solo last year is based on the general public, and general public doesn’t buy albums but listens on music platforms (melon, genie, etc.)

      • Ok then what are the download/streaming numbers for her music like? If she is so popular and the general public follows everything she puts outt then surely the numbers must support that?

  5. I think she’s an okay singer and dancer, but she lacks the vocal color and range like the other popular female idols/singers (ex. IU, Taeyeon). But honestly cases like her where she’s really popular and the media at her disposal, she doesn’t even need to reach the sales of other singers like IU/Taeyeon-she just needs a average or even below-average sales, coz JYP is good with their strategy and image building. She really needs to be grateful that she’s a good model coz whenever one aspect of acting, singing or even variety (her bimbo image on variety is to her detriment hence JYP has rarely accepts “talking” varieties) fails for her, she has tons of photoshoots. And she’s really visually stunning and has bright image in prints. I guess she just has the luck.

  6. wish she has JYP forever to help her. Singing? her album does not sell. I bet she cannot sell solo concert tickets like Taeyeon, IU, and even Jessica… lolol… totally overrated… who would spend money on her? The above pictures also clearly show how much photoshop needs to be done before putting her on magazine cover… hahaha…

    • @Julianna more likely 8 million that got deceived and were blinded,lol, no different to Luciferian cults like 1.8 billion Muslims and 1.2 billion Catholics, all over the road haha. thus, wide is the road that lead to destruction. despite having so called many followers, I wonder why her dramas, movie or songs doesnt rate well, coz she’s all just hype.

      • it is all about hype nowadays, what are you talking about? if she is overhype then her PR is doing great… and how come you compare her IG follower with religion it does not make sense lol.
        I’m an atheist btw and not her fan… I’m just happened to have more time today reading stupid comments on this site

  7. She did the right thing sticking with JYP, they had some luck with her early success but they did a great job marketing her from a pretty idol into a popular model.

    She seems sweet but doesn’t come across as very bright (which is fine because she comes across as nonthreatening and approachable, and has the sense to keep her image humble), somehow after seeing/hearing from her on shows and interviews it makes a lot of sense that her acting is what it is.

  8. Preetyautumn,candycane, teacakes….. Oh you guys, your obssesion with suzy. Nations first love that suzy got isn’t from music area, but acting project. And oh you talk about fandom size and nations, ok how is a snsd member that famous with their giant fandom chart below suzy,,, How is kim soo hyun with his super fandom, has flop movie,,

    Pretty, candy, teacakes this is how stupid you are when it come your obsession with suzy.

    • what? who? my obsession?? You must be kidding and you are totally wrong. Her nation is not my nation, and yours may be same as hers but obviously definitely different than mine. LOL.

  9. It’s such pity a great group like Miss A was sabotaged for Suzy’s career. Honestly what musical talent does Suzy have? She can’t dance, sing or compose. Doesn’t have that mass appeal like other soloists like Taeyeon and IU. Doesn’t have a massive fanbase to buy albums or sell concerts. The only thing she supposedly has is the love of the general public, nation’s first love title. She’s a shitty actress and her earlier success with dramas were all dependent on her co-stars. Don’t @ me because all her previous co-stars were massively popular actors. She’s merely a CF star and she should focus more on that and rake that CF money because her status as a high paid CF star will eventually come to an end with a new It girl coming along or the current It girls like Seolhyun, Irene and the girls of Twice snatching her cfs. Go So Young, once upon a time was just like Suzy and look where she is now. Bottom line she can never be like say JJH or SYJ, who were also nation’s first loves like Suzy but with charisma and acting talents that Suzy could only dream of having

  10. I recently heard that Suzy may be also look at doing a film in 2018…She is currently considering many projects I believe. She sure is versatile. I am so excited about this solo album and all the awards she is winning…Great to see her wonderful talent recognised and she is still so young,

  11. Mediocre artist wins accolades and applause. This is PR at its best. The mainstream media sites are good at manipulating and propagating who you should cheer for or not. Shakes head and wanders off……………………

  12. Really looking forward to seeing her movie!! Wow she is certainly on a winning wave a solo albulm , movie, dramas and all these awards.so versatile.🙂

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