Hyun Bin Drops Perfect Leading Man Pictorial for Arena Homme

I’m tempted to write nothing to accompany this post sharing the just released pictorial featuring K-actor Hyun Bin for the April 2018 edition of Arena Homme┬ámagazine. This is legit a picture speaks a thousand words, and eight pictures are that thousand words to infinity turning into gibberish for just how movie star leading man handsome Binnie continues to be as he ages. I feel like he’s been around for so long I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s nearly 40 years old, not that he looks it, but then he’s only 35 this year and started his career very young as well so that he’s now had three separate breakout dramas roles in the span of 15 years – drama stealing second lead in Ireland, first career home run with My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and second career elevation with Secret Garden. He’s overdue for another drama hit and I hope the upcoming Memories of Alhambra proves to be that.


Hyun Bin Drops Perfect Leading Man Pictorial for Arena Homme — 8 Comments

  1. I literally gasped when I saw the last picture. He is breathtakingly handsome!! I’m so excited for his new drama!

  2. He’s very handsome, no doubt !

    But I didn’t really like his last movie The Swindlers. It was not bad but the story was messy.

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