Hyun Bin Handsome Despite One Size Too Small Suit at Ferragamo Fashion Show in Milan

In a curious case of someone shrank my pants, K-actor Hyun BIn was in Milan this week attending the Salvatore Ferragomo fashion show as expected when he was spotted jauntily jetting out of Incheon airport looking like a dapper city gangster. I love the aubergine dress shirt with cream colored jacket but the suit itself is so ill-tailored, that or Binnie just picked a size too small. He still looks supremely handsome and it’s nice to send out Asia’s top looker to stand tall amongst the Western celebs. If Binnie accepts the most recent drama offer for Memories of Alhambra it will send him to Spain for an extensive overseas shoot and that would certainly double the visual allure for that drama.


Hyun Bin Handsome Despite One Size Too Small Suit at Ferragamo Fashion Show in Milan — 11 Comments

  1. He is gaining back his looks. I remember seeing a picture of him some time after Hyde, Jekyll and Me, where he was in A Twosome Place holding a cup of coffee. He was so oily faced and looked like a country bumpkin. Knetz were writing how his flopped comeback was a big blow to his image and they were wondering if he could ever rise from there unless a script like Secret Garden or Kim Sam Soon came to him. Nowadays, he’s doing fine. I feel like he’s a bit traumatized to come back to dramas but if Gong Yoo did it after Big, then he can do it too. Just depends on the quality of the script and the production value of course. I don’t think Gong Yoo would have comeback in dramas hadn’t he had big success with Age of Shadows and Train to Busan. Or if the script wasn’t by hitmaker Kim Eun Sook…

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  2. Suits that are too small seem to be the preferred style by men today, but look awful, especially with those big feet poking out. Glad to see Binnie’s dimpled smile again, tho.

  3. when I see someone wear suit without belt, I always feel something missing. I’m not fashionista, it just ..
    he looked good anyway

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