Song Ji Hyo Offered Female Lead in K-drama Version of Zettai Kareshi Called Roco King

I merely like and not yet love Song Ji Hyo but I would love for this casting to happen. She’s been offered the female lead in the K-drama adaptation of shoujo manga Zettai Kareshi, which Japan adapted nearly a decade ago to solid success with leads Aibu Saki, Mokomichi Hayami, and Mizushima Hiro. For some reason Song Ji Hyo gives off certain similar vibes with Aibu Saki and I can totally see Song Ji Hyo being silly and serious as the female lead suddenly enjoying the companionship of a hot robot while balancing real human romance development with a flesh and blood guy. The drama is currently slated to air on thriller heavy cable network OCN and could be a fun summer rom-com if it gets into production soon.


Song Ji Hyo Offered Female Lead in K-drama Version of Zettai Kareshi Called Roco King — 15 Comments

  1. no i think jeon so min would be allot better, she had more of a quirky fun personality while song ji hyo is more blank that’s why she’s called mong-ji. i don’t think this would be a good idea since it’s so long ago that they should’ve done a remake back then when it was popular. i feel that right now the trend is supernatural fantasy with higher beings or gods like goblin, monkey king, water god and etc. they could prolly do a goddess drama to spice things up or give a new perspective. or something with fairytale or folklore, but with this….i don’t think so.

  2. i do like song ji hyo, but I think she’s now more suitable in serious drama than romcom. Her last drama about women affair (forget the tittle) was good.
    anyway, adapting Zettai Kareshi is bad idea, I hope she decline the offer.

    • I agree? personally i wasn’t a fan of zettai kareshi so while i don’t think this remake itself is a good idea, i don’t think this drama is gonna do anything for song ji hyo as a mature actress critically or commercially. I think she would do better doing more serious roles like you said along the lines of her last drama.

      • but seeing how they are dragging out the confirmation/rejection shes probably gonna take it….

      • ohh.. I really hope she decline the offer.. but if she accepted it, then at least make a proper adaptation of ZR. Because the story itself was unique and not for everyone..

  3. Sorry but Song Ji Hyo is a bland actress. She exudes no charisma. She is always a better reality tv star than an actress.

  4. how many flops should they be before these guys wake up and realise robot rom coms just dont resonate with the Korean audience?Not to mention, Song Ji Hyo has no spark as an actress. Jeon So Min would be a better fit.

  5. She is in a movie with Lee El ‘What a man wants’ due to drop April 5th and the trailer looks promising so I want to check it out if Netflix NZ can hook us up!!! Two in one – my fav actresses on the big screen yep Im in! Happy Friday people ❤️

  6. I think this role kinda fit her as she still looking so young compared to her age! She will do great on this drama and hope it will be a hit! All the best and goodluck actress Song Jihyo!

    • Omg Song Ji Hyo will be the female lead in this new drama? Sounds great!! Since her role in the drama is a special makeup artist, which fit her but i’d wish too if they also give her some-kind of serious/fierce character too. but whatever because i will watch the drama anyways, once it got release haha

  7. Yes i hope the casting to happen too. The plot of the drama is also seems nice and interesting so i think now they will just need to balance the cast, the opposite lead that may fit and comfortable with jihyo character there. So all the best to Roco King, and jihyo! Will looking forward to the drama, especially jihyo’s and other lead character! xx

  8. Contrary to the others, I really like Jihyo’s acting because it’s unique among the others. It’s not natural acting but she has her own brand that is distinctive. And I’ve been watching her in serious dramas for a while now, it’s time to get another romcom. She always cries in her shows, it’s a waste of her beautiful smile. Also, this story has a tear-jerking ending so I’m also interested how Korea would adapt that part. I hope she accepts the role.
    I am curious who the guys would be tho… The robot has to be super pretty. I’m really excited for this. I won’t watch tho if it’s not her to play the role since I already know the story

    • Yea same. I really miss her Romcom type drama so if she didnt accept the role then i wont watch too since i also know the ending part. I hope jihyo will accept the role too ❤❤

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