Along With the Gods Rockets into Top 10 Highest Grossing K-movies of All Time in 4th Spot

Wowsers does this movie have legs, or movie-going audience eyeballs judging from the box office. For the first time in two years a K-movie has entered the top 10 highest grossing Korean movies of all time list, at current standing the fantasy movie Along With the Gods has just over 13 million tickets sold placing it 4th on the list. That’s amazing, and it’s just a few hundred thousands away from overtaking Veteran in 3rd place, and may even gross more than Ode to My Father with 14.2 million tickets. The number 1 grossing K-movie remains far and away The Admiral: Roaring Currents at over 17 million so it’s unlikely Gods can hit that number, but this is an incredible feat and great news for the cast and crew as part 2 of the movie is coming this summer. Congrats to the cast of Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Joo Ji Hoon, and Kim Hyang Gi.

Another 2017 movie may enter the top 10 as A Taxi Driver currently sits at 11th spot with 12.2 million tickets sold, and 10th place is King and the Clown from 2005 which had 12.3 million tickets sold and back then 12 years ago was an insane unbelievable runaway hit of epic proportions which has kept that sageuk move in the top 10 list for 12 years now. The only other relatively older movie in the top 10 list is monster movie The Host in 5th place in 2006 with just over 13 million viewers.


Along With the Gods Rockets into Top 10 Highest Grossing K-movies of All Time in 4th Spot — 8 Comments

  1. We can say for sure that Ju Ji Hoon has fully recovered his career after that MDMA scandal. He was obviously very smart in choosing roles. Of course ha Jung Woo is like a magnet who makes movie lovers go and watch his films.

    • It didn’t recover right away, he had a couple of flop dramas post-army and even moved to second lead for a bit before Mask became a hit. And iirc he’s mainly stayed in movie supporting roles instead of attempting to keep leading man status.

      He certainly had it harder than some people whose deeds were worse but get guaranteed hit dramas given to them on a platter to clean their image.

      • At least he is humble and he has the genuine hunger for acting and didn’t get anything with his daddy’s connections. JJH’s scandal isn’t even bad comparatively, he was just harming himself, not dragging an unconscious lady to his room…

      • The only scandal I remember of him was the drug. The other scandal, sadly were him being drag in by other party (his ex gf Ga In scandal)

        But agree, other have it better or I’ll say other have preferential treatment in sense.

  2. I’ve been wondering why that is? I saw it last weekend and thought it was phenomenal. I expected more reviews and hype ala Train to Busan…perhaps it didn’t connect well with Western audiences?

    • coz Westerns believe in Resurrection not Reincarnation, and they have that book called The Bible. But I will watch this for fun fiction, and because of Joo Ji Hoon, the beloved Royal Prince. I hope Joo Ji Hoon fully recovers on his career so he can get marry Yoon Eun Hye, yah I still have the Goong syndrome like since forever lol.

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