Jung Seok Won Admits Meth Use in Australia and Released After Police Investigation

From the timing and circumstances surrounding actor Jung Seok Won‘s drug arrest yesterday, changes are he is being used as a decoy to divert attention from other potentially more nefarious news stories. It’s old hat especially in South Korea, but it doesn’t negate what he did if it’s indeed true that he was busted for meth use. The alleged use of crystal meth was overseas in Australia and he was arrested upon arrival at Incheon airport and taken away from drug testing. If meth is still found in his blood stream then he will have violated the law regardless of not doing the drugs in South Korea.

The police were reported tipped off to his drug use in Australia so was waiting to arrest him when he arrived, and Jung Seok Won’s side has apologized and accepted responsibility, saying he was curious when offered meth at a club and tried it for the first time. Riiiiiight. Anyhoo, any celeb should just refrain from breaking the law, doesn’t matter if other stars are doing it, why put oneself in the position of being busted as a smoke screen. Jung Seok Won has finished the first police investigation and has been released due to having no priors and not seen as a flight risk.


Jung Seok Won Admits Meth Use in Australia and Released After Police Investigation — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, there are plenty of different drugs in a club. What other drugs has he tried apart from crystal meth? I suppose he doesn’t need to be at home looking after his child so he can enjoy himself clubbing overseas. What a wonderful dad he is.

    • Look man I once had to ask a mother of 5 kids ( single mum mind you ) how much cocaine she used weekly. Because she said she was having withdrawals because she was from interstate and had no supplies. I witheld comment asking if kid under her care.

      Her weekly spending was more than what I earned fortnightly.

      Drug use crosses all segments of society. But I did admire this couple so yeah disappointing news. And since I am living in Australia- what crock. Who tries meth as a first time drug user? A foolish teenager maybe.

      But an adult. A celebrity. And a new dad. Snort- pull another one ahjusshi.

  2. I am Australian and the federal police here without hesitation would inform Korean authorties…Kiss good bye to any return visa and entry to most other countries like U.S and U.k and Europe..The consequences can be even greater when doing this overseas…what was he thinking?

  3. He needs to go to REHAB ASAP.This is not the kind of situation that ends with an apology or lame excuses like “i was curious about it”.Be a man Jung Seok Won-ssi. His wife is already facing ridicule just for liking fan comments on her sns. Baek Ji Young has already been through a load of crap as it is.

  4. Curious? Is he a child? This is meth not just weed. Ive seen the effects of that drug and it ain’t pretty. Take care of your family instead of being “curious”.

  5. He is most likely an addict already, it’s almost impossible to just dabble in meth. He is still a father so he needs to wake up and get help and distance himself from circles that give easy access to any type of illegal drug.

  6. will his carear end after these allegations? i mean pretty other k celebs got into drug scandals and got doomed !!
    i really liked him in rooftop prince. dont know why the hell they commit such thing?

  7. Goes to show, looking good does not = healthy. TOP, him and many other kpop stars. Good on such news so that we’ll not blindly worship stars. Like I was shocked at what a bastard YooChun is, attacking waitress in the toilets, how sick when he could gave anyone as a famous star!

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