Kim So Hyun in Perfect College Girl Mode Heading to Japan to Promote Ruler: Master of the Mask

Styling still matters even with preternaturally beautiful people and I was not a fan of young actress Kim So Hyun‘s style in recently ended drama Radio Romance. She was playing older opposite male lead Yoon Doo Joon but she just looked like a little high school girl playing dress up. I guess even her swell acting can’t sell me that she’s nearly the same age as Doo Joon in the drama. I liked but didn’t love RR, watching for the two leads and slowly even that wasn’t enough to keep me clicking play in the final two weeks. I still plan to finish but the writing ended up being mediocre to the detriment of generating narrative excitement. I also think Kim So Hyun needs to stop getting pushed into older character roles and enjoy this post-high school years, play college students and dress like one as she is here at Incheon airport this week headed to Japan to promote Ruler: Master of the Mask.


Kim So Hyun in Perfect College Girl Mode Heading to Japan to Promote Ruler: Master of the Mask — 26 Comments

  1. Her two last dramas were disapointing. They were bad written. But in Radio Romance, I think she was miscasted too. She looked like a teenager playing to be a grow-up, her style was weird (haircut + clothes), I never felt a real chemistry between her and YDJ when they had a lot cute scenes to make us believe in their couple.

    • I completely agree with you! And her face looks I don’t know, strange. I hope that she just needs to take care of herself and rest more.

      • Her face is beautiful please get your eyes checked. She’s looking bright & lovely.

    • The chemistry was amazing and frankly her acting topped out the drama. SGR is one of the best female leads in a drama. KSH played her perfectly.

  2. Cast her in a college romance drama. Or another cute romantic comedy with a guy close to her age. There’s two upcoming dramas with Seo Kangjoon and Yeo Jingoo as leads.

  3. I actually liked Radio Romance though I am aware of its flaws. I was just in the mood for that kind of story. I get what everyone says about playing a college student but someone has to write that drama so I can see why she’s not gonna wait around. I guess in theory The Great Seducer could have worked since it is about college students, but her star power and perhaps her paycheck probably put her out of the running.

    • I think she should go to cable channel, better script, less pressure of rating. She could play something like My Ahjussi, an actual story line than just here and there. She did hit bad luck with the last two dramas, both have bad writing even her partners are good.

  4. I like RR, I think the two leads act well & look matching.. The problem is the writing, it’s draggy. The whole story can be told in 8 episodes instead of 16. Side characters are annoying, like his dad & not-real mom, creepy Jason (although I like the actor), and that annoying second female actress who overacts. The child actor of the male lead is handsome, and the manager hyung is cute ?

    • She’s very very beautiful in these pictures. You can tell she’s very happy with her last drama. When she smiles I smile.

  5. She does not look very happy in these photos and still looks very tired even though wearing so much heavy make up…hope she is ok.

  6. I liked RR right up until episode 13 then I parked it. No complaints I enjoyed the story; cast and flow however somewhere between episodes 10 -11 it started to irritate me and once the itch sets in and if you can’t contain it so yep best to let it go. I can’t pinpoint exactly why but I’m a fan of Yoon Pak (Lee Gang) and when it became obvious where the direction was going I gave up. That said K S H is a star and a gorgeous one at that. She did well in RR and I had no issue with her character and age difference at all and I’m happy that she is currently promoting over in Japan. And yes please Seo Kang Joon and Yeo Gin Joo for next casting gigs! ❤️

  7. Her last two roles were a miss. I hope she gets to find a drama that suits her after maybe taking a little break to rest from all the drama filming.

  8. Its hard for her to find a good drama because nowadays its getting increasingly hard for youth dramas to appeal to the public. In the past, there were hit dramas like Princess Hours, You’re Beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dream High, The Heirs etc which served as a good avenue to launch young actors into fame. In the most recent years there was only Moonlight which became a hit?

    That being said, I wondered if The Great Seducer would do better if it was headlined by Yeo Jingoo (the original actor cast in Woo Dohwan’s role) and Kim Sohyun? Maybe it could end up having the same buzz like The Heirs.

    I hope she gets cast in a youth drama next. She should take this opportunity to act roles her age, instead of trying to act older.

    • The writing of The Great Seducer is T E R R I B L E. 3/4 leads are good but even that they cant save the story. She could do something like Age of youth or waikiki, it doesnt have huge rating but it has good reputation. This year seem like the year of veterans, she could go to movie or pick some side role and act the hell out of it aka Lee Se Young in Hwayugi. I think its better to leave good impression on a good role rather than being on a failure drama. She is still young, she doesnt have to rush.

  9. This girl is very talented but she picks wrong dramas and she is not picky when it comes to dramas .. she needs to be like Jim Yoo Jung as she doesn’t appear in every drama out there .. when you are picky viewers will be looking forward to your next project .. let viewers miss you and nowadays cables have much better dramas than the big 3…

    • Yeah, she gives off that impression that she picks every dramas that are offered to her. I guess she wanted to established her name as a leading role, but her choices are backfiring as her last 2 dramas she’s headlining as the female lead are a dud. Even on RR, they had to dress her in all these fancy clothes in order to bridge the visual and real age gap, but it doesn’t make sense with her character role to be wearing all these fancy clothes. She’s lucky that her image is good as she seems to be the quiet type, hence she can still get away with these, but she needs to pick better dramas.

      • She picks her roles well but the writing can’t match her talent. Each drama she’s done shows her growth as an actress. Neither Ruler nor Radio was a dud since Ruler became a ratings hit and is now going to air on NHK which makes it a more sought after drama than Moonlight or Saimdang or King Loves. Radio is a big hit internationally. Soompi also posted about the strong love it received despite low ratings. She makes smart project choices.

    • Kim Sohyun loves to act. Like what someone else has used the term “work horse” for Jang Hyuk and Ji Sung, I think the same term can be applied to her. I don’t think she will intentionally rest unless she is held up by something.

      There aren’t really many choices that are offered to actresses her age. You see, apart from her and Kim Yoojung, no other actress their age are being cast in dramas as main leads right now. So idk if there are “better choices” for her.

      • I just your right as there seems to be a limit to roles for early 20s. I dont know if its coz she looks more mature than her actual age, or they are really lining her for adult (>25yo), or she has less clout as she’s known but still establishing her ratings consistency, but she’s really being paired with male lead older in age and visuals than her. Kim Yoo Jung is lucky on that aspect as Moonlight in a way gave her abit of creds hence production caters to her, age and visuals of her male lead.

    • @Ladykays – I don’t think her role in Ruler was inferior to KYJ in Moonlight. Moonlight has great cinematography that overtook its weak storyline, the writing sucks in Moonlight the same way as in Ruler. KYJ is sick with thyroid problem that’s why we don’t see her much in drama now… Do you want KSH to be sick also? please get the information straight before you compare these two young actresses!!

      • But Yoo-jung has been picky. Her recent illness had nothing to do with it. She rejected a couple of offers last year to focus on her schooling before taking on Clean with Passion for Now early this year (and then getting sick shortly after filming started).

        What OP is saying is that perhaps So-hyun could take a breather and screen her offers more carefully. She’s a very talented actress who now has a handful of leading lady roles under her belt so she can afford to be a bit more discerning. Yeo Jin-goo has started being picky by rejecting Great Seducer after Circle and Reunited Worlds, which IMO is a good move as that drama is a stinking pile of garbage.

      • i think these young actors and actresses should go to movies… K-dramas are a serious losing battle, the writers are so bad that no good director can save the drama!! Cable dramas can be a bit better, but overall, I think the artists should move on…

      • KSH role in Ruler was meant to be something completely different than what it eventually turned out to be but it had the potential to be a great role while KYJ role was never interesting from the beginning but got worse by the end. KSH has said in her interviews that she doesn’t take every role offered to her because she gets so many roles she has turned down quite a few but there are many that she liked so she took them. KSH is still trying to figure out what kind of actress she wants to be so she’s been taking on many roles. She said she knew the drama would not do well but she just wanted to get over her previous role by doing something brighter.

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