Hwang Jung Eum Considering Offer as Leading Lady Opposite Namgong Min for Rom-com Hoo Nam and Jung Eum

I’m not sure how K-drama fans feel about this potential pairing but I’ll toss my first impression coin in the optimistic fountain. K-actress Hwang Jung Eum is considering an offer to be the leading lady in summer SBS romantic drama Hoo Nam and Jung Eum, which I hope is casting her not because she shares the same name as the character. If she accepts this will be her first drama in two years since Lucky Romance in 2016, and also her comeback since having a baby in late 2017. Hwang Jung Eum is one of those workhorses in K-drama land, doing drama after drama but I am surprised she’s ready to come back so soon after having a baby. The confirmed male lead for this drama is Namgong Min and he’s got so a broad range of acting chops and is also a workhorse nonstop actor who is finally getting his due in the last three years.

Hoo Nam and Jung Eum is about a man who believes he knows everything about love and therefore doesn’t believe in romance, and a woman who aims for marriage but has given up on dating. The drama will be penned by the screenwriter of Tamra the Island which is one of my all time favorite K-dramas.


Hwang Jung Eum Considering Offer as Leading Lady Opposite Namgong Min for Rom-com Hoo Nam and Jung Eum — 12 Comments

  1. The general sentiment on Hwang Jung Gum is that she overacts in the first 3 episodes or so especially when she is in rom coms. I have only watched her in “Kill Me, Heal Me” so they are not too far off.It was around episode 5 when I started getting into her character in that drama.Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung were more than enough to keep me invested.But if their characters were acted by weak actors in the first half.I would have dropped it.

    But when her characters mellows down.She is really good and she hits the emotional bits really well.So the director should restrain her a bit and she will do just fine.I would she accept though than idol actress like Yoona or Hyeri to work with Nam Goong Min or poor actresses like Shin Se Kyung.Minah did ok in my Beautiful Gong Shim, but I much prefer him working with actresses around his age.

  2. I am hoping NGM can work with natural beauty & sweetie like Shin Min Ah (if she is ready for a drama again)… HJE’s style of overacting is kinda outdated, her nose looks really weird… and her voice when she screams is unbearable.

  3. She is amazing. Seems little annoying with overacting cute parts sometimes. But more you watch more she grows on you. She is real good at melo. She is one of my favorite and trusted actresses whatever she does.

  4. People watching only kill Me, Heal Me and saying she overacts and screeches. Hello, she has a vast body of work and most of her stellar acting is in Melodrama, its not her fault if the PD wants her screeches. In fact she already has proven record of chemistry and stellar acting in one of her early dramas Can You Hear My Heart that also stars Namgoong Min. I advise all to watch Can You Hear My heart or Giant or Endless Love before saying crap about her acting. Can You Hear My Heart was a project way back when Korea didn’t love him so dearly like right now. The famous Maroo and Uri. I hope she accepts,it’d be a second shot for the couple that was amazing but wasn’t meant to be.

    • Yes she is an awesome actress she even overshadowed ji sung in secret love. That shouting annoyingly was only in her last two projects. May be the director demanded

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