Return Continues Onward This Week with Leading Lady Switch From Go Hyun Jung to Park Jin Hee

It was a surprise to see new episodes of SBS Wed-Thurs drama Return airing this week, what with last week’s epic onset fallout with the PD and leading lady Go Hyun Jung getting into a tiff and then SBS firing her. The show must go on but the surprise is how quickly the production was ready to start airing again with replacement leading lady Park Jin Hee taking over the same role of lawyer Choi Ja Hye. She appeared in Wednesday’s episode already and the network aired a note to audiences about the casting change. Other than wearing the same type of lawyer suit Park Jin Hee has is sticking with her current short hair and hiding her second pregnancy under a jacket. Ratings remain relatively steady to the previous week and the drama has the second half remaining to air. This one will certainly go down in K-drama history as one of the most tumultuous production fall outs to go along with Wolf and Spy Myung Wol, among a handful that quickly come to mind.


Return Continues Onward This Week with Leading Lady Switch From Go Hyun Jung to Park Jin Hee — 9 Comments

  1. afaik they don’t air the Thursday ep but it was 17% for ep 16 when the replacement make an appearance, hmm hmm so does the public accept the separation and the netizen is the only one who is preaching and antagonising the PD?

    I am quite interested to the see the rating of this drama despite the scandal.

    My stance : both are at wrong and can no longer work together so they separate, I can see it’s happening and idk why people keep perpetuating “burying something bigger” or “ex-chaebol things” when Olympic will bury any politic news at this time,

    • well….. alot of knetz were up in arms and actually were saying that they wetent gonna watch it anymore but then reports about GHJ’s “behaviour” started to come out and a lot bought into it? So that coukd be a reason why ratings still stay high.then again knetz are the internet and dont really represent the general public. The general public could just not care about the drama bts and just tuned in to watch a drama they liked every week

    • The knetizens and inetizens making the loudest noise aren’t the core viewers… Fans may buy into the various conspiracy theories and work themselves into a self-righteous frenzy over GHJ’s alleged mistreatment. But GHJ didn’t cover herself in glory when she got physical, be it shoving or slapping the PD. If that were an actor attacking a female PD…
      Ultimately viewers watched Return for its storyline and not the star power. All too common to see dramas banking on their popular leads to sell a poor product these days.

  2. Oh I didn’t recognize her on the first picture, I thought it was Kim Ji Soo.

    I didn’t watch the two last episodes and I don’t know if I want. We didn’t see a lot GHJ but her charisma with her way to speak was incredible.

  3. Frankly GHJ didn’t do much in the drama, and the story is progressing very well. I’m religiously watching because of the drama itself is very engaging.

    • I think the sad thing about this incident is that it proves that actors are easily replaceable no matter how famous they are. Broadcasting stations will do whatever they want if they are not satisfied with someone.

  4. It’s not like the viewers are only watching it because of GHJ,there are many people who also watched it because of LJM and the story so yeah.

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