Suzy Shows Off Her Youthful Prettiness in Minimal Makeup at Music Bank Rehearsal

I don’t follow K-pop so I don’t know the barometers of a successful album release. From what I’ve gathered Suzy‘s recently released second solo mini album is doing well but whether that’s just good enough or very very well I’ll leave to the experts to elucidate. I do know she’s looking quite well and that’s in the very very very well side of the spectrum. She was recently photographed hearing to Music Bank rehearsals with a bare face and minimal makeup. It’s basically lipstick and maybe light foundation and that’s it. In the world of K-ent female stars, some of whom do yoga in full makeup just to post on SNS, this is a nice reminder that some stars really are just born pretty and evidenced by a near makeup free face. But it also bears noting that Suzy is 23 years old (24 in Korean age) and at that age I was going makeup free too, as the Chinese saying goes “Youth is the down payment” of life.

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Suzy Shows Off Her Youthful Prettiness in Minimal Makeup at Music Bank Rehearsal — 9 Comments

  1. Nice skin. Her eyes look like single eyelids. Or it’s really hidden. A bit underwhelming but hey, a bit of makeup would do wonders for anyone.

  2. really love Architecture 101,a movie that will bring you back to your youth. even tho im used to watching romanctic movies with heavy stories but this one is an exception.
    the three that attract my attention is suzy, lee jae hoon and Jo jong suk.
    suzy is a newbie here, she play well, such a natural beauty so pure..
    and when i saw this article remind me A101..
    after that i start search about her, seems like she is a warm and kind… such a sweetheart..

  3. I love it that she’s stayed natural and doesn’t seem to have had work done to her eyes etc. Agree that she’s fresh faced, youthful and gorgeous.

  4. Haha, when I was young I wore lots of makeup and today I still don’t see a difference. The more older you get every bit too makeup makes you looking older since it shows off every wrinkle you didn’t even know you had. Today (40+) I prefer going naked or just a bit BB cushion and Blush, sometimes even lipstick. And almost all my colleagues who are 50+ are the same. Probably we learn that there are things more important than fake looks. Glad to see someone learned that way earlier than us, especially someone that exposed. Good girl.

  5. Suzy looks beautiful as always. Her pre-release track, “In Love With Someone Else” got an allkill and her title song was also on Melon’s top 10 as well so it’s a fairly(i’m adding this word because some people think that it needs to be twice/bts/exo kind of success) successful comeback for a solo 🙂

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