Lee Seungi Gi Finishes Movie and Drama Airings to Start 2018 and Looks Forward to New Project(s)

I have my loves and without reservation K-actor and singer Lee Seung Gi is one of them. I legit love watching him in any role and at the same time can express disappointment if his performance or the greater project itself is flawed and lackluster. Such as the takeaway from his most recent K-drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) yet I remain convinced that he chose wisely. Of the recent K-dramas there aren’t any that would have received the level of buzz as Hwayugi, not to mention he got a fun character to play in the re-imagined version of Sun Wukong (Song Oh Gong) the Monkey King. That the Hong Sisters started the drama off with plenty of creativity and excitement is undeniable, but the second half faltered and that’s not on Lee Seung Gi. I think this latest role was yet another notch in his acting resume and that he looks absolutely drop dead handsome as a visual treat isn’t a bad consolation prize.


Lee Seungi Gi Finishes Movie and Drama Airings to Start 2018 and Looks Forward to New Project(s) — 12 Comments

  1. He’s a triple threat, and damn good at all 3. So the rest of the k celebrities, watch out. It’s hard to be good in all 3.

  2. I must say that it was a good decision made by LSG even though the drama received mix reviews. The character SOG is extremely memorable and it allowed him to show is range as an actor. You will notice that in one scene, he change change from cheeky to loving or cheeky to thoughtful or loving to angry…. He was a joy to watch… I must say it is a good project to be on.

  3. He did a terrific job in making a complex character come alive and these photos make me want to tuck him in my pocket and take him home—?

  4. He’s been talking about a new album soooo much that I don’t think he’ll take Vagabond *cries* or any other drama this year and will focus on his music career. As a fan -a huge fan- of singer Seung Gi, I’m thrilled he still wants to do music, his voice is heaven sent, both the husky/powerful one or the sweet/angelic one. Can’t wait for it. *-*

    • Btw, Seung Gi slayed, killed and shined as Son Oh Gong. I was keeping my hopes for the second half and tried forgiving the dragging and repetition thinking they’d deliver in the final but that I learned the hard way never to trust Hong sisters. At least, LSG was incredibly sexy and the drama was better than his last 2 *especially that darned GFB*

    • Yes, agreed, I am looking forward for his new music project…eventhough I would love for Him to break his usual rule of only one Drama per year…would love to see Him in a Drama again and one with a special script like this of Vagabound would have been nice.

  5. I agreed with You Friend. His role in the drama He ate the Character, He was awesome at it. It was a shame that The Hong Sisters as usual, screwed up the end. I hope there would do a season 2 or special episode to fix that but maybe is not much possible. Either way, His acting was superb and that’s why many are upset of the ending, it didn’t made justice to His and the rest of the Cast performances. But I am confident He will do another project , hopefully this year….I need Him acting in another Drama ASAP!

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