Lee Seung Gi Jets Off to Vietnam with All the Butlers Costars Lee Sang Yoon, Yook Sung Jae, and Yang Se Hyung

Is anyone watching the variety show All the Butlers (Master in the House)? I asked because with Hwayugi done I’ll soon be hankering for another Lee Seung Gi fix and wonder if this variety is worth my time. It also popped on my radar thanks to the cast being snapped at the airport heading to Vietnam for filming on an upcoming episode. Lee Seung Gi is on a cool dude kick for his airport outdoor, all black t-shirt and jeans with a satiny textured bomber jacket. Me likes! Joining Lee Seung Gi on this trip are his Butlers costars Lee Sang Yoon, Yook Sung Jae, and Yang Se Hyung and everyone looks super sharp and chummy which bodes well for the chemistry on this show.


Lee Seung Gi Jets Off to Vietnam with All the Butlers Costars Lee Sang Yoon, Yook Sung Jae, and Yang Se Hyung — 37 Comments

  1. Yes! You should totally watch it. It is a wonderful combo of funny and moving. I laughed out loud in places, and I teared up in places. The four guys have great chemistry, and Lee Seung Gi in real life is fun to watch. I’m hooked on this variety show.

  2. These four are hilarious together. You will experiment their personalities adjusting to one another and after the first episodes they become “brothers”. It has become my favorite variety show. Seung Gi and Se Hyung are totally hilarious, Sung Jae is so tender and Sang Yoon goes through a metamorphosis that you will not believe. Hope you enjoy!

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      • Since when is lsg an idol……I did not say lsg was an idol there is only 1 idol there lol and its that stupid embarrassing excuse of maknae who cant seem to act his age.

      • Please do explain your definition of useless and irrelevant. Oh wells, even if you’re ‘irritated’ by sungjae, this show will go on and he will be there till the end.

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      • wow you got ‘star syndrome’ more than the artist it self. lsg is kind and supportive towards his partner, if u r his fan why u can’t follow his kind personality, why u r like this??? & sj respect lsg so much he is not useless

      • I’m not even a fan of Sung Jae but his personality blends well with the others as that sweet maknae.

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      • You realize those 2 actors have lots of overacting and underact in thaty drama. Not even lsg in his brilliant legacy days was that bad lmao.

  3. Yes! you should totally watch it, I watched the very first episode for Lee Seung Gi but ended up getting hooked by sang yun, hes just too funny. The combination is really awesome, 100% recommending you.

  4. Definitely must watch. It’s super fun, witty, endearing, and engaging. I can’t get enough of it. ? Just when I thought it can’t get any funnier, then the next episode does it again…it’s non-stop funny bromance. Plus super delighted with LeeSangYoon ‘s 101% commitment to his first ever variety show. ??? And as always, Lee Seung Gi, Yook Sung Jae and YangSeHyung are equally lovable.

  5. I started to watch this when hwayugi was still airing and it ended up being the one i look forward to every week. I keep refreshing, waiting for subs. The only variety show i ever follow and a very dear one to me was 1 night 2 days season 1, the same reason because of seunggi, but then end loving the whole team. This show reminds me of that somehow. Its funny and heartwarming.

  6. The real question is “who is NOT watching Master in the House?” It’s a funny show and I like how they give life lessons and teach us values every day. “Pain is another word for dream” this is my new motto in life.

    Bonus: a hot Seung Gi taking off his shirt and showing his :p abs. And an adorable Seung Gi who won’t shut up about the army. Super cute.

    Ps, I’m LSG’s fan and all of.us like Sungjae, I hope Koala blocks this troll because s/he obviously knows nothing about SG.

      • I saw her claims, but her behaviour doesn’t really line up with it. Like you said, she’s just embarrassing us. Btw, I hope you enjoy Master in the House. ^^

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  7. I am not a fan of SG or SJ, but I like them in the master in the house. It is one of the few shows that has kept my interest this past year. Hilarious at times, dramatic at others, heartfelt and melancholy some times as the more senior masters reflect on their lives, and sometimes just silly with four man-child playing games. I recommend, even more so if you understand Korean.

  8. Whoever does not like LSG’s co-stars, write directly to LSG & his agency, there is no point barking here as nothing will be changed with such nonsense repetitive comments ?

    • If you are really a lsg fan you would know his agency hook is pretty ineefective in getting lsg beneficial or advantageous deals as its a pretty smal company and does little to promote lsg lol. Though i guess its admirable as he stuck with the company that gave him his big break lol.

      • Exactly! Nothing will change. Why r u repeating the same comments over & over again? It’s a snoozefest ??

      • Cause lsg is wasting his time and talent with inferior people. Lsg is better off with a bigger company that can actually tap into his abilities so he does not have to carry and tolerate inferior subpar castmates.

  9. I am really not very much into variety show but somehow I really got hooked with Master in the House… It’s hilarious and yet has touching moments and so much fun to see the 4 of them bond and show their true personalities… So yes! I totally recommend this show. I am also very curious what you think after you watch the show @ockoala! I look forward to what you have to say about it 🙂

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