Rain Rocks the Man Bags for Arena Magazine and Confirms Drama Comeback with jTBC Thriller Sketch

Good news for Rain fans, myself included of course since he’s just gotten more endearing as a person over the years even though his acting and taste in picking projects remains woefully inconsistent. He’s coming back in 2018 with a new drama, going to cable network jTBC to headline the action thriller Sketch (not to be confused with upcoming SBS drama Switch). He will play a detective in the violent crimes unit in a drama about a group of people fighting to change the future, whatever that entails. The drama is from the screenwriter of K-drama Hidden Identity and also wrote the Joseon detective period movie The King’s Case Note. This will be Rain’s first drama in two years since he did Please Come Back Ahjusshi which was just ok and really Oh Yeon Seo stole the thunder in that drama. I’m hoping this action drama doesn’t turn Rain into a slick and soulless hero like with Fugitive: Plan B and instead gives him plenty of character depth and nuance.


Rain Rocks the Man Bags for Arena Magazine and Confirms Drama Comeback with jTBC Thriller Sketch — 8 Comments

  1. I honestly looooooved Plan B. I thought Rain was simply phenomenal in that drama and his best acting performance to date. His character was great, and I really was into that story.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to this despite the production team being a huge question mark. I don’t know any of their previous projects and their track record isn’t great either. I’ll be positive though, because he hasn’t done one good drama since coming back from the army.

  2. I really liked Come Back Mister and thought Rain gave a good performance.

    I dropped Hidden Identity so hope the writing works a bit better for me this time around.

  3. IDK why but you sound like a hater… if you don’t like some of his works, that’s ok, personal preferences and so on but please don’t belittle him. If you don’t like Rain that much just don’t write about him.

  4. RAIN did sooo damn good in Please Come Back Mister! He is an amazing actor! Every character is so different! So I’m looking forward his new drama. Fighting, oppa!

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