Park Min Young Confirms tvN Romance Drama Why Secretary Kim Opposite Park Seo Joon

I’m excited for this pairing and happy with the confirmation news today that K-actress Park Min Young will be starring in the upcoming tvN romance drama Why Secretary Kim. Her male lead is the already confirmed and current K-drama It Leading Man Park Seo Joon. The drama will follow currently airing Wed-Thurs drama My Ahjusshi and transition from a darker life drama into a breezing fun romance where Park Seo Joon is an arrogant chaebol company president whose world gets turned upside down when his supremely capable secretary of 9 years played by Park Min Young abruptly quits her job. He tries to find out what happened and the two proceed to fall in love as their relationship changes and he begins to grow a heart. Directing is the PD from Because This is Our First Life, Let’s Eat, and Let’s Fight, Ghost.


Park Min Young Confirms tvN Romance Drama Why Secretary Kim Opposite Park Seo Joon — 34 Comments

  1. I’m not a big fan of perfect secretary topic. I always feel unconfortable to see how they work. There is not limit between the personal and the professional life. It sounds more like slave 😛

    But I like the casting and she left. It reminds me the movie with Sandra BUllock and Hugh Grant :p

  2. Not a fan of arrogant chaebol male lead character… But I miss PMY so badly, she is a great actress, so I will watch just for her. PSJ – I wish you are not repeating your “You are pretty” performance, you need a change and your makeup is too heavy for a guy!!

  3. I’m having a drama slump after QFSD. I guess I really love PMY. I hope this role is badass like role too. I really believe PMY’s choice. Why Secretary Kim please come faster

    • Poor PMY! Why can’t people just accept it. I read that a lot of k netz were upset at her casting with PSJ and they wanted other actresses instead of her (there was a list of prospective names given) and that’s why she took ages to confirm because of the negativety. Someone may be able to shed more light on the matter and I’m sure I may have read it here on Koala’s site in one of the past posts. I think tvN issued a statement as well? Sorry to be so vague but it’s really sad when people get territorial with dramas and start dictating who can act with who. Geez it’s just a made up fictional story with 2 actors so there is no need to get so attached and psycho over it! Let it be ❤️

      • Who the k-netz wants as the leading lady? It’s always o.O me when they become so antagonistic over casting

    • It’s weird how PMY has starred in so many hit dramas and still didn’t gain popularity and become an “it” actress like Moon Chaewon and Han Hyojoo in her age group. I was surprised about the hate against her, since she’s way above Park Seojoon in level. I guess they will get over it when the drama starts and its good.

      • Han Hyo Joo is A-list but she isnt exactly “it” actress.Ever since her scandal..she gets lots of salty comments on her news from her country folk.Not to forget she had acting contrversy in her last drama.But she is still able to secure high profile movie roles because she has good connections in the industry.Directors like her.

        As for Moon Chae Won, same age and debut time with PMY but there is a difference between them.Because I think MCW has consistently made smart choices when it comes to roles.She almost never signs up to a drama where she will be playing ” candy for oppa”.Even if the drama is kinda malecentric, her characters usually have backbone .PMY’s drama roles thus far maybe with the exception of seved day queen havent really challenged her acting skill.This is why even though she is a good experienced actress.She still hasnt delivered that one impactful, super memorable role that will make people acknowledge and respect her more.

      • @Deb just google “W’s two worlds” hashtag on netizenbuzz and see what they had to say about her acting in the drama.Particularly during the finale and pilot.Its just that it wasnt blown out of proportion like it would have been, if it was an idol actor or actress.But maybe “acting controversy” is stretching it..but her acting was criticised in there.

      • @RubyRed: I doubt its the drama roles that accounts for the difference between MCW and PMY. Park Shinhye played so many candy roles up before Pinocchio but she’s an “it” actress.
        Han Hyojoo was “it” before her scandal. She was on a roll with Dong Yi and Cold Eyes.

  4. Those webtoon fans always think they have so much power. If they don’t like the casting then they should not watch, raise money and make their own version.

  5. Good.I am rooting for Park Min Young and am not a die-hard fan of her.Her haters are always doing the most, it always makes me laugh.They cant really fault her acting so they attack her looks.

    The plot is boring and overdone.Its already similar to jugglers too.But what will prop and drive this drama is their chemistry.PMY’s acting in my opinion is not in WOW category.Her roles and facial expressions feel samey regardless of the drama genre(I can say this because Ive watched her in a coiple of dramas and I k.But one of her strength’s is she always has good chemistry with her male leads so the PD to capitalise on that.

  6. She can do better than this, and honestly, Park Seo Joon, though an excellent actor, does not have leading man charisma. I truly wish Park Min Young would find a drama in an iconic script and break out in a memorable role. It’s amazing that it hasn’t happened for her since she starred in so many hit dramas that made icons of her male counterparts but rolls right off her like City Hunter with LMH, Sungkyunkwan Scandal with SJK, YAI, Healer with JCW, Remember with YSH, but luck always seems against her. Smh.

  7. I will watch this for PMY. Sorry but PSJ lacks charisma on screen. He was always overshadowed by the second lead (Hwarang n She Was Pretty) and that speaks volume of how he is as a leading man. Personally, I feel he is a better variety star than a lead actor. And man, he is playing an arrogant chaebol again.

  8. oh really? I didn’t know PMY is not well-liked by Knetz… Why not? Her acting is good and she is honest about her PS which she looks beautiful and natural… Was it because of her dating LMH in the past (but LMH is not a knetz favorite anymore). I just thought PMY is a more charismatic lead than PSJ in this drama and she should draw more attention being casted than PSJ. I like both PMY and MCW. HHJ is disappointing in W and I think she is overrated… just my opinion…

  9. Tbh, I didn’t think she would take this role. PMY tends to play strong characters who have a point of view and don’t play second-fiddle to the leading male. That said, and this is my own unsupported conspiracy theory, there must have been some work done on the script to get her to take the role and would explain the delay in her confirmation. But who knows? PMY hasn’t done a purely rom-com before and maybe she just wants to tick off the box.

  10. i like park min young in seven days queen and park seo joon in fight for my way, i am sure they will make cute chemistry, but yeah it up to the story.

  11. * Not sure – a bit of spoiler included* This drama definitely not Jugglers or Two weeks notice. And she is not secretly in love with her boss too ( at least not during the time she worked for him) – or should I say she doesnt have ulterior motives while working for him- she is exceptional at her job because that’s her job not because she is a doormat, she endured it all until she achieves her target- that is paying off her family’s debts then bye2 without a second thought. Now “it’s me time’, pursuing her own dreams. That’s the story of the drama after she resigned not a office romance kind of story. Few people said that PMY’s expressions always looked the same? – I wont argue with that just agree to disagree. At least I know one thing – she didnt express her emotions only by making her eyes bulging or showing her nostrils like steam coming out…

  12. PMY is a not bad actress but she can’t carry the ratings. Her last drama without any popular actor flopped despite receiving positive reviews.
    The same goes for Park Seojoon. He’s good-looking and act well, but on screen he often pales in comparison to his second male leads. He needs a strong actress to carry him.
    I think both can make up or each other’s shortcomings. It’s a good pairing.

  13. I like the pairing and I hope they will complement each other and make this drama a succcess. They both can act, and I have confidence in PMY as a mature actress!
    PMY is a likeable actress, even though I do not know her as a person , she seems to have a nice personality, PS most public figures do it , she (hope) as very open and honest about it , it was , for her, a must do investment, that I am pretty sure paid off. She should focus on her acting be confident and showing she is serious about it. She has a great potential to conquer followers and fans Globally, and be the “ it” actress in her generation. In my personal opinion , she needs to be careful with the fan service/intention to make a statement, by playing the “blind item” post with her ex-costar. I believe that is what “annoys” the Netizens, almost the same game Sulli used to play with them. It is a death sentence to her carrier, eventually . She has many mature fans that like and believe in her, she needs to work on expanding that solid fanbase, that will support and stand by her, if there is a “storm(?)” to happen in her personal life in the future. No childish games ! As I said , it is my personal opinion ,
    I do not know her as a person, and it is her life , she lives the way she wants and faces the consequences .

    • Thank u for ur opinion. She lacks of fan service. Seldom does she update about herself or post anything on ig.Her fans are one of fanbase who are pitiful. Always wait for long time to see her update (ig, article, etc). She doesn’t post anything related to ex co star or throw blind item. Even she doesn’t follow anyone.She’s passionate in acting and serious about it.Just seeing how she’s preparing every projects. Don’t be worried she’ll not feed her fans with useless thing.

    • Anyways knetz never complaint/ say about blind item or any her statement in every her article.

      Knetz always talk about PS and shaming body.

      • just curious… Why are Knetz critizing PMY about PS? Isn’t her honesty a good virtue? A lot of K-actresses have PS done but denying which is the most hypocritical act I despise. How about Lee Si Young (she admits to PS and looks very beautiful & natural too)? Does she get the same criticism??

    • If u want to see her fact, please see her fan- base acc. But dont see acc shipper.They are delusional and spread baseless information.

  14. People complaining about Park Seo Joon should watch Midnight Runners. He was brilliant in that movie and held his own with Kang Ha Neul (who is an excellent actor). And to the people here complaining how second male leads usually steal his thunder, his character in She Was Pretty was so badly written and Park Hyung Sik was bland and boring in Hwarang. He was excellent in Fight My Way but people are suddenly salty about him now that he delivered hit after hit. I like a good underdog like Park Seo Joon who worked started from supporting roles and progressed to leading man over the years

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