C-ent Roiled by Scandal with Li Xiao Lu Cheating on Husband Jia Nai Liang with Rising Rapper PG One

Scandal is the flip coin of popularity and comes hand in hand in case folks argue that stars should expect privacy in their personal lives. C-ent has been gripped and atwitter over an adulterous cheating scandal that erupted on New Year’s Day. Married C-actress Li Xiao Lu was outed by a famous tabloid gossip column for being out the evening of New Year’s Eve with rapper PG One, who won the first season of hit show The Rap of China (knock off of K-ent’s Show Me the Money). They were spotted at dinner and going back to his apartment and she didn’t leave until the next morning, wearing the same outfit. Her husband C-actor and singer Jia Nai Liang spent NYE performing at a concert.

Quickly denials flew with PG One saying that he’s good friends with Jia Nai Liang, who he calls older brother, and Li Xiao Lu is just his older brother’s wife and the gathering was innocent. She denied it as well, saying another person was in the apartment and everyone stayed up late hanging out and just crashed afterwards. Jia Nai Liang said he believed his wife. Then two days later the same tabloid gossip column posted explicit pictures of PG One and Li Xiao Lu claimed to be shot that night having sex in his bedroom with the blinds wide open, and boy is it explicit. Then Jia Nai Liang cancelled his follow of PG One on Weibo and posted a tearful long message about heartache, betrayal, and wondered if he was a good enough husband to Li Xiao Lu and a father to their daughter. Aigoo, currently things sit at no one admitting anything outright but it’s basically true so people are wondering if a divorce is forthcoming.

Jia Nai Liang and Li Xiao Lu have been married many years and are parents to elementary school aged daughter, who is a public figure thanks to him doing the show Dad is Back (C-version of Superman Returns) with her. This cheating scandal has embroiled others, such as chaebol heir Wang Si Cong alleging that Li Xiao Lu and PG One had their side spend tens of thousands during the scandal on buying up search words so suddenly he was the number one search in China and their names got pushed down further in the search lists.

C-actress Ma Su, who is best friends with Li Xiao Lu, is also in hot water as she published a message to Jia Nai Liang the day after claiming she was at the dinner and also at the apartment afterwards and nothing happened, that PG One is like a little brother to them and was just there to take care of them and carry their purses. Another celebrity got pissed at Ma Su and posted on his Weibo that she was the biggest enabler of all, and was basically pushing Li Xiao Lu to give in to her temptations and make a mockery of Jia Nai Liang, and that Ma Su was basically C-ent’s madam. Now Ma Su has filed a defamation lawsuit in China against that celeb for calling her a madam, so you can see that this scandal has legs and is understandable for why it’s gripped the attention of C-netizens.


C-ent Roiled by Scandal with Li Xiao Lu Cheating on Husband Jia Nai Liang with Rising Rapper PG One — 34 Comments

  1. Oh wow. They’re so brave to do that with the blinds open like that.

    On a serious note I’m actually very shocked. And I wonder if Ma Su knew she was cheating the whole time.

    Now I can’t help but wonder if Hawick Lau did cheat on Yang Mi but she just blindly trusts him. Just like how Jai Nai Liang trusted his wife so much.

    • Hawick and Yang Mi are more like Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan. Their relationship has deteriorated since 2015 but they stay married due to company interests. It’s more like an open relationship at this point, and Yang Mi has her own share of rumors as well.

      On the other hand, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu were a loving couple in the eyes of the public.

      • I keep forgetting Yang Mi is married and already has a kid! She’s never seen with her husband anywhere so one can’t help wonder if she is still married.

  2. The whore should’ve divorced her husband if she no longer loved him. Pity the the husband, child, parents and family members who have to deal with the embarrassment, and hounding paparazzi. The Bastard who cheated with his friend’s wife should not be allowed in the entertainment industry.

  3. New Year’s Eve.
    Husband , performing for the public.
    Wife, performing for the public.

    Where is the kid though, she leaves her kid to cavort such.

  4. Honestly never gotten the impression that she really loved Jia Nailiang ever since I watched their Happy Camp episode. JNL put in so much effort to chase her and she ignored him until he was about give up, which was when she decided to accept him because she realized she was lonely without his presence. This strikes me as someone who is afraid of being alone rather than her realizing she loved him.
    Also, the fact that she was rumored to have hit on Kris and other young actors throughout the years pretty much cements her intention to cheat. But it’s really cruel of her to not only cheat, but choosing to do it with someone that is close to JNL. I can’t imagine how JNL feels right now. Hopefully he will make the best decision for himself. I don’t think they will divorce though, knowing how much JNL dotes on her daughter.

  5. Daaannnngggg!!! This is juicy scandal!!! Pretty damning evidence if your caught doing it on camera. Poor husband and daughter.

  6. I read about the news but I did not see the photos after. There must be a cover up in the main stream media. I am in shock on how hurting this is. She is a bit*h. And this is not her first rumoured scandal. I am so upset at how she just hurt her loved ones. Imagine how her daughter will feel when she gets older and get laughed at by her school mates.

    • This my first time seeing the pictures too. No wonder there is so much outrage over this among c-netizens. The lasting affect this will have on their family is really sad. When their daughter gets older if she randomly decides to search her parents names no doubt this scandal and all that surrounds it will pop up.

  7. This happened the night before NYE. Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang performed at an NYE concert together. From videos of the performance and post-performance interviews, Jia Nailiang really didn’t seem like himself. He is usually the one who has fun in front of the camera and isn’t afraid to humiliate himself, but he seemed quite expressionless and just tired.

    I was a fan of their family, especially their spunky daughter, when I watched “Dad is Back”. It really pains me to imagine what their whole family is going through. Entertainment news have dug up information showing that Li Xiaolu probably never loved Jia Nailiang in the first place, such as how she said on TV that he isn’t her ideal type and how she seems to have matching/couple’s items with PG One. And then the media released recent video of Jia Nailiang getting drunk and hugging his friends tightly days afterward and the video of him crying as he hugged his daughter and said goodbye as he left for work. It’s also been reported that parents of both Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu have fallen sick.

    A lot of Chinese netizens are calling out PG One and that he should get out of the entertainment industry, not just for this scandal. In the past, he had been suspected of doing drugs and his songs allude to that. His lyrics have also mentioned being with young girls and date rape. His music is now being pulled off music streaming sites.

    • Seriously, who does it with the curtains open? Especially if you’re a celebrity, married, and know that paparazzi is probably tailing you? Looks like they deliberately wanted this affair to be exposed!

      • I was wondering the same. What married celebrity would be so stupid as to do it with the curtains open and the lights on ( so everyone can definitely see it’s you), unless they want to be caught? I feel bad for the husband and daughter.

  8. Although, this seems like someone set her up to me. Not sure of her popularity, but Jia Nia Liang is popular, so for a reporter to follow someone not so popular, I wonder how would they know something will happen, and the windows had no curtains..

    • She is popular too (she has 45 million followers on weibo) and PG One is popular from the show.. so its normal for reporters to follow them

  9. A plastic monster cheating.. LOL. Husband Jia Nai Liang should kick her out and take the custody of their child. Selfish, narcissistic cheaters are gross

  10. Both of them are trash. I can see (if not condone) the appeal of a new partner for someone is in a long term relationship but I still don’t understand what this young guy was getting out of having an affair with a married woman.

  11. It seems like she just wanted to continue to live like a single person even after getting married. If the previous rumors are true, it looks like Li Xiaolu wanted to continue to play the field and go after young guys. I really don’t understand this type of person. I know there are arrangements such as open marriages, but I don’t think that was the case here. If you can’t remain faithful don’t get married. If she didn’t hold any kind of affection for him she should have done them both a favor and not get married. Both Li Xiaolu and PG One caused so much hurt and embarrassment to their loved ones with this playing out so publicly. From all appearances Jia Nai Liang has been good to her and their daughter, and I suspect he knew what was going on for a while now but turned a blind eye to it. Also the wide open blinds o_0 like did they really think they would not get caught?

    • I not too sure it is really them. I don’t normally trust tabloids. It could be another couple, if there were more than the two of them in the apartment.

      • I agree that the tabloids in any country are not the most trustworthy, they do tend to peddle lies more than truths. It’s just a mess right now with all that’s coming out and no one addressing it directly (I think it’s best that they aren’t since it’s a private matter playing out publicly)other than Jia Nai Liang’s weibo statement. But with what has been around Li Xiaolu prior to this, I think it’s hard for anyone to give her and PG One the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Damn, c entertainment don’t play with publishing those pictures. Nasty AF. At least close the blinds. Feel sorry for the daughter and husband!

  13. Actually if this is true, shame on her for bringing smut talk to her family’s door step. And shame on both husband and wife for putting their child through this. This sounded like an accident waiting to happen, both husband and wife acted selfishly.

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