Moon Geun Young Shares Candid and Positive Changes in January 2018 Interview

Checking in on Moon Geun Young is a regular part of my K-ent coverage and it’s nice to see new pictures of her and get a new interview to start 2018. She sat down with EBS1 show Time of Being Another and actually broke down crying when reminded of a long ago interview she gave when she was 21 years old. For that interview she was asked if she hated anyone and she shockingly said herself. Nearly ten years later Moon Geun Young teared up being reminded of that answer and said that she no longer hates herself. The reason she said that years ago was because she struggled with how to react to people around her, and when something negative happened she never confronted it and instead internalized it as something wrong with her or her perception. Now she’s learned to love herself and allow her voice to be heard. I’m so relieved and proud of her for navigating the confusion of being in her twenties coupled with the complexities of the entertainment industry.


Moon Geun Young Shares Candid and Positive Changes in January 2018 Interview — 5 Comments

  1. She is adorable. I only wish her the best of things ahead with such a difficult year behind her on personal loss, health and career. Stay strong Moonie and keep that beautiful smile your inspiring for eveything you have been through;loved and very precious.😚

  2. Oh.. been so long haven’t hear any news from her. Thanks ms.Ockoala for the update. 😘😘 Nway.. i hope we’ll her fans will hear even great news from MGY soon. Fingercrossed. Happy for her to not hating herself anymore, keep smile beautifully Miss.Moonie.

  3. Lovely MGY! At least she doesn’t have to hide behind a facade and act like everything is okay. Admire her honesty and sincerity and I hope just the best for her. Thank you for sharing her story and I wish her abundance happiness and Peace always ❤️

  4. Oh wow, somehow I understand why she hates herself, love her to learn to loving her ownself. Keep fight MGY! I’m waiting for your return

  5. I love her, she’s gorgeous and adorable and an incredible actress. I hope she picks a great drama next.
    PS, my wish is to see her and Lee Seung Gi together in a drama. *-* cuteness overload!

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