K-dramas Preparing to Adapt Butler Manhwa and Fairy Girl Webtoon for Early Spring 2018

Two new adaptations are in the works for early 2018 as K-dramas continue to look towards the drawn medium for access to ready-made stories. The first coming down the pipeline is a K-drama adaptation of a manhwa called Your Butler. It tells the story of a capable male butler who goes to work for a household full of scatterbrained women and help solve their household problems. The drama has been picked up for KBS Wed-Thurs to follow Mystery Queen 2. I think there was already a very similar drama years ago called Manny but heck let’s all welcome more stories where a man solves a bunch of women’s problems. The drama will be produced by the PD of Strongest Deliveryman and the second chair screenwriter of Producer.

Another adaptation is currently being considered by tvN from a webtoon called Tale of the Chicken Dragon Fairy (literal translation) about the story of the fairy from the Joseon era who loses her fairy wings and falls in love with a woodcutter and decides to marry him. He falls down a cliff and dies to be reincarnated, so she goes looking for her husband in the present day in the guise of an old halmoni but specific people can see her true beautiful fairy girl visage. She can also talk to plants and animals. The drama will be helmed by the PD of Can We Love.


K-dramas Preparing to Adapt Butler Manhwa and Fairy Girl Webtoon for Early Spring 2018 — 11 Comments

  1. Second one sounds adorable lol. I’m waiting for YSH to be back. I know he was just gone for 2 weeks. But that’s 2 whole weeks! It’s already forever, can he not come back?!? Also, can he do it with Park Bo Young? Because how adorable would that be??

    • OMG, hahahaha, really?!

      Are they going to dare to show a female serial killer that wasn’t redeemed and felt no remorse whatsoever?

    • It’s gonna be an epic fail. It’s not even on cable, how are they gonna broadcast such a gritty and violent drama. Without that on the table, it’s gonna be Disney Luther.

  2. Hehe just thinking that Dragon Chicken Fairy needed a remake… I’m actually reading the webtoon and it’s amazing. At first,I didn’t read it week by week because I felt the plot was obvious but really the author gives her own touches to the story, and it’s one of the best stories that tackle reincarnation and friendship.

      • The webtoon in Korean on Naver Webtoon:
        And Koala’s Playground has disabled the copypaste function so you need to type down this link.

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