Cha Seung Won Slips Back into Modeling Roots for the Songzio 2018 Show

I think every actor and actress involved with the tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) deserves to take a long and leisurely break. It was clearly a laborious affair plagued by early production woes and ended with a terribly written drama shot on a bargain budget. It’s a bummer that the second time Cha Seung Won got to work with Lee Seung Gi in a drama it still doesn’t pan out but I love them both so no lasting harm. After finishing Hwayugi, Cha Seung Won moonlighted as a top model again while walking the Songzio fashion show at Seoul fashion week, you know the event that spawned an entire cadre of fashion zombies that were previously K-stars. Aside from the matching men’s sandals he’s sporting with each outfit he made every look cool and effortless.


Cha Seung Won Slips Back into Modeling Roots for the Songzio 2018 Show — 7 Comments

  1. He has so much charisma and sensuality! He looks good in anything! I love his acting, it can be over the top, but also so subtle! He can really emote! And he does belong on the runway too! The man can do anything! Can we just say Hot!

    • Life has that sort of characters as life is like a rollercoaster. A person can’t not simply maintain one dimension of emotions. A good actor should be able to deliver these range of emotions. And there only very few k-actors who can deliver this act.

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