First Teaser for My Ahjusshi with Lee Seon Kyun and IU Reveal Unexpected Comedic Undertones

A drama teaser is supposed to set a tone and whet the appetite, and I’m certainly intrigued but mostly in a confused way for upcoming tvN drama My Ahjusshi. It’s the drama that’s gotten tons of commentary for casting Lee Seon Kyun in the age appropriate role of a man in his forties, and similarly casting IU as the female lead in her twenties, with the age differential between the two built into the central narrative. I’m also pleased with Lee Ji Ah coming back to dramas since 2013 with The Woman Who Married Three Times, here as the second female lead . Another plus I was surprised to see are the awesome ahjusshi character actors Oh Dae Soo and Song Sae Byuk who are playing the older and younger brothers to Lee Seon Kyun’s characters. That’s a whole lotta ahjusshis in this drama and whatever the screenwriter and PD of Another Oh Hae Young have in store I’ll give it a chance.

First teaser for My Ahjusshi:


First Teaser for My Ahjusshi with Lee Seon Kyun and IU Reveal Unexpected Comedic Undertones — 15 Comments

  1. I think the screen writer is of Another Oh Hae Young but the PD is of Misaeng/Sigal. Anyhow this show is already intriguing and with the minimal details given to us it gives a larger room to explore.

    • In all my years of drama watching and news reading, I have never seen as many nasty comments directed/implied at the male lead as I have seen with this pairing of LSK and IU as main leads. It’s really appalling and I feel insulted on these veteran actors’ behalf. But yes, with this PD at the helm and the amazing veterans in the cast (Lee Seon Kyun, Oh Dal Su, Lee Ji Ah, Na Mun Hee) this will NOT be your typical idol drama, something those fans are so longing for.

      • It always happened with her so I’m not surprised. I don’t know why. Same thing happened with scarlet heart like eww Lee jun ki is going to look like an ajushi beside her Why not make kang ha Neul or baek hyun the lead…..seriously I don’t know what these people think. They even accused Lee jun ki of using iu to get more Insta followers LOL.This case is more absurd because this actor is veteran plus married and has his own fan base.yes he might not have the crazy fan girls who cry on every wink their oppa does or fall for every cheesy cringy line oppa says and stick them selves to tv . His fan base is older and may be will watch it when they have time on second airing or third airing so ratings don’t really matter for non cheesy actors. This drama will do good

      • But really Lee Joon Gi looks a lot younger than Kang Hanuel though. I love KHN as an actor. Other than IU whom I have not missed a drama of her since Dream High, I have also been following Kang Hanuel since the heirs and the reason why I stumbled Scarlet Heart. For a young actor, KHN mature looking is a plus factor. But what captivated me with Scarlet Heart was Lee Joon Gi amazing acting. He did amazingly in that drama and his performance as Wang So is one which is hard to beat, in my vocabulary. It’s my life Korean drama. Hands down that drama was a success because of Wang So.

        Anyhow, I hope My Ajushi will be a success. IU is not really as you as good actress just yet but she is pleasing to watch. I watched that 50episode Lee Soon Shin because of her. Her best performance so far was The Producers. She stood out brilliantly in that drama.

  2. I also believe this drama is going to be good, I have faith in both writer and PD. IU isn’t a spectacular actress but she’s warm enough for me to like her characters.

    I personally like noona romances (why it isn’t called Ajumma romance to be fair), but I’m also open to “ajusshi romance”. I think Goblin set this ajusshi trend, since it was such a popular show and in the end people didn’t complain that much about their age gap.

    • I am totally ok with IU and LSK pairing and the whole large age gap romance trend. But Goblin was GROSS. Although KGE is of legal age, Ji Eun Tak is a high schooler. So the romance between an ahjussi even as smoldering hot as Gong Yoo with a high schooler (whom is not even at a legal age to buy lottery) in Goblin is encouraging pedophile. Plain GROSS

      • I agree. Large age gap is fine as long as the OTP are of legal age. Idk whats the fascination with a romance between an old man with a barely legal high school girl in Goblin. My skin crawled everytime she called him Ahjusshi.

  3. I don’t care of the age gap if the actors have chemistry and can sell me the story. In Radio Romance, KSH looks like a 18 years old girl and I can’t think she’s an adult. It’s too weird when she drinks alcool or when she drives… So before to judge MY Ahjusshi, I have to see the first episodes 🙂

  4. Damn IU looks the way I feel in that screenshot.

    If this is 2 realistic, nuanced characters connecting and genuinely providing emotional support and it’s not a forced romance, I’m all in. I was worried it would be something similar to Goblin where it was this downtrodden older man falling for a bright, spunky and immature younger woman because of her blinding youthful optimism. If there are both emotionally mature and dealing with personal issues (which would make the healing part more believable) then I’m all in. I still wish the female character was written and cast as a woman similar to age as the male lead character but still, I hope it’s good.

  5. some of you people are sick. how do you fell if your daughter have romance with old man in their 40s? are you going act like it all fine?
    IU look like a kid next to him. so any romance with them is a BIG NOOO.

  6. i like this short teaser. somehow it’s different from my initial thought. Oh dal su and Lee sun kyun are my fav actors so i hope it will be good!

    • LOL, whether they write this cliche fate in to the storyline we will have to wait and see. From the preview they have made IU dress more mature so that helps a bit with the huge age gap.

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