Chen Qiao En Returns to Work and Gets Probation and Community Service for Drunk Driving Arrest

It’s a quiet end for Chen Qiao En‘s early January drunk driving incident in Taipei, as the actress appeared before a judge this week and got her sentencing. Due to cooperating with authorities from her initial arrest, being apologetic, and accepting responsibility for her actions, the judge took all that into account as well as a lack of a prior for this infraction so gave her one year probation. She will have to complete 60 hours of community service within a year, and she has volunteered to record PSAs for the police department use on the dangers of drunk driving. For a celebrity this is pretty bad publicity already and she sounds like someone who took responsibility for her poor judgment in driving while under the influence and I hope for her sake this never happens again. She’s quietly returned to working this month, with a new picture of her on the set of a CF looking understandably on the frail side.

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