Swarovski Continues to Team with Park Shin Hye in Latest 2018 Lovely CF

The crystal jewelry line of Swarovski has been using actress Park Shin Hye as its South Korean spokesmodel for so many years I’ve lost count but the selection has certainly paid off. She’s remained the top of drama actresses of her age and experience in popularity and must be delivering for the brand that it continues to partner with her. The new 2018 ads are out and run the gamut from sweet pinky feminine to sophisticated blue cool and finally sultry power red. What I appreciate about Park Shin Hye is her visual versatility, she has looks that come across as natural and believable depending on how the makeup artist and costume designer wants to style her. It’s an additional great asset for her as a coveted CF model.


Swarovski Continues to Team with Park Shin Hye in Latest 2018 Lovely CF — 13 Comments

  1. She owns the classy look!
    The elegance and style along with her beauty gives an aura which makes ones eyes keep coming back to her.
    I wish we could see her enact this look in one of her dramas. She would totally slay it.

  2. Shin Hye look soooo gorgeous in all of the photos shoot and her beauty is mesmerizing. Can’t wait to see my princess back on full screen again.

  3. Slay! She killed another photoshoot! It was in the News that Swarovski did great in sales last year especially in Asia where Shin Hye is the brand ambassador ❤️

  4. I think ur mistaken her ad with Agatha that went for many years. She only started working with Swarovski in 2016 and recently became their global model

  5. The Global Model for Swarovski. The cfs simple, sophisticate, beautiful , are spread around the world, from Europe, Americas , Asia and more. Love all her pictures, and the aura she is projecting. Her genuine humbleness , classy, beauty, talent , eagerness to learn and improve so she can do better, plus intelligence will take her further. Indeed a jewel ! And , I am a proud die hard fan!

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