Suzy Tries on Different Lipsticks and Outfits in April 2018 Cosmo Korea Pictorial

This isn’t the most spring-esque of pictorials but the color and vibrancy pop certainly adds a jolt of freshness much needed in the still gray and drab weather around. Suzy is in the pages of Cosmopolitan Korea April 2018 edition modeling what exactly I can’t tell. It’s either lipsticks or her outfit but neither seem overly emphasized, but it’s definitely not her hair which is too messy but not enough to detract from the pretty shots. I like these pictures but would suggest she change her facial expression as right now she’s basically turned into drama Suzy in picture form. The good news is that Suzy continues to run the K-ent town in endorsements and fashion shoots, and now has a smexy new boyfriend in Lee Dong Wook to add juicy tidbits back to her promotions.


Suzy Tries on Different Lipsticks and Outfits in April 2018 Cosmo Korea Pictorial — 24 Comments

  1. She looks gorgeous as always. Somehow I already associated Suzy with that certain expression of her… To the point I do a double take whenever I encounter a pic of Suzy with a different expression lol.

  2. Overrated and Overhyped. She’s not that good of a singer and dancer, a mediocre actress and not on the level of Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun’s beauty. Basic.

    • KTH is not all that pretty and just as bad as acting. *eyerolling the overhype comment while naming the most overhyped actresses in KDrama industry. JJH sucked in LOTS and her character in MLFAS is basically the same as in My sassy girl and in thieves.

      • To be fair, KTH is not as bad in acting as Suzy, have you watched Jang ok-jung? I don’t think Suzy can deliver that…. also KTH is not bad in My Princess. JJH’s acting is at another level, despite the flop of LOTS, all her other works are good, she has her unique style and writers like to cast her based on that. Saying JJH is basically the same is not a critical assessment of her potential, the scripts were written that way imo…

      • @candy
        I guess to each his own. I do agree that KTH did bring some moments of strong performance in Jang Ok Jang but basically she played a good Villain (which was only the second half of the drama).
        However in her other dramas like my princess, she wasn’t good. KTH does have more experience with acting and does a better job at acting this is true. However she is still not a good actress. IMO of course.

        JJH is charming and she is beautiful but she is overhyped. LOTBS wasn’t a flop, it just wasn’t a block buster but it still got good ratings. Regardless JJH’s performance were lukewarm.
        MLFAS she over exaggerated her character. She was a silly and ridiculous main lead just like in my sassy girl, just like in thieves. If that’s the writers choice and she just follows the script the She chooses her roles herself. This mean she basically prefers a specific personality to portray.

        All in all I love all 3 actressses but one should never be used to put down another because they all have their faults.

      • Of course I know it’s your opinion, but you are putting down KTH & JJH’s acting level by comparing them to Suzy which you said “one should never be used to put down another”… Anyone is better than Suzy except Hyeri ?

      • Nope, I was not using one to put another down. OP was saying Suzy was overhyped and used the most overhyped actresses to compare her to. I was pointing out that all 3 actresses were bad at acting.

      • Which would still be using 2 actresses to put down another right? Especially since beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    • yes she is overhype and fame wh*re, she always need attention even in the men she dates she will always want attention. the opposite of other more successful Korean hallyu actors who would like to keep their dating privacy at maximum level, while this Suzy comes of cheap by wanting to publicized all her dating activities lmao.

  3. When is she going to enroll into an acting school? Or university with theater and film as her major? Or is Lee Dong Wook going to coach her in acting? No but on a serious note, I get why she gets so many acting offers despite her acting being not on par and her recent flops/ratings let-downs. Getting her in means sponsor money to the production team, which they need to fund the dramas.

    • LDW isn’t a good actor either. Slightly slightly beter than LMH perhaps. He’s just adored bc of KES’ recent pedophile (yes I said it) drama.

      • Older men fantasizing young girl is a route to pedophilia.
        Nothing to proud about, and Suzy seems cannot stand no having man more than 3 months.

      • @HANTOO, yeah LDW is not a great actor. He’s been a flop actor for a long ass time and gaining his popularity just recently. Even then, he seems to be struggling to keep his momentum. He’s better than LMH, though, in every way possible.. and yes, Goblin was a terrible drama with a disturbing relationship but i-fans keep hyping that shit drama, just like they hyped Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Weightlifting fairy which were pretty shitty dramas imo

        @Moira lmao.. older men will always fantasize about young fresh ’meat’. They like that they are dominating and that they can influence their young partner. Older women don’t take shit from men and that’s why they’re harder to control. There’s nothing wrong with Suzy dating though. She just needs to be careful from now on, when she breaks up from LDW, to not to publicize her possible new relationship or to get caught

      • @Moira – your comment is degrading & totally disgusting…. you must be 300 years old calling someone dating a 23 yo adult female a pedophile. I am not sure what part of the world you come from, but please get your terminology straight before you criticize young adults dating, there is nothing wrong with Suzy dating, this is normal coz she is not a child!!

  4. Suzy is absolutely beautiful with or without makeup. So maybe she should totally focus on endorsements and fashion shoots and leave acting 24/7 altogether because I find it highly ironic how she wins excellence awards for acting yet is always seen as ‘improving’? She excels as a model so best be modelling then she won’t get complaints. Sorry I can’t comment on her singing cos I’ve never heard her sing.

    • Unfortunately, she’s now getting TOP Excellence. I don’t know how that happened, but she’s at a level below Daesang now. The thing about her, even on films, she takes up leading roles. So, I guess that’s that.

  5. Well first she should try to learn acting, if she still want to do drama. IU on the other hand is killing it on my ajhussi without even talking half the episode.

  6. A lot of K actresses are pretty but Suzy has glamor. Simple as that. Glamor and confidence. Like I don’t give a damn. JJH has that, too.

    • Suzy still comes across as almost all idols and many younger k-celebs do, with that air of ‘please like me’. This is no shade btw, just observation – the k-ent industry depends on people being desperate to be liked and remain popular by pleasing people, that’s just how it is.

      Jun Ji Hyun’s confidence and ‘bitch I’m fabulous, **** off haters’ vibe right from her debut days/breakout are something very rare in K-ent (others who have it include Lee Hyori, arguably Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Hee and Uhm Jung Hwa, they’ve all had it right from their late teens/early 20s, while Kim Go Eun and Kim Tae Ri are two younger actresses who don’t have that aura of ‘please like me’ now), Suzy does not have even a shred of that and I doubt she ever will tbh. It stems from a certain self-assurance as an artist, and I really think she’s too aware of how much she lacks in that department and is only hired for PPL/popularity to ever develop any idgaf attitude towards public perception as long as she’s acting. Even IU stands a better chance at it than her.

  7. ang chaka nman, yan na ang maganda sa Korea, kawawa nman ang Korea, ginagawang bulag mga tao, totoo nga sila ay land of mongoloids.

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