Seo Ye Ji Lets Her Fist Fly in First Stills from Lawless Lawyer

It looks like Lee Jun Ki will have his hands full with his fellow lawyer Seo Ye Ji in the upcoming tvN legal drama Lawless Lawyer. He’s not the only one to resort to fisticuffs is what I mean, and it’s hilarious that she’s doing some smacking on a judge and not some hoodlums while in a pink suit at the courthouse. I love her look in this drama, the hair cut to just past shoulder length in a natural way that fits a career woman in the legal profession, and probably won’t impede any beat downs she wants to unleash.


Seo Ye Ji Lets Her Fist Fly in First Stills from Lawless Lawyer — 10 Comments

  1. Fiesty female leads are always welcome in my book.But I hope one, they dont overdo it..Thats on the director and her to find middle ground..was it Park Eun Bin?..she got in trouble for overdoing it when that legal drama with Yeo Woo Jin aired at the beginning.

    Two, I hope they dont strip away her personality as the plot progresses.I dont know if they will throw in a love line because from the plot its a bit ambiguous.. but even if they dont, kdrama writers has the tendency of weakening the female lead and making her an annoying, spineless, headless chicken once they start getting more involved with the male lead’s affairs.

  2. @Bii Me 2,3,4,5……I’m like fanatically always waiting for any news of Lawless Lawyer. tvN are drip feeding pics of LJK and SYJ (separately of course) so I’m grateful for anything they drop. It’s April 6th today in NZ so Happy Birthday Seo Ye Ji!! Love you heaps ❤️ X PS: I miss your long locks though.

  3. Seo Ye Ji did well in Save Me.
    I think she will have great chemistry with LJK.
    Something to look forward to in May.

  4. She’s such a great actress and that voice is to die for. It’s refreshing to see a voice like that among all the cutesy voices of most Korean actresses. I hope this drama does well in the ratings

    • I agree with you. I find her voice deeper and more mature out of her peers. Another actress with a pleasant voice would be Shin Se Kyung, out of her peers, maybe Kim Taeri too. I feel like some actresses even deliberately try to make their voice sound more childish and I find that so silly and unappealing. Their natural voices maybe fine but when they overdo the aegyo and speak in a childish manner, it’s such a turn off. They should quit the ’cutesy’ voice and just speak normally. From idols I’ve noticed that Blackpink members do this a lot and it’s not endearing, it’s borderline irritating. I find it so refreshing that Seo Ye Ji has a deeper and more mature voice, reminds me of Soo Ae

      • I love the voice of Park Ha Sun too.

        I hate cute voice ! I can’t help myself to picture a teenager and not an adult speaking.

  5. Seo Ye Ji matches serious roles much better because her expressions are more brooding. Once she steps out of that genre, she seems lost. More than wanting to see strong ladies in k-dramas, I want to see nuanced and realistic ladies (unless it’s a fantasy drama). I feel like k-dramas are now jumping into that strong lady train and they’re trying to overdo the strong woman concept but simultaneously they are portraying caricatures from the opposite spectrum. There seems not to be any in-between. Signal did it very well and Kim Hye Soo did it so realistically (personally I think she deserved more screen time than Lee Je Hoon with his certain type of acting that suited sageuk dramas better)

    • Ya. I applaud this trend. Strong woman can also mean mentally strong, so I am not really into the one going with the fist but whatever that is, I hope the writer not going wrong with how Seo Ye Ji’s character going to be in LL.

      Last year been great year for women and feminist characters- we have the Buamdong girls, Bae Doo Na’s subtly strong character in “Secret Forest” and Kim Ah Joong in “Live Up To Your Name” whom I girl-crushed on for being so matured and tough. I hope SYJ character would be written this way.

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